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1 Stabilize Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
to limit fluctuations of. stabilize prices. c. : to establish a minimum price for. intransitive verb. : to become stable, firm, or steadfast. stabilization.
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2 Stabilize definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Stabilize definition: If something stabilizes , or is stabilized , it becomes stable. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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3 Stabilize - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms -
The verb stabilize means to hold steady or make firm. When you climb a ladder, you should stabilize the ladder before you get on it, otherwise you may get a ...
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4 Stabilize Definition & Meaning -
to make or hold stable, firm, or steadfast. to maintain at a given or unfluctuating level or quantity: The government will try to stabilize the cost ...
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5 Deregulation FAQ - Rent Guidelines Board
There are a couple of situations in which a rent stabilized apartment may be subject to deregulation upon vacancy: Apartments under rent stabilization because ...
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6 Rent Increases and Rent Overcharge
Rent stabilized tenants who receive an overcharge order from DHCR that establishes the legal rent and the amount to be refunded may collect the overcharge ...
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7 stabilize - Dictionary of English
stabilize · to make or become stable or more stable · to keep or be kept stable · to put or keep (an aircraft, vessel, etc) in equilibrium by one or more special ...
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8 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Stabilization Grants -
A formula based on an average cost per child will be used to determine the award amount. The calculations for the base grant award amount is based upon cost ...
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9 Rent Stabilization | City of West Hollywood
NEW: EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2022, LOW-INCOME TENANTS MAY BE PROTECTED FROM EVICTION FOR NONPAYMENT OF RENT. Tenant households with income at or below 80% Area Median ...
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10 Am I Rent Stabilized? Why it's Important
Find out if your NYC apartment is rent-stabilized! ... Currently rent stabilization and rent control have to be renewed periodically, and each time they are ...
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11 Stabilized Steps, The best home-exercise program for fall ...
Stabilized Steps is the home of the STABILIFE System, a comprehensive home exercise program for adults with balance issues with a hardware ... Get started!
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12 Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit TC-1 - Napa County
Stabilized construction entrances are rather expensive to construct and when a wash rack is included, a sediment trap of some kind must also be provided to ...
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13 The State Pension Funding Gap: Plans Have Stabilized in ...
Such progress would be significant in any year, but the improvement in fiscal 2021 occurred during a recession in which many analysts ...
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14 Stabilized Property Definition: 207 Samples | Law Insider
Once a property becomes a Stabilized Property under this Agreement, it shall remain a Stabilized Property. More Definitions of Stabilized Property. Stabilized ...
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15 stabilize - Longman Dictionary
stabilize meaning, definition, what is stabilize: to become firm, steady, or unchanging, o...: Learn more.
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16 Winter Weather Stabilization and Construction Practices
If a construction site is not stabilized with pavement, a road gravel base, 85 % mature vegetation cover, or riprap by October 15, then the site must be ...
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17 Apartments are Rent Stabilized Forever - Legal Services NYC
Your rent-stabilized apartment can never be destabilized: 2019 rent laws ensure that your landlord can never take away your protections by taking your apartment ...
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18 DCYF Child Care Stabilization Grant -
Apply Now As a result of the Federal American Rescue Plan Act, funds are to be used to stabilize, support, and grow the diverse early learning workforce in ...
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19 Sec 6.1: Cement Stabilized Sand Backfill - City of Dallas
This section specifies cement stabilized sand for use as backfill and any other work that requires stabilized material, and will be placed at the direction ...
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20 Purchasing Prop NS-Stabilized Buildings - City of St. Louis
Buildings certified as fully stabilized will be listed here as available for purchase.
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21 Stabilized Occupancy - Realized 1031
Stabilized occupancy may also be referred to as stabilized property. In addition to more reliable cash flow, there are other reasons to achieve a stabilized ...
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Rent stabilized tenants must also be given a rent stabilization lease rider, prepared by DHCR, which summarizes their rights under the law and provides specific ...
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23 Child Care Stabilization Grants Spring 2022 - State of Michigan
Spring Stabilization Grant Spending Report. We will release the Spring grant spending report August 2. It will be available in your Great Start to Quality ...
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24 “Stabilized” or “Stabilised”—What's the difference? - Sapling
Copy …the baby must be initially stabilized by correcting the dehydration and… Copy …percentage of ethnic Estonian membership stabilized near 50%.
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25 What is Stabilized Wood? - Greenberg Woods
Does this wood need to be stabilized? How do you stabilize wood? How much does it help? These are all fair questions, as the process itself is relatively new, ...
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26 Rent Stabilization Program – Consumer & Business
The Los Angeles County Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections Ordinance (RSTPO) is a local law that sets the maximum annual rent increase based on the ...
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27 Property Tax Stabilization for Seniors - the City of Bath Maine
If you miss a year, you must reapply for the program, and your new stabilized tax amount will be the amount of the property taxes for the year you did not ...
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28 Stabilize - definition of stabilize by The Free Dictionary
stabilise ; 1. to make or become stable or more stable ; 2. to keep or be kept stable ; 3. (Aeronautics) to put or keep (an aircraft, vessel, etc) in equilibrium ...
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29 become stabilized | English examples in context - Ludwig
Sentence examples for become stabilized from inspiring English sources ... Thus in MβCD-treated animals, neuroglian present on axons traversing the SZ does not ...
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30 Post-stabilization | Aetna Better Health of Michigan
They may be used to stabilize, improve or fix your condition. We require prior authorization for post-stabilization services. If your provider is not in our ...
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31 stabilized construction entrance detail | Town of North Berwick
D. A stabilized construction entrance shall be required for all construction sites and logging operations whenever vehicles are entering or leaving a ...
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32 Rent regulation in New York - Wikipedia
Rent controlled apartments and rent stabilized apartments are "seen as the scourge of landlords and the salvation of struggling New Yorkers — are at the center ...
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33 02241 Lime Stabilized Subgrade - Galveston, TX
Soil will be evaluated to establish percent of hydrated lime, quicklime, or lime slurry to be applied to subgrade material. Page 2. THE CITY OF GALVESTON. LIME ...
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34 Standard & Spec 3.36: Soil Stabilization Blankets & Matting
Soil stabilization blankets and mats can be applied to problem areas to supplement nature's erosion control system (vegetation) in its initial establishment ...
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35 STABLE 4ward: Georgia's Child Care Stabilization Program
Round 4 STABLE 4ward applications will be accepted from October 17, 2022 until November 1, 2022. Is my child care program able to apply for this funding? The ...
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36 Rent Stabilization Commission - City Of Beverly Hills
Perform such other duties and functions as may be designated by Council; Hear and make determinations on COVID-19 appeals. Rent Stabilization Commission ...
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37 3.11 Stabilized Construction Exit - City of Denton
The object is to minimize the tracking of soil onto public roadways where it will be suspended by stormwater runoff. KEY CONSIDERATIONS. DESIGN CRITERIA: • ...
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38 More than 60000 Rent-Stabilized Apartments Are Now Vacant
Rent-stabilized apartments represent nearly half of all rental housing ... One factor elevating rents on vacant apartments may be the 421-a ...
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39 Rent Control vs. Rent Stabilized Housing in NYC | CityRealty
But these are two very different concepts that can be easily confused given the complicated laws that make up New York's affordable housing. Here's what ...
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40 New York apartment guide: rent control vs. rent stabilization
But this won't last forever; when a rent controlled apartment becomes vacant, it either becomes rent stabilized, or—if it is in a building with ...
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41 38 CFR 3.344 -- Stabilization of disability evaluations. - eCFR
Examinations less full and complete than those on which payments were authorized or continued will not be used as a basis of reduction. Ratings on account of ...
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42 How to Become a Licensed Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)
Ownership (CHOW) License for a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU). The application, fees, and other documents shall be submitted as required by 25 Texas.
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43 Learn About Rent Stabilization | City of San Jose
In July 1979, the City Council adopted a rent stabilization ordinance for ... Fair Return Increase: A special permanent rent adjustment may be approved by ...
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44 Stabilized Approach and Landing
Bottom line: Be mindful of how you are flying an approach before you commence the approach, not just when you are close to the runway. Remember, one of the most ...
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45 section 160 stabilizing - FDOT
160-3 Construction Methods. 160-3.1 General: Prior to the beginning of stabilizing operations, construct the area to be stabilized to an elevation such that ...
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46 Housing Stabilization Program | City of Lexington
This program will also reduce evictions, allow landlords to get substantial payments for back rent, reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 by allowing ...
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47 How to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar | Everyday Health
Weight Loss If you're overweight, it will be easier to stabilize blood sugar more effectively if you lose even a few pounds.
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48 Senior Citizen Property Tax Stabilization Program | Eliot ME
If the fixed amount is higher than the following tax bill, the State has indicated that the lower amount of the two will be utilized and become the new ...
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49 Commonwealth Cares for Children (C3)/ Child ... -
Grant awards will be calculated using the new Commonwealth Cares for Children (C3) formula to distribute the Child Care Stabilization Grants in monthly ...
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50 Stabilize shaky videos in minutes with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Add professionalism to clips with video stabilizer technology. When you're filming a video, especially if you're zooming in to get a shot, camera shake is ...
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51 What is a Rent Stabilized Apartment in New York?
Once the tenant dies or vacates the apartment, the unit can be deregulated by the landlord, which is often the case. Get Advice From a Local ...
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52 NC Child Care Stabilization Grants
Licensed Child Care Programs that are eligible for Stabilization Grant funding must: Hold a license or be regulated under a notice of compliance by DCDEE on or ...
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53 The Property Tax Stabilization Program: A Guide for Applicants
As long as you qualify and file a timely application each year, the tax billed to you for your homestead will be frozen at the amount you were billed in the ...
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54 Housing Stabilization Services -
All housing transition services must be provided through a Medical Assistance enrolled provider. · Housing transition is limited to 150 hours per transition.
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55 IF YOU PAY RENT - New York State Assembly
then be deducted from the monthly rent payment. ... Elderly or disabled tenants may be eligible for ... rented to the first rent-stabilized tenant.
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56 De Facto Rent Stabilization in New York City
De facto rent stabilization is a judicially created doctrine through which buildings that would not otherwise be subject to rent stabilization can become ...
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Nowadays, soils such as, soft clays and organic soils can be improved to the civil engineering requirements. This state of the art review focuses on soil ...
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After curing, compressive strength of prepared specimens of cement treated aggregate base/subgrade soil blend shall be determined in accordance with AASHTO T208 ...
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59 Neighborhood Stabilization Program - HUD
Housing Activities: Providing or improving permanent residential structures that will be occupied by a household whose income is at or below 120% of area ...
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60 Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit TC-1
longevity, required performance, and site conditions. The use of asphalt concrete (AC) grindings for stabilized construction access/roadway should be approved ...
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61 Site stabilization - Construction stormwater best management ...
Mulch needs to be applied with the seed to stabilize the soil until the vegetation is established. Sediment control BMPs, such as silt fence, rock checks, ...
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62 Article - RSC Publishing
Reply to the 'Comment on “Can bulk nanobubbles be stabilized by electrostatic interaction?”' by S. Koshoridze and Y. Levin, Phys. Chem. Chem.
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63 stabilized waste - Office of Water Programs
Notice · OWP continues to be short-staffed. Please place orders online rather than by phone to allow us to manage order volumes. We will do our best to process ...
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64 Stabilization Grants | Brighter Futures Indiana
Providers can use Build, Learn, Grow Stabilization Grant funds across six ... Can Stabilization Grants be used to support programs that serve children over ...
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65 Application Descriptions - Stabilized Base - FHWA-RD-97-148
Stabilized base or subbase materials may be used to provide support for either flexible or rigid pavements, but are more frequently used with flexible ...
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66 38 CFR § 3.344 - Stabilization of disability evaluations.
It is essential that the entire record of examinations and the medical-industrial history be reviewed to ascertain whether the recent examination is full and ...
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67 stabilize - Wiktionary
Jody stabilized the table by putting a book under the short leg. (intransitive) To become stable. The country will stabilize after the next election ends.
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68 What Is a Rent-Stabilized Apartment? | Guides - Brownstoner
Rent stabilized apartments: If you're a renter, you probably want one. If you're a landlord or developer, you probably don't. It's time to get clear on ...
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69 Providers - Parent Education and Family Stabilization
008, F.A.C., Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, have been adopted and became effective on April 17, 2016. Become a Provider; Current Providers ...
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70 Crisis Stabilization Units
Arkansas has four Crisis Stabilization Units, which were created to be alternatives to jails and emergency rooms for people in crisis who encounter law ...
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71 NSP: Neighborhood Stabilization Program - HUD Exchange
The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides emergency assistance to ... Get step-by-step guidance on the closeout process including how to prepare ...
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72 Housing Stabilization and Recovery
The goal of AHFC's Housing Stabilization & Recovery program is to get people off the streets, out of shelters and into stabilized housing. From there, housing ...
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73 Child Care Counts: Stabilization Payment Program Round 2
Get complete details about the current Child Care Counts payment programs. Watch this page for details and sign up for the child care listserv to be ...
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74 Max-E Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran - Manna Pro
Max-E Glo Stabilized Rice Bran, the rice bran horse owners prefer, is a superior ... stabilization process ensures that Max-E Glo will not become rancid ...
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75 What are automatic stabilizers? - Brookings Institution
... be able to carry the entire burden of mitigating economic downturns. Thus, the role of fiscal policy in economic stabilization is being ...
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76 Small Business Stabilization Fund -
Businesses will not be required to submit a separate application. Eligible sectors for this additional funding include: restaurants, performing arts and ...
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77 DC Child Care Stabilization Grant | osse -
Grant funds will be disbursed on a formula basis and will help to ensure child development facilities in the District can continue to provide services to ...
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78 Rents Will Rise by at Least 3.25 Percent for 2 Million New ...
... largest increases for rent-stabilized units in nearly a decade. ... by the Rent Guidelines Board today will unfortunately be a burden to ...
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79 Stabilized Returns - Top Shelf® Models
Stabilized Returns are a forward-looking investment metric used by investors to gauge what their return will get on their money after any ...
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81 Stabilize Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary
STABILIZE meaning: 1 : to become stable or to make (something) stable: such as; 2 : to stop quickly changing, increasing, getting worse, etc.
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82 Rent Stabilized Apartments Laws | NYC Bar
A rent stabilized apartment can also become deregulated when the monthly rent reaches $2,500 or more and the tenants earned more than $200,000 for the past two ...
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Grant Recipients will be asked how their child care program used (or will use) the ARPA Stabilization Grant funds in the following categories:.
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84 Rent Control & Rent Stabilization in NYC | 2022 | Bungalow
Along with closely-related rent stabilized apartments, ... When the tenant moves out, the unit will become rent stabilized if it's in a ...
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85 Section 7E-15 - Stabilized Construction Entrance
Rock must be replaced once the voids become plugged with mud. • May not remove all soil from vehicles, especially on muddy sites. • Rock and ...
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86 FAQ COVID-19 Child Care Stabilization and Recovery grants
You may be wondering what happens if you do not follow the recommendation. Will you lose your. COVID emergency stabilization funds?
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87 American Rescue Plan (ARP) Stabilization Funds
Additional requirements and; Tax requirements. Also attached is the West Virginia ARP Child Care Stabilization Payments Agreement Form which will need to be ...
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88 Child Care Program Stabilization Funding
In addition, your program must also be: Open currently and serving children; Reopening and serving children with 30 days of submitting your ...
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89 Housing Stabilization Services Enrollment Criteria and Forms
The payment must be for the same location and to provide the same services. Providers can submit their fees online through the MHCP Provider Screening Fee ...
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90 Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance
The notice shall be written in the language that the Owner and Tenant used to negotiate the terms of the Tenancy (e.g., Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese ...
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91 English verb conjugation TO STABILIZE
English verb conjugation to stabilize to the masculine. Regular verb: stabilize - stabilized - stabilized. ... you will be stabilizing
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92 3 Factors That Stabilize Carbocations
If electrons were money, carbocations would be the beggars of organic chemistry ... Carbocations Are Stabilized By Neighboring Carbon Atoms.
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Construction entrances should be used in conjunction with the stabilization of construction roads, and other exposed areas, to reduce the amount of mud picked ...
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In general, the appraised “as stabilized” value should only be used in financial institution's analysis if the property has achieved true ...
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95 COVID -19 Child Care Stabilization Grants
This grant award increase will only be available to providers who previously received the COVID-19 Child Care Stabilization Grant at the end of 2021.
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96 Emulsio 3 › Video Stabilizer 4+ - App Store
Download Emulsio 3 › Video Stabilizer and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, ... I can tell under different circumstances this app would be amazing, ...
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97 Stabilizing Prices of Farm Products: Hearings Before the ...
Regardless of what the American merchant or American farmer would offer his products for he would be undersold , particularly on the products imported ...
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