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1 Icirrus City - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ...
Icirrus City first appeared in Tooth and Claw, where Black, accompanied by Iris and Doctor Logan, arrived there to complete his training with Brycen by having a ...
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2 Icirrus City - Pokemon Black and White Wiki Guide - IGN
Exploring Icirrus City. Pick up the TM31 Brick Break inside the Pokemon Center from the old lady. Shopping in Icirrus City.
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3 Icirrus City | Pokémon Wiki - Fandom
Icirrus City is a city located in northwestern Unova. Icirrus City is connected to Twist Mountain to the southwest, and Route 8 to the east. To the north of ...
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4 Where to get the TM Blizzard ? - Pokemon Black Version
You can buy it from the Icirrus City Pokemart. omg. NewportBox100s (Topic Creator)10 years ago#3. How much is it? Also, what's the best way to get lots of ...
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5 How do you get to Icirrus City in BW2? - Pokemon Database
You can only reach Icirrus city after beating the Elite 4. You can reach it by either going through Twist Mountain or from Opelucid City by ...
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6 Pokemon Black and White HM and TM Locations - Checkli
TM11 Sunny Day - Mistralton City PokeMart (₽50,000). ×. How to do this task: ... TM14 Blizzard - Icirrus City PokeMart (₽70,000). ×. How to do this task:.
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7 Pokémon Sheet Music - NinSheetMusic
Castelia City (Two Pianos) ... Icirrus City. DrP .pdf .mid .mus. Lacunosa Town ... Opelucid City (Pokémon White) (Two Pianos).
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8 Pokémon Black - #27. Mud Bugs - kisama yatsu
Choro Notes: Icirrus City's PokéMart also sells these three moves. ... Icirrus City has a lot of nice presents for you if you show up in winter.
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9 Game Cheats - Pokemon!
-A man in the Icirrus City Pokémon Center will buy most valuable items at double the normal price. -A man in the Undella Town mansion will buy all the Relic ...
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10 Daily Events! :: Black 2 and White 2 Other Pages - PKMN.NET
Castelia City - Ices! | Castelia City - Art Gallery Castelia Sewers - Healing Items! | Virbank City - PokéBalls | Driftveil City - Heart Scales Icirrus City ...
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11 Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough - Jet Badge - PokeDream
They can sold at $5,000 to Pokemarts, and more to maniacs (I think it's ... Skyla will also mention something about seeing Team Plasma near Icirrus City.
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12 Shops - PokeClicker - Miraheze
City Name, Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5 ... Celadon City Department Store, Department Store ... Icirrus City · Ball Pokeball.png ...
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13 [PokeMMO Guide] Unova: Locations, items and more.
Yes, welcome to Icirrus City and the Gym Leader here, Brycen, ... Premier Ball – Received from Poke Mart when you purchase 10 or more Poke ...
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14 Pokémon Black – Sound Design & Music: An In-Depth Analysis
Icirrus City – What's the time signature! ... Though you came late in the game, we can finally have our Pokémart theme again!!
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15 Pokémon Black and White and Thread all Over.
Surf in the dark puddles of Icirrus City - Stunfisk (100%, 2 HP) Also, Victini (3 HP) can be rebattled ... POKEMART THREAD FOR TRADING?
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16 BW: TMs e HMs - Pokémon Mythology
Translate this page
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17 B/W Item Locations | Smogon Forums
TM 25 teaches the move Thunder. It can be purchased for 70,000 Pokedollars at Icirrus City Pokemart. ... TM 26 teaches the move Earthquake. It can ...
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18 Funny / Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - TV Tropes
There is a house in Icirrus City that can only be accessed in the wintertime. ... There's always a PokéMart employee at the first route to give you a free ...
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19 Pokemart Item Locations - Guide Tavern - Forums - PokeMMO
Chinese Translation Here. 中文版点此查看 > Accumula Town Two Tone Cap Backpack Shoulder Bag Striaton City Classic Cap Boater Nacrene City ...
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20 Pokemon Black and White Items Location Guide - SegmentNext
Location:Icirrus City PokeMart (70k $Poke). TM15 Name:Hyper Beam Type:Normal ATT/ACC/PP:150/90/5. Effect:Powerful attack but the user gets ...
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21 Pokemon White 2, Part 87: Icirrus City - YouTube
Oct 16, 2012
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22 Icirrus City - Legendary Dragons - Post-Game Walkthrough
Take the path leading west. In the building to your north is the former Icirrus City Gym . If you can make it through all the puzzles to the very top you can ...
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23 Pokemon Black and White HM and TM Locations (2022) - Lubbil
TM38 Fire Blast - Icirrus City PokeMart (₽70,000). TM39 Rock Tomb - Desert Resort: south of Pokemon Ranger Jaden.
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