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1 What is a Dialog Box? - Computer Hope
A dialog box (also spelled dialogue box, also called a dialog) is a common type of window in the GUI of an operating system. The dialog box ...
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2 Definition of dialog box - PCMag
A movable window that is displayed on screen in response to the user selecting a menu option. It provides the current status and available options for a ...
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3 Dialog box - Wikipedia
The dialog box is a graphical control element in the form of a small window that communicates information to the user and prompts them for a response.
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4 What is a Dialog Box? - Definition from Techopedia
A dialog box is a user interface element, a type of window that is used to enable communication and interaction between a user and a ...
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5 What is a dialog? - IBM
To understand the dialog interface, you must first understand what a dialog is. A dialog is the interaction between a person and a computer.
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6 definition of Dialog window by The Free Dictionary
Computers. (in a graphical user interface) a box, called up temporarily on the screen, that asks for user input. Random House Kernerman ...
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7 Dialog Box Definition -
As the name implies, a dialog box serves to initiate a dialog with the user. It is a window that pops up on the screen with options that the user can select ...
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8 Meaning of dialog box in English - Cambridge Dictionary
a small box that appears on a computer screen displaying information for the user and asking them to answer a question or make a choice: When ...
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9 Dialog-box Definitions - YourDictionary
Dialog-box Definition ... A window that appears on a computer screen, presenting information or requesting input. ... Alternative spelling of dialogue box.
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10 What is a dialog box on a computer? - Quora
A dialog box is a simple window that pops up asking the user for some input or for displaying a message or error.
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11 Dialog box definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
A dialog box is a small area containing information or questions that appears on a computer screen when you are performing particular operations. [computing].
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12 Dialog box Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
The meaning of DIALOG BOX is a window on a computer screen for choosing options or inputting information.
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13 What is Dialog Box? Definition, Properties and Types of ...
Definition and Meaning of Dialog Box ... It is the way of engaging the user in a conversation by offering information and requesting some input.
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14 What is Dialog Box? | Webopedia
)A box that appears on a display screen to present information or request input. Typically, dialog boxes are temporary — they disappear once ...
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15 Dialog vs. Dialogue: What's the Difference? - Writing Explained
What does dialog mean? Dialog is a variant of dialogue, used primarily in American English in computing contexts. It is most commonly used to refer to a window ...
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16 Dialog box Definition & Meaning |
Save This Word! ... Computers. (in a graphical user interface) a box, called up temporarily on the screen, that asks for user input or displays information.
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17 Chapter 2: Introduction to Dialog System - Micro Focus
2.2 Overview of Dialog System's Capabilities · The definition software, which enables the creation and tailoring of the items to appear on your user interface.
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18 Computer Dialog - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
For practical dialogue systems, it aims to fill the domain-specific frame slots by interpreting a speech-recognized utterance. The dialogue system manages the ...
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19 What does dialog box mean? -
In a graphical user interface of computers, a dialog box is a type of window used to enable reciprocal communication or "dialog" between a computer and its user ...
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20 Dialog box Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary
DIALOG BOX meaning: a box that appears on a computer screen with a question inside asking the user to make a choice or give information.
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21 DIALOG BOX (noun) definition and synonyms
Definition of DIALOG BOX (noun): box on a screen for typing in.
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22 Windows Programming/Dialog Boxes - Wikibooks
People are familiar with dialog boxes. They are the grey windows that pop up on Windows systems to display messages, and allow the user to set parameters.
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23 Dialog Boxes: Best Practices and Types |
A dialog box is a digital space in an application where you can read and enter information, typically from a range of options. For example, if ...
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24 Definition of Dialog Boxes |
The modal dialog box is used to temporarily halt the program and helps the user to continue his work requesting for additional information without closing the ...
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25 Dialog Systems Definition | Law Insider
Define Dialog Systems. means the hardware (including computer hardware), software and telecommunications or information technology equipment, ...
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26 Office 2000 Basics: Dialog Boxes - GCF Global
Command buttons. A command button, such as OK or Cancel, tells the computer to carry out an action. Execute a command by clicking a command button.
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27 Dialog Design - Tutorialspoint
Dialog Design, A dialog is the construction of interaction between two or more beings or systems. In HCI, a dialog is studied at three levels −
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28 Form and Meaning in Dialog-Based Computer-Assisted ...
through the use of intelligent computer-assisted language learning (ICALL) ... nerally unconstrained participation in a meaning-oriented task-based dialog.
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29 Definition of dialog box - Barrons Dictionary -
Definition of dialog box ... in graphical user interfaces, a window that collects information from the user. ... When the user has made all the desired choices, he ...
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30 4. Define Dialog Box Launcher - Question 4, 9. Introduction to ...
A dialog box launcher is a small icon that appears in a group. Users click this icon to open related dialog boxes or task panes that provide more options ...
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31 Dialog box Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |
dialog box (computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user; ...
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32 dialog box Meaning in Tamil - Translation - Shabdkosh
The dialog box is a graphical control element in the form of a small window that communicates information to the user and prompts them for a response. Also see ...
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33 dialog box - definition and meaning - Wordnik
dialog box: A window that appears on a computer screen, presenting information or requesting input.
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34 JavaScript Dialogue Boxes - GeeksforGeeks
› javascript-dialogue-bo...
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35 Guidelines for Dialog Design (HCI) -
Dialog is the communication between the computer and a person. Well-designed dialog makes it easier for people to use a computer and lessens their ...
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36 Standard dialog boxes - PC SOFT - Online documentation
The dialog boxes are standard windows that allow you to communicate with the user. They can be used to notify an error, ...
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37 dialog box synonyms with definition | Macmillan Thesaurus
Related terms for 'dialog box': active window, avatar, bar, blank, blip, box, button, button bar, cell, checkbox, cursor, desktop, drop-down menu.
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38 dialog-box noun - Oxford Learner's Dictionaries
a box that appears on a computer screen asking the user to choose what they want to do next Select an option from the dialog box.
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39 Visual Design of Interaction, Dialog, or Interface?
A dictionary definitio~ says that dialogue is the con- versation between two or more persons. Within the context o'fhuman-computer interaction, the word ...
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40 Dialog Boxes In C# - C# Corner
A dialog box in C# is a type of window, which is used to enable common communication or dialog between a computer and its user.
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41 (PDF) Dialog, Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration
Abstract ; “operator-computer dialogue” allows us to assume that there is a dialog between a. human and ; Dialog is undoubtedly a part of ...
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42 Dialog box - Computer Science - 3065 - UNKRIS Jakarta
In a graphical user interface of computers, a dialog box (or dialogue box) is a type of window used to enable reciprocal communication or "dialog" between a ...
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43 Modal & Nonmodal Dialogs: When (& When Not) to Use Them
A dialog (or dialogue) refers to a conversation between two people. In user interfaces, a dialog is a “conversation” between the system and the ...
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44 COMP1006/1406 Notes 6 - Menus and Dialogs
Dialog Boxes allow us to momentarily take the user's attention away from the main window so as to obtain information or ask questions which are required at ...
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45 Establishing a Dialog | Cadalyst
Dialog boxes also reduce the time it takes to teach a user about a new application. In the "olden days," we called them input forms-sheets of paper with ...
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46 VB.NET Dialog Box - Javatpoint
A Dialog box is a temporary Window for an application that accepts user response through mouse or keyboard to open a file, save a file, notifications, ...
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47 FLAIR - user interface dialog design tool - ACM Digital Library
The designer need not master the usage of the host computer, the graphic input/output systems, the menu controls, or the database programming before his designs ...
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48 dialogue - Wiktionary
NounEdit ... (philosophy) A literary form, where the presentation resembles a conversation. ... (computing) A dialogue box. Once the ...
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49 Dialog box meaning in Hindi - डायलॉग मतलब हिंदी में - Translation
Dialog box meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is (computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in ...
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50 Method and apparatus for performing dialog management in a ...
The dialog state provides information about whose turn it is (computer or user) to ... speech applications at a low level with explicit dialog definitions.
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Dialog models, incorporated in a computer system, allow human-computer interaction and they can be used to solve, by means of the use of speech, several day-to- ...
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52 Preferences dialog - Analytica Wiki
Expression assist: When checked (the default), it shows the Expression assist pop-up window as you type into the definition of a variable or function. It a list ...
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53 What is the difference between dialogue and dialog?
According to Merriam-Webster, dialogue means conversation, and dialog box means a window on a computer screen. This is how I use/spell them.
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54 Device Properties dialog box - Barr Central
Use this dialog box to define properties for BARR/RJE printers and punches ... You insert the information in the file before it is received to the computer.
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55 Dialog Design - Human Computer Interface - Wisdom Jobs
STNs are known as that that a dialog fundamentally presents to a progression from one state of the system to the next. The syntax of an STN consists of the ...
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56 Dialog Box: Corresponding Command Line - Intel
› reference › user-interface-reference
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57 What does the common dialog box means? Explain types of ...
1. You can use set of predefined standard dialog boxes in your projects for such tasks as specifying colors and fonts, printing, opening and saving. The common ...
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58 A Dialog Management Methodology Based on Neural ...
The dialog model, that is automatically learned from a data corpus, is based on the use of a classification process to generate the next system answer. A neural ...
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59 Dialogue System: A Brief Review - arXiv
many universities are developing the dialogue system ... A dialogue system is a computer program ... keywords and forming a meaning it provide it to.
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60 Word Choice: Dialogue vs. Dialog | Proofed's Writing Tips
Dialogue refers to a conversation, usually in a play, book, or movie. Dialog is used in a computing context (e.g., a “dialog box”). You will ...
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61 MyCommands Editor—Advanced Scripting dialog box - Nuance
Use this dialog box to create complex scripts and sequences to perform virtually any function on the computer using voice commands.
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62 12.4.7 Define Details - [PC Job] dialog box
The Define Details - [PC Job] dialog box defines the details of a PC job. This dialog box contains the items displayed in common, and also contains the ...
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63 dialog box definitions - RhymeZone
noun: (computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user; after the ...
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64 dialog box - English-Spanish Dictionary -
Principal Translations. Inglés, Español. dialog box (US), dialogue box (UK) n, (message on computer screen), cuadro de diálogo loc nom m ...
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65 Find and Replace | Computer Applications for Managers
Replace All replaces every instance of the Find word with the Replace word. A small dialog box will appear to tell you how many replacements were made. A ...
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66 Dialog boxes - kkfscs
Question 2: What does the computer usually use to allow for this input? Answer: A dialogue box. ... (source: ...
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67 Word 2013: Dialog Box Launchers - YouTube
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68 Client: Dialog box window does not appear (is hidden) and ...
In iGrafx 2009 and later: Reset your window layout. · Get the dialog box visible again, either by setting your resolution higher, or displaying on multiple ...
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69 Dialog Boxes – Microsoft Excel Shortcuts - GoSkills
In Excel, a dialog box is a form that can help you add information and make decisions about different aspects of your current worksheet and its content such ...
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70 Dialog manager for interactive dialog with computer user
A dialog manager module accesses a dialog model, a discourse model and a domain model to render information to a computer user through the course of a ...
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71 ServiceManager - Dialog Program
The dialog program also provides access to ServiceManagers that run on other computers within the network. Therefore, you can access Windows- and UNIX-based ...
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72 Method and apparatus for performing dialog management in a ...
In general, the dialog management software is dependent upon explicit dialog definitions that are coded into the speech application. In order for the dialog to ...
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73 Preferences dialog box - Support for Finale
What it does. Noteman says: When you install a new version of Finale on your computer, Finale preferences are not copied from the previous version ...
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74 The Power of the Run Dialog for Accessing Things Quickly
The Run dialog consists of a box to type in, with Ok, Cancel, and Browse buttons. You can enter many different commands into the box, from ...
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75 'Dialog' or 'Dialogue'? - Quick and Dirty Tips ™
It seems that the computing use—the shorter spelling—again, especially in ... over into the older “those two people are talking” meaning.
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76 dialog in Kinyarwanda | Glosbe - Glosbe Dictionary
(US, computing) Informal spelling of dialogue. +9 definitions. translations dialog. + Add ...
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77 Definitions - Chapter 13
Dialog Box - A box that appears on the screen to ask for information from the user. Distribution List - An e-mail message can be sent to a group of people as ...
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78 Computer Apps Online :) Flashcards - Quizlet
allows for the definition of reusable formatting can be used to make Word documents look the same. To be more efficient in formatting tasks, it is important ...
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79 VB.Net Dialog Boxes - Great Learning
Several built-in dialogue boxes may be used in Windows forms to do various activities such as opening and saving files, printing a page, providing colour, ...
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80 Dialogue vs dialog - Grammarist
Dialog is an alternative spelling of the word dialogue that is primarily found in North America. This alternative spelling became popular in the 1980s when it ...
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81 Dialog vs. dialogue: What's the difference? - The Word Counter
According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the noun dialogue (also spelled dialog) is 'a conversation between two or more people within ...
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82 Dialog box & Launchers in Microsoft Word - DeveloperPublish
A dialog box launcher is an iconic arrow that activates various options in the ribbon menu of Microsoft Office products. The dialog box launcher brings up ...
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83 Dialogue Manager Programming Language (DMPL) - W3C
This specification defines the syntax and semantics of a dialogue manager programming language (DMPL). The user specifies the states (i.e. ...
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84 Introduction to Dialog in Android - Studytonight
A dialog is a small window that prompts the user to make a decision or enter additional information.
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85 Interaction Styles | The Glossary of Human Computer Interaction
› literature › book
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86 19730023358.pdf - NASA Technical Reports Server
A very large scale computer programming procedure called the DIALOG ... is not possible or necessarily desirable to rigidly define the topology.
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87 Windows Dialog Box - Oracle Help Center
... Viewing Server Computer Information · Viewing Essbase Cluster Information ... Area-Specific Member Mapping Dialog Box · Area Definition Dialog Box ...
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88 Dialog - Software AG Documentation
Dialogs are used in conjunction with event-driven programming when creating Natural applications for graphical user interfaces (GUIs).
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89 3 Ways to Close a Dialog Box in Microsoft Word - wikiHow Tech
This cycles through the open windows on your computer. You'll now see the next window that's open, which may be the open dialog box.
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90 What is a command-line interface (CLI)? - TechTarget
A command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based user interface (UI) used to run programs, manage computer files and interact with the computer.
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91 MATLAB uigetfile - Open file selection dialog box - MathWorks
The visual characteristics of the dialog box depend on the operating system that runs your code. For instance, some operating systems do not show title bars on ...
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92 Shaky Distinctions: A Dialogue on the Digital and the Analog
All attempts to define the digital and computing as essentially nonvisual media rely on shaky distinctions between calculation, wherein the computer is ...
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93 Dialog - introprog 1.1.0 -$.html
introprog 1.1.0 - introprog.Dialog. ... beginner-friendly utilities used in computer science teaching at Lund University. ... Definition Classes: introprog.
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94 From Chatbots to Dialog Systems - IGI Global
There are several definitions of dialog systems and chatbots in the literature ... Extending Conversational Agents for Task-Oriented Human-Computer Dialogue ...
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95 Dialogflow Documentation | Google Cloud
Provides the standard agent type suitable for small and simple agents. The following documentation is common to both CX and ES: Term, Definition. Editions ...
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96 Chatbots & Dialogue Systems - Stanford University
evaluation in which annotators look at two separate human-computer conversations. (A and B) and choose the one in which the dialogue system participant ...
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97 The Dialog Box and Dialog Box Launcher in Excel - Lifewire
A dialog box in Excel is a screen where you input information and make choices about different aspects of the current worksheet or its ...
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98 How to create a Dialogue Simulation for eLearning course
The art of dialogue is the ability to speak the language of an interlocutor. Just like any other skill, business communication can be learned.
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