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1 Misc Destinations Module - Confluence Mobile - Documentation
A miscellaneous destination is a custom call target that can be used by another module. Anything that can be dialed from a user's extension can ...
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2 FreePBX/miscdests: Module of FreePBX (Misc Destinations)
Module of FreePBX (Misc Destinations) :: Allows creating destinations that dial any local number (extensions, feature codes, outside phone numbers) that can ...
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3 Misc destinations and how to preserve CID and fix sound?
When FreePBX routes an incoming call to a Ring group (or a Misc destination) and the called party doesn't hear the calling party and/or vice versa, fix this ...
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4 [part 16] Miscellaneous destinations in FreePBX for contacting ...
Louis Rossmann
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5 Misc Destinations | FreePBX 2.5 Powerful Telephony Solutions
A misc destination is used to add a custom call target that can be used by FreePBX modules. Anything that can be dialed from a user's extension can be ...
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6 FreePBX - Misc Destinations - TelecomWorld 101
FreePBX - Misc Destinations. If this page has helped you, please consider donating $1.00 to support the cost of hosting this site, thanks. Return to
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7 Misc Destinations установка, обзор, настройка - VoxLink
Модуль «Misc Destination» используется для создания разных адресатов, на которые можно направлять вызовы из другого модуля. Например, вы можете ...
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8 Misc Destinations | Documentation - E-MetroTel
Misc Destinations is used to create a destination to which you can route calls from another application.
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9 i am using Misc Destination to forward incoming calls to an ...
i created a "Misc Destination" on Freepbx with a target external number and than added an inbound route that will forward all incoming calls ...
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10 Issue with Misc Destinations - Asterisk Distributions
I have installed the new version of FreePBX last week, have everything updated on the system and the modules. Current PBX Version: 14.0.11 ...
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11 Настройка Misc Destinations в FreePBX 13 - ИТ База знаний
Модуль Misc Destinations позволяет использовать приложение Dial с помощью графического интерфейса FreePBX. О его настройке поговорим в ...
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12 How to route outside incoming calls from Ring Group back to ...
I have FreePBX 16.0.19 (FreePBX Distro 12.7.8-2204-1.sng7 — Derived ... I can define an outbound route by the destination number where the ...
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13 FreePBX features on 3CX | 3CX Forums
Pseudo Extensions - extensions dial external numbers (so I can transfer a call to a client) (Misc Destinations in FreePBX) ...
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14 Misc Destination of external number not working - VoIP-Info
using piaf 13, I am trying to get daytime/nightime destinations working for an inbound trunk. users need to toggle the destinations easily.
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15 Tag: Asterisk Dubai UAE - Tech.. Logs..
Create a Misc Destination in FreePBX. Add a new dial plan for missed call alert in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf under [from-internal-custom] context.
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16 How do I play an announcement to users when they make an ...
Navigate your FreePBX GUI to Applications > Misc Destinations and click Add Misc Destination. Include the following details: Description:.
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17 How to create Misc Destinations and add it to the IVR in Elastix
Misc Destinations is a module available in Elastix for adding miscellaneous destinations that can be used by other modules for routing the incoming calls.
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18 FreePBX Misc Destinations
Misc Destinations. Description: ATC 101. Dial: 101 ... Set Destination: ATC 101. FreePBX · freepbx module misc destinations.
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19 Free PBX feature code *280 - VoIP - Spiceworks Community
What your guy did was create a Misc Destination as one of the two destinations for the Call Flow Control. Note the # at the end of the number.
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20 Misc Destinations - minestron
Prefacio Los destinos varios (misc destinations) le permiten usar cualquier ... en las configuraciones en otros módulos de FreePBX, como por ejemplo un IVR.
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21 Run system script based on caller ID WITHOUT answering call
My freepbx config: Under Admin -> Custom Extentions, I added thing1 and thing 2 Under Admin -> Add Misc Destination, I added thing 1 and thing 2.
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22 FreePBX Users - Facebook
setting is to route to a "Misc Destination" which is set to go to a cell phone. The idea is, since the PBX is cloud- hosted, if the SO is offline for any ...
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23 Misc Destinations Archive - Systemhaus Griebsch
Was wird benötigt? FreePBX (konfiguriert nach Teil 1-3) Konfiguration Um Anrufe in der FeePBX auf ein externes Ziele umzuleiten, ...
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24 2015 - Asterisk Dominicana
4- made a custom destination or misc destination to the agi ... FreePBX Disabling Voicemail standard Prompt.
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25 Misc. Destinations - QuBe PBX PBX Modules
The QuBe Misc Destinations module can be used to create a route destination to send calls to another location, whether the location is internal or external.
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26 How to Forward Calls from your FreePBX (Asterisk) Server
Under Destination, select Misc. Destination. Enter a suitable Description, then enter the phone number you want to forward to in the Dial field.
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27 Using Asterisk as a Conference Bridge for Your Cisco ...
destination under the tools menu in FreePBX; Click on tools, then find misc. destinations and click on it. In the Custom Destination field enter custom-meetme3, ...
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28 General Help - FreePBX Community Forums -
The calls should pass through the router to my freepbx server and then forwarded back to the router. ... Previous Queue Misc Destination?
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29 FreePBX 2.5 Powerful Telephony Solutions - Asterisk
Misc Destinations. 194. Summary. 197. Chapter 10: System Protection, Backup and Restoration. 199. System protection. 199. Uninterruptible power supplies.
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30 Problem with follow me no audio - UK VoIP Forums
there is no such problem when I use miscellaneous destination, the problem is that I can't configure misc destination as I want.
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31 Introducing NewsClips for Asterisk - Nerd Vittles
Finally, create an Incoming Route in freePBX which sends incoming calls on the Stanaphone or TelaSIP DID number to misc destination: NewsClips.
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32 FreePBX – COVID19 Helpline with remote agent access
Misc Destinations; Queues; Set Caller ID. Time and patience. We are building the stack in reverse, as those of you that work with FreePBX ...
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33 19 – Misc. Application - Voip básico intermedio -
Destination. 30 min · 19 – Misc. ... 19 – Misc. Application ... Download File:
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34 Настройка Собственной функции (Misc Destination)
открыть меню «PBX / Misc Destinations». • добавить ссылку на подпрограмму: • Destination – удобное для администратора Elastix название функции, ...
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35 Misc. destination и IVR - Asterisk: Вопросы и Ответы
Elastix (и freePBX :-) В Misc Destinations есть только Description и Dial (для номера). Вместо from-internal использовать _где_? Guest007 ...
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36 customcontext | UC Lord
Then in FreePBX, click on the Tools tab, Module Admin, ... applications, or destinations (e.g. from an IVR) – you probably want to use Misc.
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37 Call Flow Control |
In FreePBX you can up to 10 Call Flow Controls which are just binary ... Go to "Misc Destination" (in this case Mobile/Cell Phone Number)
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38 IVR before Selecting Trunk? - Asterisk - Whirlpool Forums
If all destination numbers are pre-defined in the misc destination in FreePBX it might be easy, but I want this menu to work on ANY outgoing ...
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39 Ring Groups
FreePBX DND,” the other extensions will not be rung. If the primary is set to “FreePBX ... Misc Destinations. Paging and Intercom. Phonebook Directory.
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40 Todo lo lo que necesita saber para implementar FreePBX
Always set an “invalid destination” if a caller presses an invalid ... IVR & Misc Applications Lab: System Recordings Setup • On the initial ...
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41 IVR METHOD - Yeastar Support
freepbx ivr concept:- ... ... There are some Destination Option.
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42 Настройка Misc Applications в FreePBX 13 |
Не стоит путать этот модуль с другим – Misc Destinations, который позволяет создать различные направления, которые затем могут ...
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43 FreePBX проблема с Misc Destination — Admin -
Есть FreePBX с тремя номерами наружу (3 транка). ... из экстеншенов сделал в случае, если софтфон отключен, звонить на misc destination.
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44 FreePBX – Setup Auto Attendant aka IVR and Record Audio
I entered 8 and selected a Misc Destination which is a special number setup to forward to a cell. When done click Submit. Now that you have an ...
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45 Web MeetMe : Conferencing in FreePBX | David Vassallo's Blog
Within FreePBX: [admin > custom destination] and use: Custom Destination: conferences,s,1 ... FreePBX > Applications> Misc Applications.
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46 Trixbox Part II. : 5 Steps - Instructables
› Circuits › Computers
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47 FreePBX 2.5 Powerful Telephony Solutions - Google Books Result
Misc. Destinations. A miscdestination isusedtoaddacustomcalltarget that can be used by FreePBX modules. Anything that can be dialed from a user's extension ...
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48 FreePBX - انجمن ویپ ایران -
موضوعات مربوط به سیستم تلفنی freepbx. ... الستیکس Elastix FreePBX; ahmadict در 27 Feb پاسخ داد ... مشکل انتقال تماس به خط موبايلش Misc Destination.
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49 Call Flow - Set Remotely - FusionPBX Forums
The way we would do this with FreePBX is having a hidden option/code in the IVR that routed to the Call Flow function via a Misc Destination ...
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50 Asterisk cli show inbound routes
On FreePBX, it should create the outbound route and inbound route and ... each extension by going under Set destination -> misc destination and choosing the ...
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51 Setting up Whitelist-AGI - Devex Opus
CallerID Lookup; Contact Manager; Misc Applications ... In FreePBX, go to Admin > Custom Destinations > Add Destination and set up the ...
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52 FreePBX Multi-Language Directory keeps playing "dir_intro" in ...
They use a combination of Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX 2.5. ... the Directory with another Language and Misc Destination in FreePBX (complex!)
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53 misc destinations بایگانی - ویپ بلاگ - VOIP Blog
یکی از مواردی که پس از نصب فری پی بی ایکس ( FreePBX ) برای کاربران بوجود می آید این است که ارتباط تجهیزاتی مانند گیت وی Gateway با استریسک، پس از دقایقی قطع می ...
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54 [Asterisk] FreePBX: rewrite external number to internal extension
Create a new Misc. Application. Make the Feature Code your ten digit phone number. Make the Destination your extension or ring group or ...
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55 FreePBX y los feature codes: custom destinations y misc ...
Configurando los features codes en FreePBX/RasPBX: misc applications ... Para crear un destino customizado (el custom destination) tendremos ...
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56 FreePBX - forward the main phone number when desired
Currently have a FreePBX where the main number goes to Ring Group. ... OK - how about changing the outgoing destination on the fly?
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57 4/26/2018 BLF and FreePBX feature codes - Scribd
Goto “Misc. Destinations”, create a new destination called “FollowMe”, and set up to dial {findmefollow:fmf_toggle} (in other words, select “Find Me
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58 bdc: Asterisk Hacking with trixbox 2.2 - Brian D. Carlstrom
Initial configuration of Asterisk with FreePBX with an X-Lite VoIP client ... found some references to setting it up using the "Misc Destinations" module.
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59 Call forwarding to External number in FreePBX - HOTKEY404
Of course, in order to make outgoing calls, we can use any technology, e.g. SIP, PJSIP, DAHDi, chan_dongle, etc … 2) Custom Destination. We will add our ...
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60 Integrating FreePBX with optical fiber Movistar
As the first and only rule, we will use a ANY / ANY destination and indicate the extension group we just created. click on “Submit”,.
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61 tutorial: use astercc,freepbx and asterisk to build a ...
5001. 4. add misc. then we need add a misc so the dialer could reach the IVR. remember this feature code 800, we will ...
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62 ELASTIX – общайтесь свободно - Page 9 - Google Books Result
... функции (Misc Destination) «SmartCallback».................161 Настройка Внутренней функции (MiscApplication) «NoSmartCallback»..............162 ...
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63 Asterisk for Raspberry Pi Discussion - RasPBX - SourceForge
I have a -most likely- very simple question: Where do I find the "Misc. Destinations" option? I configured an IVR with some "sub-IVRs" ...
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64 Creating a trunk for inbound calls in FreePBX - MultiTEL LLC
Please note that if your FreePBX is configured to accept Anonymous SIP calls, ... In the window that opens up, make sure the "Forward Destination" select is ...
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