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1 Do Christians Believe In Dinosaurs? The Complete Answer
Christians do believe that dinosaurs existed because of archeological and biblical evidence. The Bible mentions dinosaur-like creatures in ...
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2 When Did Dinosaurs Live? - Answers in Genesis
The Bible states that God made the land animals, including dinosaurs, on Day Six ( Genesis 1:24–25 ), so they date from around 6,000 years ago.
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3 Can Christians Believe in Dinosaurs? - ThoughtCo
The short answer is: you can't. Today, most reputable scientists have a policy of not engaging in debates with fundamentalists about the fossil ...
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4 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? - NewSpring Church
The Bible doesn't specifically address dinosaurs, when they existed, or how they became extinct. The closest examples of dinosaur-like creatures are translated ...
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5 Do Christians believe in dinosaurs? - Quora
No, the overwhelming majority of Christians are fully aware that the planet was once full of dinosaurs. This is the official teaching of the major Christian ...
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6 The God Squad: Where do dinosaurs fit into faith?
Young-Earth creationists believe that the world was, indeed, created in just seven days some 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. This falls 4.5 billion ...
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7 Pastor Column: Bible tells truth about dinosaurs
According to the Bible, dinosaurs must have been created by God on the sixth day of creation. Genesis 1:24 says, “And God said, Let the earth ...
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8 At the evangelical Creation Museum, dinosaurs lived ...
Adam, Eve and the dinosaurs. Evangelical Christians make up approximately 25% of the U.S. population. A majority of them think the Bible should ...
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9 Dinosaurs and Christianity
Some Christians believe that dinosaur fossils are a ploy by Satan to deceive us, or that they were created by God to test our faith. Others believe that ...
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10 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? - Premier NexGen
Some Christians believe the world was created in seven literal days. According to Genesis, God made land animals and humans on the same day. This doesn't allow ...
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11 What Does the Bible Say about Dinosaurs? - Christianity
Some Christians argue dinosaurs could not have existed because God would not create such creatures that could wreak havoc upon human civilization.
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12 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? -
Those who believe in an older age for the earth tend to agree that the Bible does not mention dinosaurs, because, according to their ...
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13 Do Dinosaurs Disprove the Bible? - Cold Case Christianity
Why aren't they mentioned specifically as part of God's creation? It is true there don't appear to be any references to dinosaurs in the Biblical record ( ...
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14 What Should I Say about Dinosaurs? A Christian Physicist ...
Yes. The development of the first life on Earth is and was highly improbable, and scientists still cannot satisfactorily account for its beginning. Christians ...
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15 Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? A Christian Response - Program Director Chris Carpenter recently sat down with Isaacs to discuss why he believes the dragons of the Bible are indeed dinosaurs, the powerful ...
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16 Were There Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? - The Atlantic
The cleverest creationists don't deny the historicity of dinosaurs; they simply argue that they were alive at the start of the Flood, which, by ...
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17 What Do Christians Believe About Dinosaurs?
› what-do-...
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18 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? -
Dinosaurs were created by God, possibly even taken onto the ark, but died thereafter. Are dinosaurs real? Those who have collected dinosaur remains in the ...
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19 We creationists don't have to envision baby dinosaurs on the ...
The mental gymnastics required to do so while taking the Bible ... Creationists estimate 50 to 60 “kinds” of dinosaurs existed at the time ...
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20 Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids' heads with ... - CNET
The group in question is called Christians Against Dinosaurs. ... the Christians Against Dinosaurs Ministry, exclaimed: "I for one do not ...
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21 What does the Church believe about dinosaurs?
What does the Church believe about dinosaurs? ... Did dinosaurs live and die on this earth long before man came along? There have been no revelations on this ...
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22 According to the Bible, When Were the Dinosaurs Created?
If these were solar days, then human beings were contemporaries of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs would have had to have lived at the same time as humans because they ...
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23 Why do people think dinosaurs are a myth? - Raven Report
Such evidence as that before the 1800s, nobody knew that dinosaurs existed. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, large deposits of dinosaurs ...
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24 What do die hard Christians think about dinosaurs? Do they ...
Having met people like this, the hard core Christians believe since dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the Bible, they never existed. And dinosaur ...
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25 Texans: Dinosaurs, Humans Walked the Earth at Same Time
Nearly a third of Texans believe humans and dinosaurs roamed the ... and the length of time that living things have existed on earth are ...
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26 Can Christians believe in dinosaurs?
It is relatively difficult to find Christians that deny dinosaurs existed at all, but it is easy to find groups that deny they roamed the earth ...
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27 Chapter 19 What about dinosaurs? - Calvary Chapel of Boston
For starters, Christians believe in a Creator, and that ... claiming that dinosaurs never existed—but such claims are completely.
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28 God and dinosaurs: Do they contradict? - The Jerusalem Post
Jun 3, 2021 —
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29 Do Christians Believe In Dinosaurs? [2 Views]
Christians believe dinosaurs exist because of biblical and archeological evidence. In the Bible, there are references to dinosaur-like creatures mentioned in ...
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30 Dinosaurs and the Bible - Christian Courier
If dinosaurs existed 200 million years before Adam and Eve it does not present any problem to a literal understanding of the Genesis record (Clayton n.d., 16).
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31 What Does the Bible Say - What Happened to the Dinosaurs?
What the Bible Says: Dinosaurs first existed 6000 years ago. Dinosaurs were created by God in their specific form on Day 6 of the creation ...
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32 Do Christians believe dinosaurs and cavemen existed?
The Bible also says that the animals were created before humans. Therefore, some have suggested the idea that dinosaurs were before man, and ...
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33 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? - Ministry Magazine
› archive › 2009/12
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34 Dinosaurs: - Southern Adventist University
Why, then, would we think he could create something as grand as a dinosaur? Other Adventists believe that dinosaurs were the product of amalgamation. Ellen ...
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35 Did Humans Live with Dinosaurs? - Creation Museum
We can see that dinosaurs still existed during the time of Noah's Flood because we find dinosaur fossils today that were formed when conditions were right ...
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36 Young Earth creationism - Wikipedia
Its primary adherents are Christians and Jews who believe that God created the Earth in six literal days, in contrast with old Earth creationism (OEC), ...
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37 What about the Dinosaurs? - Reasons to Believe
Some Christians assert that the Bible does speak of dinosaurs. They see the “behemoth” and “leviathan” of Job 40–41 as references to such ...
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38 So called age of dinosaurs - Creation Ministries
› so-called-age-of-dinosaurs
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39 What Does the Bible Say About Dinosaurs? Are There ...
Now, take those children raised in a Christian home, and the questions can stump the smartest, most well-versed Bible scholar. When it comes to dinosaurs ...
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40 Should Christians Believe in Dinosaurs and Cavemen?
Episode 275 Show Notes From the Show Of course, dinosaurs existed. It's going to take someone a lot of imagination and stubbornness to say ...
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41 "How Do Dinosaurs Fit Into the Bible?" - Probe Ministries
From an old earth perspective, dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period and so there is no reinterpreting of ...
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42 I Grew Up Believing The Earth Was Flat And Dinosaurs Were ...
My radical Christian upbringing made me believe I was fighting a ... Our headteacher would praise God rapturously, swaying at the piano.
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43 Did God Create Dinosaurs? - Christianity FAQ
Christians who interpret the first chapter of Genesis as a literal record of history believe that God created dinosaurs on the 6th day of creation. Dinosaurs, ...
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44 What Do You Say When Kids Ask About Dinosaurs?
If the answer is that the dinosaurs lived before Adam and Eve, then it follows that all words and sentences in the first three chapters of ...
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45 to ask Christians about dinosaurs... - Mumsnet
Most Christians believe in evolution so dinosaurs are not an issue for them . It's only those who believe the Bible is literal truth and that ...
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46 Is it true that fundamentalist Christians (i.e. Baptists) don't ...
I have always considered myself to be a Christian, but I have never doubted that dinosaurs didn't exist. What do you think about all of this ...
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47 Dinosaurs and the Bible - Geoscience Research Institute
› dinosaurs-and-the-bible-1
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48 Dinosaurs and the Age of the Earth: What Does the Bible Say?
Again, this depends entirely on which view of the earth's age a Christian believes. If they believe in creationist evolutionism or even Old ...
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49 Conspiracy Theory Week: Dinosaurs Never Existed?
A good bulk of the conversation is religiously motivated. Many people cite Christianity as a reason they don't think dinosaurs existed, as well ...
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50 Dinosaurs and the Bible - Shocking Evidence! - Jonathan Park
› blogs › journal › dino...
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51 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs and cavemen?
Dinosaurs have existed on planet earth since the fifth and sixth days of God's creation (Genesis 1:20-31). These creatures were extremely large as was the rest ...
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52 How could Jesus have let the dinosaurs die? - UnHerd
Yet without Christianity, it is unlikely that dinosaurs would ever have been identified as prehistoric creatures many millions of years old, ...
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53 I Believe Dinosaurs Existed, The Earth Is Old, Adam And Eve ...
However, I do believe there is a foolishness in the christian faith that we cannot escape. You sign up for that foolishness once you make Jesus ...
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54 Dinosaurs - WELS
... various dinosaurs did indeed exist. And we're well aware that some Christians are reluctant to accept this evidence because they think ...
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55 When were dinosaurs created and are they mentioned in ...
The Bible says that God created all things. This would include dinosaurs on day 6 in Genesis 1:21, 25 (“great sea creatures” and “beasts of the ...
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56 How do I explain dinosaurs to my child?
› bible-answers › how-...
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57 Do Dinosaurs Pre-Date Adam And Eve? - Bible Answers
Yet we may be surprised to learn that several centuries ago scientists did believe in dinosaurs, an ancient earth and in creation week.
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58 What are Christians' Views on Cavemen and Dinosaurs? - Patch
Dear Pastor Andy, do Christians think cavemen, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures existed? I wonder, since obviously most don't ...
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59 Young-earth Believers Claim Planet is Just 6,000 Years Old ...
Tom Meyer, who is a professor of Bible studies said that several evidence shows that humans in fact did co-exist with dinosaurs around 6,000 ...
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60 At the Beginning of the World: Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the ...
The crux of Dinosaurs and the Bible hinged on the idea that since God created everything in six literal days about 10,000 years ago, dinosaurs ...
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61 With a Little Help from My (Dinosaur) Friends
Dinosaurs of course existed (we can view their re-assembled skeletons in museums), but—whatever. The truth (or otherwise) of the Christian Faith ...
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62 What the Bible Says About Dinosaurs - Answers TV Blog
Evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything else to convince people that the secular gospel of millions of years is true.
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63 Did dinosaurs exist? | By Mark Driscoll - Facebook
› ... › Mark Driscoll › Videos
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64 Can religious teachings prove evolution to be true? - BBC
But if just eight “kinds” of dinosaur existed, then that means that ... A Christian sees God's hand in those laws while an atheist does not.
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65 My Discussion with an Atheist
One of the big problems I have with Christian thinking is that God ... John: So do you believe God created dinosaurs 6000 years ago with ...
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66 Dinosaur deniers - The Geological Society
Did dinosaurs really exist? Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan examines the evidence. "I'm really concerned about dinosaurs, and I think something ...
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67 The purpose of dinosaurs: Extinction and the goodness of God
If God is both the author and lover of creation, why would God develop ... difficulties for Christians as they think about extinction.
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68 Dinosaurs Existed, The Earth Is Old, Adam And Eve Weren't ...
I Believe Dinosaurs Existed, The Earth Is Old, Adam And Eve Weren't Real People—And That's Okay! The Christian Faith I grew up with was a pass-fail proposition.
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69 What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? - 2
There are no mentions of dinosaurs, most notably in the creation story. For those who hold to creation being seven “time periods” rather than ...
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70 Episode 42 – Where Do Dinosaurs Fit In A Biblical Timeline?
Just a quick summary. I think dinosaurs fit very well in the place where modern paleontologists put them: far in the past, about 225 million ...
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71 Mormonism and science/Dinosaurs - FAIR - FairMormon
Source:New Era:Feb 2016:What does the Church believe about dinosaurs? ... have even concluded that dinosaurs never existed on this world, and that the bones ...
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72 Dinosaurs and the Bible - Geeks Under Grace
These creatures would have included dinosaurs. ... As Christians we are not bound to the need for naturalistic explanations and should not ...
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73 What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs? - AshokStambh
7 Can Fundamentalist Christians Believe In Dinosaurs? ... would emerge, and the idea that dinosaurs and humans co-existed may be acceptable.
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74 Critical analysis of article "21 Reasons to Believe the Earth is ...
Jeff Miller. Why would Christians think that God the Creator who has existed from eternity past and who will exist forever into the future is ...
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75 Why does Genesis not mention dinosaurs?
This is simply NOT a Christian issue and should be left where it belongs, which is in the hands of science. I believe that if life existed ...
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76 What Does the Fossil Record Show? - Common Question
Some Christians today believe that all fossils were laid down several thousand years ago in Noah's Flood (Gen 6-9). If this were the case, ...
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77 Most Interesting Theories About Dinosaurs From Creationists
Dinosaurs existed before Adam and Eve - Others who believe the day in Genesis refers to an Age or a period of time of thousands or even ...
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78 Christians Against Dinosaurs - Urban Dictionary
But you believe your IQ is much higher than average. ... They are smart enough to know dinosaurs existed yet not intelligent enough to recognize the ...
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79 What Does the Bible Say about Dinosaurs? - FaithGateway
It is argued that these footprints in stone prove that the world is six thousand years old and therefore dinosaurs existed contemporaneously with human ...
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80 Religious-Era, serious: what do you think of Dinosaurs? | Page 2
Although, I should say they do believe in dinosaurs, ... Not that they don't exist but in Christianity the story of genesis and stuff ...
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Based on the result, once Christians believe and understand the Bible ... The purpose of this article is to suggest that when one does start ...
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82 What About Dinosaurs? - Lighten Group
What do we think something like the account in Genesis, ... I think my short answer would be: Dinosaurs existed and I am waiting for the ...
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83 What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs?
According to evolutionists; Dinosaurs first evolved around 235 million years ago long before man evolved. No human being ever lived with ...
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84 How Do Dinosaurs Fit Into The Bible? - Preach It, Teach It
In recorded history, which begins about 6,000 years ago (when writing was first developed) there is no mention of dinosaurs on the earth. Frankly, from a ...
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Because secularists believe that, since the first human ancestors evolved 5-7 ... There is no evidence that feathered dinosaurs existed – there is no ...
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86 Poes, Trolls, and Dinosaur Deniers - Skeptic Magazine
Donald Prothero considers the Christians Against Dinosaurs website, and reflects ... The science behind them is pretty flimsy, and I for one do not want my ...
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87 This Christian Parent Wants to Make Dinosaurs Extinct — Again
Please, do what you can to get dinosaurs taken off the curriculum. Our school has been recently presented with a 214-signature petition, and ...
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88 Are Dinosaurs in the Bible? - Learn Religions
So, while Christians have trouble agreeing on the timeline and extinction period of dinosaurs, most believe they existed. It doesn't require too ...
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89 Dinosaurs and the Bible -
Does Scripture account for the age of reptiles? ... the Bible as some mythical text that weaves a tale of a world much younger than they believe to exist.
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90 Dinosaurs and the Bible - Clarifying Christianity
Dinosaurs are in the Bible, but it does not use the names invented since it was written. We examine bible text and the related scientific facts.
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91 Dinosaurs, humans coexist in U.S. creation museum | Reuters
For them, a museum showing Christian schoolchildren and skeptics alike how the earth, animals, dinosaurs and humans were created in a ...
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92 Why doesn't the Bible mention the Dinosaurs?
Evolutionists say dinosaurs lived, died, and became extinct at least 60 million years before man evolved. Others believe God created all living ...
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93 What is the Catholic Position on Creationism and Evolution?
"one should not try to defend the Christian faith with arguments that are so ... If dinosaurs co-existed with man, one would think the Bible would be rift ...
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94 Dinosaurs - Lutheran Science Institute
There is absolutely no reason for the Christian to be bothered by dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are some of God's amazing creatures. Even though there are countless ...
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95 Why do some people think dinosaurs don't exist? - Dinopedia
Robertsc wrote: The only problem I see are creationists, christians and anyone else like that. They are too stupid to even believe in a ...
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96 The Prehistoric World Vs. Genesis |
A common religious view is that the Bible says the Earth is 6,000 years old. The dinosaurs were wandering around with man, but were killed off ...
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