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1 Pre - Veterinary Medicine | College Majors 101
"Pre-Vet" is usually a term for majoring in "Bio or Chem", available at every university, then going to Veterinary School. Animal Science is the more ...
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2 Pre-Vet - Oklahoma State University
Major choices with a pre-vet option provide students with numerous professional opportunities, whether it be in veterinary medicine or many other fields.
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3 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | LSU Majors
Pre-Vet 3+1 Program (B.S. + D.V.M.) · 3 years of undergraduate coursework (B.S. in Animal Sciences or Natural Resource Ecology & Management) · 4 years of ...
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4 Pre-Veterinary Medicine: Preparing Yourself For Vet School
Best Pre-Vet Schools · Clemson University · Michigan State University · University of Maryland–College Park · University of Massachusetts–Amherst.
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5 Pre-veterinary Medicine - Undergraduate Admissions
The Pre-veterinary Medicine plan of study is a career goal and does not lead to a baccalaureate degree from Purdue. The purpose of this plan of study is to meet ...
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6 Pre-Veterinary Studies | Top Pre-Vet School
Graduates of UF's pre-veterinary medicine program have a veterinary school acceptance rate of more than two times the national average.
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7 Pre-Vet - Students | College of Agricultural & Environmental ...
Animal Health; Animal Science; Avian Biology; Dairy Science; Poultry Science. Requirements for acceptance into FAVIP are highly specific. For more information, ...
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8 Pre-Veterinary Medicine < University of Illinois at Chicago
Pre-veterinary medicine students may choose any major, but should work with a Pre-Health Advisor to plan a course of study that fulfills the pre-veterinary ...
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9 Pre-Veterinary Medicine: Pre-Vet Programs - Carroll College
Courses, if you are getting your pre-vet major, include: biology, chemistry, genetics, calculus, physics, statistics, and the humanities. If you're interested ...
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10 General Pre-Veterinary School Course Requirements
General Pre-Veterinary School Course Requirements ; Mathematics/Statistics, 1-2 semesters. Math 16A, 16B OR Math 1A, 1B OR Math 53, 54. OR Math 10A*, 10B* Math ...
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11 Pre-veterinary medicine - UNCG Admissions - UNC Greensboro
Required pre-vet coursework includes four to five biology courses, four to five chemistry courses, two physics courses, an animal nutrition course, statistics, ...
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12 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - The Ohio State University
Pre-professional is a category for any student who intends to enter professional school after graduating with a bachelor's degree. Pre-health is the pre- ...
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13 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Requirements | Troy University
Minimal Requirements for Auburn University Veterinary School Entrance · Principles of Biology with lab and Organismal Biology with lab (8 hours) · General ...
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14 Pre-Vet Student Resources - AAVMC
How to Prepare in High School · Gain a solid background in math and science. · Take part in extracurricular activities (athletics, school clubs, FFA, etc) · Study ...
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15 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | University of Northern Iowa
The pre-veterinary program is not an academic major; rather, it's a suggested program of study that will prepare you for admission to veterinary school after ...
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16 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | FOS | Admissions | WSU
You can major in virtually anything and gain admission to veterinary school. That said, however, most students choose majors in the sciences; it's easier to ...
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17 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Prehealth - Baylor University
Preveterinary medicine students are encouraged to select a major in which they feel they will excel. PreVET students can choose a major in either the ...
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18 Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Animal Science, Pre-Vet: Students in the Animal Science major can choose the Pre-Veterinary Medicine / Science track. This will prepare you for entrance to ...
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19 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Associate in Arts degree program
The University of Florida is the only state school that offers a veterinary program. Estimated tuition cost: $7,093.20. Program credits: 60. Estimated time to ...
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20 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program
Pre-veterinary medicine is a program of study designed to meet the requirements for admission into a school or college of veterinary medicine.
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21 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Programs - UMHB
Students wishing to pursue a career in veterinary medicine may major in any field of study, as long as they also complete the foundational courses in biology, ...
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22 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Daemen University
Our pre-vet students typically major in biology, biochemistry or natural sciences, which include all required courses for acceptance into veterinary medical ...
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23 Pre-Vet Major, Bachelor of Science Degree Program - IUP
The pre-vet program is designed to give you a strong foundation in biology, with emphasis on: ... These essential tools will help you master veterinary school and ...
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24 Pre-​Veterinary Medicine - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The Nebraska Pre-Veterinary Medicine program (PVET) is designed for students who want to become veterinarians. The doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degree, ...
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25 Pre-Vet Program - Bellarmine University
The Pre-Vet advisor works with Bellarmine students from their first year onward to help prepare them for applying to veterinary school.
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26 Pre-Veterinarian | Pre-Health Advising | Radford University
While there is not a stand-alone Pre-Vet degree, most students choose to major in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Psychology and often minor in programs ...
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27 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - JMU
vet banner · Courses (43 Credit Hours) · Intermediate and advanced Biology course work (13 Credit Hours) · Mathematics Coursework (6-7 credits) · English, ...
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28 Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine option (BS)
Prepare yourself for veterinary school at A&M-Commerce. Through the pre-veterinary medicine concentration, you'll be able to explore and develop knowledge ...
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29 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advising | University of Tampa
NOTE: Pre-veterinary medicine is not a major or a program, and The University of Tampa does not have a veterinary school. Pre-vet is an interest or path ...
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30 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Majors at Mizzou
Though Pre-Veterinary Medicine is not an official degree program, Mizzou has resources dedicated to helping interested students pursue admission into ...
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31 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - University of North Alabama
› pre-health-professions › pre-veterinar...
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32 BS Animal Science Four-Year Degree Plan: Pre-Veterinary ...
This plan is designed for you to apply to the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine. The University of Missouri (Mizzou) ...
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33 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Academic Advising Center
The pre-veterinary program of study is not a degree-granting major. Rather, it is a program of study pursued by students who intend to apply to veterinary ...
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34 Pre-Veterinary | Rockhurst University
There is no official “pre-vet program” required to enter veterinary school but Rockhurst University does offer courses that are required for any veterinary ...
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35 Pre-Vet Tool Kit
Welcome to The University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine Pre-Vet Tool Kit. This is your survival guide to getting into veterinary school.
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36 Pre-Vet | Hollins University
Pre-Vet ... Veterinary programs, legendary for their tough acceptance standards, require experience in a professional setting. They seek students who have ...
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37 Pre-Veterinary Bachelor's Degree Plan - Lamar University
During your Pre-Veterinary Degree Plan studies at Lamar University, you will work with an advisor who will guide you in tailoring your bachelor's degree for vet ...
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38 Pre-Vet Requirements: Courses You Need for Vet School
What Are the Pre-Veterinary Course Requirements? · Biology – 2 semesters with lab · General Chemistry – 2 semesters with lab · Organic Chemistry – ...
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39 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Pre-Veterinary Medicine is not a major at UWM, and students must still choose a major. Since most of the prerequisites necessary for application to ...
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40 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Undergraduate Programs
Course highlights · Animals, Science and Society (ANFS101) · One Health (AGRI224) · Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals (ANFS240) · Animal Environmental ...
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41 Pre-Vet Programs and Degrees - Berry College
Discover your potential at Berry College by studying Pre-Vet. Enjoy small class sizes and the nation's largest campus with 27000 acres. Get more info today!
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42 Agriculture Business-Pre-Veterinary Bachelor's Degree
A degree in Agriculture Business-Pre-Veterinary Medicine option at Arkansas Tech University prepares you to apply to the Vet School of your choice to ...
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43 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration - Cornell CALS
Core Requirements · Biology requisites · Animal Physiology and Nutrition · Chemistry Requisites · Biochemistry requisites · Quantitative Reasoning · Life Sciences.
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44 Pre-Vet Studies: Biology or Agricultural Science Major
Most pre-vet students are either biology or agricultural science majors. To determine which major is the best fit for you, you have to take into account ...
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45 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Pathway - San Antonio - UTSA
UTSA does not offer a degree for Veterinary Medicine. Students can complete their pre-requisites toward Veterinary school application.
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46 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - University of Central Arkansas
Most pre-veterinary students are biology majors, with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine, although some are also chemistry majors.
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47 Bachelor's in Animal & Veterinary: Pre-Vet | UIdaho
Future Veterinarians, Start Here. Take your first steps toward a veterinary career in a program that fulfills the undergraduate academic requirements for ...
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48 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program - UC Blue Ash College
Pre-veterinary medicine is not a major but a pre-professional track that consists of courses required to be considered for admission to Veterinary Medicine ...
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49 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program | Albion College
As a pre-vet student, you'll select a major–often biology, chemistry or biochemistry–while following our dedicated curriculum that will prepare you for advanced ...
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50 Program: Animal Science, Pre-Vet Emphasis, B.S.A.G.
Animal Science, Pre-Vet Emphasis, B.S.A.G. · 1. Core Curriculum (42 Hours) · 2. Major course requirements · 3. Enough additional hours · 4. Students must meet ...
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51 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - The University of Oklahoma
While OU does not offer a Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree, the Zoology Advising Office has designed a course of study that prepares students for admission to ...
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52 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | UW-Platteville
The pre-veterinary medicine program at UW-Platteville consists of selected courses specified by veterinary colleges that prepare students for admission into ...
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53 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Academics | Montana State University
For students who are interested in preparing for a career in the veterinary field, the Pre-Veterinary Medicine program at Montana State encourages students to ...
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54 Pre-Veterinary - Majors, Minors, and Areas of Study
Most pre-vet students pursue a biology degree, but other degrees majors work, too. Most veterinary schools require a rounded undergraduate curriculum ...
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55 Pre-Vet Program | Fulton, MO | William Woods University
William Woods University pre-vet program prepares its students well, and experiences 100% placement into colleges of veterinary medicine.
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56 UofL Pre-Vet Courses - University of Louisville
Listed below are the University of Louisville's classes that will fulfill the Pre-Veterinary Course Requirements for Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine ...
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57 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Gannon University
Gannon University's pre-veterinary students have the opportunity to become well-rounded leaders both in and out of the classroom. Their involvement in service ...
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58 Bachelor's Degree in Zoology (Pre-Vet) - Liberty University
If you desire to become a veterinarian, the courses in our pre-vet bachelor's degree can help as you apply to veterinary school. Our bachelor of ...
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59 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Animal & Food Sciences
Pre-veterinary Medicine at UK is not a degree program, which allows students to follow their specific passions. Students frequently major in Animal Sciences, ...
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60 Animal Science Degree Programs, Pre-Vet | Affordable College
Start your path to becoming a veterinarian by earning an affordable Animal Science bachelor degree (pre-Vet option) from the University of Wyoming.
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61 Prevet Program | Cedarville University
If you have a love for animals and want to make a career out of caring for them, Cedarville University's Preveterinary Medicine program will equip you with the ...
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62 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Catawba College
Because much of the required coursework for veterinary medical schools is in the sciences, most Pre-Vet students at Catawba College select Biology, ...
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63 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Courses - Fort Hays State University
The pre-professional program that prepares students for admission into the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University emphasizes science, ...
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64 Animal Sciences Pre-Vet Med & Pre- Professional Major Option
What can I do with a Major in ANSC Pre-Vet Med & Pre-Professional? Medicine & Veterinary Medicine; Animal Health & Nutrition; Ranch or Farm Management; Animal ...
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65 Pre-Vet Med - Weber State University
Life Science Pre-Vet Courses. Required for most veterinary schools & a zoology major: Principles of Zoology (1110);. Diversity of Animals (2220);. Cell Biology ...
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66 Pre-Veterinary Program | Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical ...
Pre-vet students look over an animal skeleton with Professor Inga Sidor ... offering rigorous academics that meet requirements for veterinary school ...
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67 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program | WTAMU
Students may complete a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science, which includes pre-veterinary medicine requirements. Students do not have to complete ...
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68 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Health Professions | Academics
Veterinarians must earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, which typically takes 4 years beyond undergraduate training.
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69 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Pre-Health Profession Pathways
The Pre-Veterinary Pathway is a non-degree program available at Boise State University. You will not earn a degree in Pre-Veterinary*.
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70 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Northern Kentucky University
Program requirements for veterinary medicine generally include: One year of biology with labs plus two additional semesters of biology courses from a list of ...
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71 Equine Pre-Veterinary/Pre-Graduate Studies
This major provides a unique opportunity for all pre-veterinary medicine students, including those interested in other species, to work with horses at our ...
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72 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Portland State University
Portland State University Pre-Veterinary Medicine Course List ; Principles of Biology: BI211/214, BI212/215, 213/216 (15 credits). Note: CH221/227 is the pre- or ...
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73 Pre-Veterinary Medicine | Undergraduate Program | Academics
The official website of Northwest Missouri State University located in Maryville, Missouri.
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74 Pre-Veterinary Program - Oral Roberts University
degree from ORU in the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program? In addition to being prepared for graduate school, pre-veterinarian graduates can enjoy successful ...
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75 Pre-Veterinary Science Degree | University of the Cumberlands
A pre-vet degree program can make the difference in your career and in the lives of the creatures you serve by helping you prepare to pursue a veterinary ...
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76 Pre-Vet | Paradise Valley Community College
Pre-Vet Requirements. Requirements to apply to an accredited veterinary school vary, but generally include a baccalaureate degree (which may or may not be in a ...
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77 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Option - Oregon State University
The Biology major Pre-Veterinary Medicine option is designed to meet OSU College of Veterinary Medicine prerequisites and other U.S. veterinary schools, ...
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78 Pre-​Veterinary Medicine Advising Program
Kent State University offers many resources and services to help you along your academic path. Learn More. Promo Image. Campus Tours. A visit makes all the ...
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79 Undergraduate Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program
The Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program (Pre-Vet) at South Dakota State University (SDSU) is dedicated to assisting students who have a desire to attend ...
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80 Murray State University's pre-veterinary medicine program ...
Seventy-five percent of Murray State's pre-vet program's graduating class of 2021 have been accepted into various vet school programs.
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81 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Preparation | Michigan Tech
Most veterinary schools require the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) as the entrance exam. However, some schools accept the MCAT (Medical College Admission ...
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82 Steps to Becoming a Veterinarian
Undergraduate Course Requirements · Two semesters of general chemistry with lab (CHEM 110, 111, 112, and 113) · Two semesters of organic chemistry with lab (CHEM ...
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83 Pre-Veterinary
Pre-Veterinary Advisors · Pre-Vet (APSU Agriculture Department) · Veterinary Medical ... What should I major in if I want to go to veterinary school?
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84 Pre-Vet | Merrimack College
Pre-Vet Preparation Veterinarians provide healthcare to animals in a variety of ... A Master's Degree 54 Years in the Making for Merrimack College student.
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85 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program | Biology
This program is designed to comply with admission requirements of the Veterinary Medicine Cooperative Professional program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ...
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86 Discover the Best Pre-Vet Schools in the US - College Gazette
Discover the Best Pre-Vet Schools in the US · University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Amherst, MA) · Washington State University (Pullman, WA).
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87 Pre-Veterinary and Other Pre-Professional Programs
I was grateful to be accepted to seven veterinary schools, however I accepted my seat at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Class of ...
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88 Agriculture - Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Illinois State University
This sequence prepares students for entry into schools or colleges of Veterinary Medicine. The program of study includes Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, ...
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89 Pre-Veterinary | Health Careers
Which major should I select at UNT for a pre-vet path? · Bachelor of Arts in Biology, College of Science · Bachelor of Science in Biology, College of Science ...
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90 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Career Resources
Pre-Veterinary Medicine is not a major at CWU. However, we do provide prerequisite courses that prepare you for success on the GRE and entry into veterinary ...
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91 Vet School Information - Animal Science - University of Arkansas
Students interested in attending veterinary school will take a science-oriented, pre-professional program that leads to a B.S. degree in animal science. In ...
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92 Science, Pre-Veterinary, and Medical - Animal Sciences | UIUC
73% of students in the Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical Concentration are employed or have accepted an offer to a professional school such as Vet School, Med ...
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93 Pre-Veterinary | Pre-Health - University of South Alabama
Pre-Veterinary. Welcome to pre-vet! We are excited that you have your sights set on becoming a veterinarian. You have a long road ahead of you but we are ...
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94 Pre-veterinary medicine: Health Professions & Prelaw Center ...
Pre-Veterinary Common Courses ; English Composition. ENG-W 131 ; Speech. COLL-P 155 or CMCL-C 122 ; Math. MATH-M 211 (this is the preferred course) or MATH-M 119.
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95 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Major | Ohio Wesleyan University
Pre-Vet club helps students choose the right classes for veterinary school. The club also attends open houses, establishes networks with current veterinarians, ...
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96 Pre-Vet | The University of the South - Sewanee
Pre-Vet ... HOW TO BECOME A VETERINARIAN: Education and Career Roadmap ... Medical Colleges (AAVMC) shows required coursework for individual schools.
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97 Pre-Veterinary Studies | Undergraduate Academic Programs
UConn was named one of the nation's top ten pre-vet schools by Information on Application to Veterinary Schools and Colleges. Students ...
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98 Pre-Veterinary Medicine - Butler Programs
Pre-Veterinary Medicine advising at Butler is geared toward undergraduate students who intend to apply to a graduate level health professional school.
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