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1 What Are Eye Flashes? -
When eye flashes appear out of nowhere, they can be a cause for concern. Eye flashes can be a normal part of the aging process or can sometimes ...
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2 Identifying and responding to eye floaters and flashes - AARP
Flashes are different. Wang describes them as “split-second bright white disturbances in the vision” that people often describe as a ...
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3 Eye Flashes and Floaters - Eye Disorders - Merck Manuals
In early adulthood people may notice occasional floating strands in the vision of one or both eyes relating to contraction of the vitreous humor. These types of ...
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4 Floaters and Flashes | Kellogg Eye Center | Michigan Medicine
Flashes. When the vitreous gel inside your eye rubs or pulls on the retina, you may see what looks like flashing lights or lightening streaks. You may ...
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5 Eye floaters - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
Eye floaters are spots in your vision. They may look to you like black or gray specks, strings, or cobwebs. They may drift about when you ...
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6 What you can do about floaters and flashes in the eye
Flashes are sparks or strands of light that flicker across the visual field. Both are usually harmless. But they can be a warning sign of ...
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7 Flashes and floaters: a practical approach to assessment and ...
Flashes are visual phenomena known as photopsias and refer to the perception of light in the absence of external light stimuli. Photopsias can be generated ...
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8 Flashes and floaters in the eye - Look After Your Eyes
As the vitreous pulls away from your retina you may see this as a flash of light in one or both eyes, like small sparkles, lightning or fireworks. The flashes ...
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9 Flashes and Floaters - EyeCare 20/20
Flashes (bursts of light) and floaters (bubbles or specks that drift across the visual field) are typically harmless, and they occur when the vitreous ...
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10 Eye Floaters and Flashes, Animation. - YouTube
Alila Medical Media
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11 Flashes and Floaters - Ophthalmology LTD
However, a sudden increase in floaters, possibly accompanied by light flashes or peripheral (side) vision loss, could indicate a retina detachment. A retinal ...
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12 Flashes Greenfield | Floaters Gardner - Eye and Lasik Center
The term “floaters” is commonly used to describe cobweb-like threads or specks of light that drift across the field of vision. Both floaters and flashes are ...
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13 What Causes Floaters & Flashes in the Eye | Wichita, KS
Eye flashes are spots of light that you can see in your visual field. The most common way to describe the symptoms of eye flashes is to liken ...
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14 Floaters and flashes in the eyes - NHS
Floaters and flashes in the eyes. Dots and lines (floaters) or flashes of light in your vision are common. They're not usually serious.
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15 Flashes of Light in Corner of Eye or Peripheral Vision
While there are many reasons you may see flashes of light in your eye, pressure or force on the retina are most often the causes. These flickers ...
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16 What Should You do When You Suddenly See "Flashes" or ...
The vitreous of the eye is attached to the retina. Occasionally, during sudden movements such as quick brisk head turns, the vitreous “tugs” or ...
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17 Flashes and Floaters Morristown - Hackettstown, Phillipsburg
People who suffer from migraines describe jagged lines or sparkles of light that occur in waves at the periphery of their vision during a migraine. In some ...
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18 Flashing Lights in the Eyes (Photopsia) - All About Vision
Symptoms of a detached retina may include a dark “curtain” blocking part of your vision, blurry vision in one eye, eye floaters and flashes of ...
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19 Flashes, Floaters and Haloes -
This may present as scintillating lights, an arc of light or a feeling like a light-bulb has just flashed on and off in the periphery of vision.
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20 Floaters And Flashes Of Light Specialist - Amirikia Eye Center
This term describes spots in your vision that appears to be floating or moving across your eyes. Some people describe floaters as tiny shadows or specks ...
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21 Floaters | Chicago Medicine
Often people describe this as a 'curtain' closing in on part of their vision. This may indicate that a retinal detachment is developing from a ...
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22 Photopsias -
Floaters (Figure 1) are typically due to cells or debris floating in the vitreous that cast shadows onto the retina. Patients also often ...
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23 Dr. Small answers a question about spot flashes on the “Ask a ...
When someone describes their flash stemming from only one eye and it is a quick flash usually only seen in the dark almost like a flash from a ...
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24 Eye Floaters and Flashers: The Causes and How to Get Rid of ...
Flashers are typically described as small flashes of light that resemble lightning or sparkles in front of your eye. Many patients liken the ...
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25 Floaters and Flashes Eye Doctor | Camp Hill | Harrisburg PA
When cells or material clump in the vitreous, you may notice grayish spots in front of your vision called floaters. Some people describe seeing shapes of ...
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26 Eye Flashes & Eye Floater Treatment
Floaters and Flashes: Retinal Tears, and Posterior Vitreous Detachment ... “Floaters” is the term used by ophthalmologists to describe symptoms of opacities in a ...
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27 Should You Worry About Eye Flashes and Floaters?
Sometimes flashes and floaters lead to vision loss. If the floaters and flashes are caused by a tear or detachment of your retina it is much ...
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28 The Facts About Eye Floaters and Flashes - Vision Center
Eye flashes result from thickened vitreous gel pulling and rubbing on the retina, causing visual effects that look like lightning streaks or ...
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29 Flashes & Floaters - Retina Eya Care, P.C.
Flashes like this may mean the vitreous gel inside the eye is shrinking and coalescing and pull away from the retinal surface. If the gel can successfully pull ...
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30 Eye floaters and flashes of light: Causes and treatment
The vitreous gel bumping or tugging against the retina of your eye can cause flashes of light. Persistent flashing lights associated with an ...
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31 Eye Floaters & Flashes | Specialty Retina Center | Boca Raton
Eye floaters are those tiny spots, specks, flecks and “cobwebs” that drift aimlessly around in your field of vision. While annoying, ordinary eye floaters ...
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32 Floaters and Flashes - Pediatric Eyecare of Staten Island
If you see black spots or spider webs that seem to float in a cluster or singly in your vision, or if you see spots that move or remain suspended in one ...
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33 Eye Flashes - Retina Associates of New York
Flashes of light in your vision could be a sign that something has gone wrong with your retina. The board-certified retinal specialists at Retina Associates ...
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34 Floaters and Flashes in Chicago, IL | Wicker Park Eye Center
Floating Procedure Spots in Your Field of Vision · Sudden Flashes in Your Vision Can Be Alarming. Many describe the experience as seeing flashing lights, streaks ...
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35 Floaters & Flashes: Cause for Concern?
As our eyes age, the vitreous gel inside them may start to thicken or shrink, pulling slightly away from the back wall of the eye, causing ...
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36 Eye Floaters: What are they and when should you be ...
Patients who experience a retinal detachment often describe their eye floaters as a “spider web” that doesn't move very much.
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37 Floaters and Flashes - Center for Sight | Ultimate Eye Care
“Floater” is the umbrella term used to describe all of the threads, specks, squigglies or other shapes that occasionally drift across our line of sight. “ ...
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38 Flashes And Floaters Specialist - DeSoto, TX & Plano, TX
Flashes might look like a streak of lightning across your vision or little twinkling specs of light that you might describe as “seeing stars.”.
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39 Flashes & Eye Floaters | The Symptoms and Diagnosis
Patients who experience floaters will often describe them as mobile dark spots, spider webs, threads, specks, or snake-like opacities in their ...
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40 Floaters & Flashes | North Carolina Retina Associates
Eye flashes resemble a sudden small burst or pinprick of light in your field of vision. Patients sometimes describe this visual phenomenon as looking like ...
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41 Floaters/Flashes | Arkansas Retina Clinic
Patients often describe floaters as “spider webs”, “gnats”, “specks”, or “squigglies” in their vision. This is caused by condensation o ...
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42 Floaters and Flashes in Eye | Rand Eye Institute
Floaters and Flashes, Do you have a retinal detachment? Floaters in Eye Small specks or clouds moving in your field of vision are called floaters. You may.
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43 Why Do I See Flashes of Light in the Corner of my Eye?
Aging - As you get older, the vitreous can shrink or change, causing flashes of light. · Pressure on the retina - Rubbing your eyes too hard or ...
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44 Floaters and Flashes | Miami Cataract Surgery
Some people describe them as “hair or mosquitos” floating in the eye. These are called floaters. You can often see them when looking at a plain background, like ...
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45 Top 3 Reasons Why You See Flashing Lights In Your Eye
Both floaters and flashing lights in the eye are a result of shrinking vitreous. The vitreous is fluid in the back of the eye that protects the retina and helps ...
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46 Flashes & Floaters – Retina & Vitreous Eye Center
They are more obvious in the dark, and can be brought on by moving your eyes. These flashes occur due to stimulation of the retinal photoreceptors when the ...
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47 Flashes and floaters | Eye and Retina Specialists
Floaters are often perceived as translucent grey shapes that move slowly in the visual field. Some patients describe floaters as appearing like little insects ...
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48 Flashes & Floaters - Eye Care & Surgery Cataracts LASIK VA
Often in eyes with posterior vitreous detachments, the floaters are bigger and somewhat stringy, and you may describe it as a spider web or cobweb in your ...
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49 Flashes & Floaters - Heights Eye Studio
Flashes look like lightning streaks or flashing lights in your vision. Some patients describe them as seeing stars. This occurs when light hits the retina ( ...
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50 Flashes and Floaters in Your Eyes: When to See Your Doctor
Everyone experiences floaters a little differently. People typically describe them as spider webs, threads, or tiny dark specks drifting across their visual ...
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51 Eye Floaters and Flashes: When should you be concerned?
Apr 2, 2014 —
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52 What to Know About Flashes and Floaters
Many people describe this phenomenon as a camera flash or lightning bolt that they notice out of the side of their vision. Similar to floaters, these ...
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53 Flashes / Floaters - West Michigan Eye & Laser
They create specks, strings, or thread-like images that drift across the line of vision. The term eye “floaters” is what people often use to describe seeing ...
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54 Why am I seeing stars? Causes and what it looks like
Flashes in the field of vision may be alarming, especially if a person has not experienced this before. Many people describe these flashes as “seeing stars.
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55 Flashes and Floaters - Retina Care Center
These shadows are called floaters and patients describe them in many different ways. Flashes in vision occur as a result of the vitreous tugging on the ...
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56 Why You Might Be Seeing Stars - Verywell Health
"Seeing stars" is how people commonly describe the phenomenon of seeing bands of light, prisms, sparks, or flashing lights in their vision.
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57 Retinal Detachment | National Eye Institute - NIH
A lot of new floaters (small dark spots or squiggly lines that float across your vision) · Flashes of light in one eye or both eyes · A dark ...
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58 Why You See Flashes, Floaters & Lights in Your Eyes
What causes flashes in the eyes? ... When the vitreous gel inside your eye moves and pulls on the retina, this sets off an impulse seen as a flash ...
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59 Are you seeing floaters or flashes of light? | Village Eye Centre
Many people see floaters and flashes regularly and simply get used to having them around. Generally, both of these visual disturbances are ...
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60 Flashes of Light in Peripheral Vision - Carolina Cataract
Small arc-like momentary flashes of light in the peripheral vision are commonly experienced during vitreous separation. The vitreous pulls on the retina which ...
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61 Spots and Floaters - Berwick Family Eyecare
Flashes (or photopsia) describe the sensation of sparkling lights off to the side of a person's vision. Flashes are caused by the vitreous cortex tugging on the ...
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62 Floaters and Flashes - Cohen Eye Associates
Many describe the experience as seeing flashing lights, streaks of lightning, or “seeing stars.” Who most commonly experiences flashes and floaters in their ...
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63 Flashes And Floaters - Northern Eye Surgeons
Floaters describe the symptom of seeing a shadow moving (or floating) across the vision. Sometimes they are described as a dirty cobweb, flies, a 'hair' in ...
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64 What Do Flashes and Floaters In My Vision Mean?
Flashes are exactly that…a bright momentary flash of light in your vision that you can't associate with a known light source. They are often off ...
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65 Flashes and Flickers : Eye Symptoms & Signs
Flashes appear abruptly like lightning bolts in outer edge of visual field · Flashes may be provoked by eye movement · Flickers may be transient or persistent ...
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66 Flashes and Floaters: What They Really Mean - Art of Optiks
Unless you're attending a laser light show, the last thing you want to deal with is cloudy spots or flashes of light in your field of vision ...
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67 Approach to the patient with flashes and/or floaters
Patients often describe “a camera flash at the side of my vision.” Migraine with typical aura is defined as gradual development of positive and ...
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68 Should I Be Concerned about Eye Floaters? - WebMD
You see flashes of light. · There's a dark shadow or curtain in part of your peripheral, or side, vision. · You have trouble seeing. · Your eyes hurt.
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69 Eye Floaters: Flashes, Causes, Symptoms, Types, Curable ...
Eye floaters are often described as black spots or squiggly strands in a patient's field of vision. Read about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, removal and ...
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70 Eye Floaters and Flashes - Auckland Eye
Eye Floaters and Flashes · 'Floaters' is a term used to describes dark shadows that move across your vision and they can take any sort of shape ...
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71 Eye Flashes | Education Center
Many people often describe the sensation as 'seeing stars'. It is natural to wonder what is causing this phenomenon. While occasional eye flashes are normally ...
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72 Should I Be Concerned About Flashing In One Eye?
Flashes can occur on their own or with floaters. They look like lights or lightning streaks and are usually more noticeable at night or in dark environments.
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73 Why Am I Seeing Spots And Floaters? - Atlantic Eye Institute
“Floaters” and “spots” are generalized words that describe any squiggles, dots, threads, or even little cobwebs that float across the visual ...
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74 What is Flashes and Floaters - Eyedeal Vision Opticians
Flashes – bright flash of light in the peripheral vision, usually bright white in colour and seen more in dark surroundings. Patients describe it as a ...
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75 Black or negative flashes in posterior vitreous detachment a ...
We describe an ophthalmologist colleague who suffered bilateral PVD ... she developed in the right eye a similar pattern of black flashes ...
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76 Does Anxiety Cause Eye Flashes? - XanFree
When it comes to seeing shapes in your eyes, “floaters” is a term that can describe: ... In simple terms, floaters are clusters of cells or ...
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77 Flashes & Floaters - Tampa - Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists
Many people describe flashes as lightning streaking across their vision or arcing light in their peripheral vision. These lights are different than the ...
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78 What Are Eye Floaters? Causes, Treatment, Symptoms
People describe eye floaters as: ... Some people see a single floater while others may think they see hundreds. The lines may be squiggly, thick, or thin, and ...
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79 Flashes and Floaters Mesquite TX - Southwest Eye Clinics
flashes and floaters are sometimes caused by retinal breaks, both eyes should have a dilated retinal examination as soon as possible.
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80 How to reduce eye floaters? - Binetter Eye Centre
Dehydration is another cause of eye floaters. The vitreous humour in your eyes is made of 98% of water. If you're constantly dehydrated, this ...
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81 Is seeing flashing lights in your eye a sign of retinal detachment?
Flashing lights are pinpricks, arcs or streaks of light seen in your vision. They are commonly due to traction of the vitreous gel on the retina ...
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82 Why Am I Seeing Floaters and Flashes in My Vision?
Floaters are small specs, dots, or lines that are perceived to be in the vision. They're actually made up of components of the vitreous, which is the jelly that ...
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83 Understanding Eye Floaters and Flashes - Venice Retina
Floaters are exactly what their name represents – small dark spots that float in and out of your vision. Many people often describe their ...
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84 Floater - Wikipedia
Floaters or eye floaters are sometimes visible deposits within the eye's vitreous humour ("the vitreous"), which is normally transparent, or between the ...
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85 What do eye flashes look like? | Eye Floaters And Flashes
Floaters” are usually normal and harmless. But if you notice a sudden increase in floaters or floaters accompanied by flashes of light, see your eye doctor ...
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86 When 'floaters' in your field of vision are a sign of deeper ...
Floaters are common among adults, but for some individuals – especially when accompanied by brief flashes of light – can be signs of an ...
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87 “Why am I seeing disco lights?” - The Wimpole Eye Clinic
It is very common for people to notice dark or semi-transparent dots or squiggly lines in their vision from time to time. Some people describe them as ...
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88 Floaters and Flashes in Children: Care Instructions
Floaters are spots and lines that "float" across your child's field of vision. These are caused by stray cells or strands of tissue inside the eyeball.
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89 Flashes and Floaters - Posterior Vitreous Detachments
“Floaters” is the term used to describe the symptom of seeing small lines or dots that move. Floaters are tiny clumps of the vitreous gel, the fluid that fills ...
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90 Flashes & Floaters - White Eye Associates
Floaters are symptoms that people recognize as spots suspended or floating in their field of vision. Many patients describe these as a glob, a strand, ...
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91 Flashes, Floaters and Posterior Vitreous Detachment
Flashes may appear like streaks of lightning across the field of vision. When the vitreous tugs at the retina, it can cause disorganized visual signals to be ...
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92 Flashes and Floaters in Your Vision: Do I need to be concerned?
People frequently describe this as 'nats', 'bugs', or 'debris' in their vision, and at times these symptoms can be very worrisome. In some cases ...
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93 Eye Floaters and Flashes Treatment - Butler, PA
Patients often describe the flashes as sudden instances of bright light on their eyes and it could have a pricking effect. Some patients also describe this ...
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94 Floaters Flashes and Halos - ICARE Eye Hospital
Otherwise known as 'photopsia', flashes describe the sensation of seeing a flash of light in the absence of a stimulus. This may present as dancing lights, ...
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