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1 Where To Get Your Perfect Cell Line - Bitesize Bio
You can also buy cell lines from well-known life science brands such as Sigma or Thermo Fisher. [5] These companies typically have smaller ...
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2 Cell Products - ATCC
ATCC has the world's largest and most extensive product catalog of human and animal cell lines for research purposes. The cell biology ...
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3 Cell Line Products - AMSBIO
Ready-to-use cell lines including receptor, ion channel, cell signaling, phosphodiesterase, and CRE recombinase lines. Get your quality products here!
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4 Cell Lines | Fisher Scientific
Browse a full range of Cell Lines products from leading suppliers. Shop now at Fisher Scientific for all of your scientific needs.
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5 Cell Lines | Thermo Fisher Scientific
Expi293F human cells are derived from the 293 cell line, and are a core component of the Expi293 Expression System. They are maintained in ...
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6 Purchase Human Tumor Cell Lines - AcceGen
› category › human-tumor-ce...
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7 Cell Lines Companies - Labome
Other suppliers include Lonza [24], MilliporeSigma [17], University of California, Berkeley Cell Culture Facility [25], Cell Biologics [26], CH3 BioSystems [27] ...
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8 Cells & Tissue Samples - Kerafast
Cells & Tissue Samples. Filter X. Your Selection. Product Type. Bacteria. (17). Buffer or Chemical. (1). Cell Line. (364). Tissue Sample.
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9 Human Cell Lines - Biocompare
Human cell lines are immortalized cells propagated in vitro from primary explants of human tissue or body fluid. The use of human cell cultures ...
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10 Cell Line Panels | Crown Bioscience
Choosing the correct cell lines to use for in vitro evaluation of your novel agents is fast and easy with Crown Bioscience's comprehensive services.
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11 Cell Lines - BPS Bioscience
Cell lines are extremely useful tools for the study of protein interactions, gene activation, cell signaling, viral infection, cell-to-cell communication, ...
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12 Collection of Reporter Cell Lines from InvivoGen
InvivoGen provides an expanding collection of human and mouse cell lines in which specific genes are over-expressed or knocked out. InvivoGen's cell lines are ...
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13 Stable Cell Line Products-GenScript
GenScript offers a large product portfolio of GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines used in cell-based assay for compound screening.
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14 Cell Lines - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
Cell lines are cultures of animal cells that can be propagated repeatedly and sometimes indefinitely. They arise from primary cell cultures. Primary cultures ...
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15 Cell lines Reference Materials | LGC Standards
Cell lines are immortalised or transformed cells used for biological experiments and research. A variety of cell lines for different ...
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16 Cell lines - PMC - NCBI
Cell lines are often used in place of primary cells to study biological processes. However, care must be taken when interpreting the results as cell lines ...
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17 From Donor to the Lab: A Fascinating Journey of Primary Cell ...
Primary cancer cell lines are ex vivo cell cultures originating from resected tissues during biopsies and surgeries. Primary cell cultures ...
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18 Cell Culture Facility | Biosciences Divisional Services
If you order cells from ATCC, you can deposit them with the Cell Culture Facility. We can expand your cell line and store multiple vials in our Facility. If you ...
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19 Stable cell lines - Premade In stock - Gentarget
› product-category › pre-m...
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20 Cell Lines and Primary Cells - - DiscoverX
Cell lines are derived or engineered from primary cells and can be propagated repeatedly and kept in culture for longer periods of time. These cells provide the ...
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21 Engineered cell lines - Horizon Discovery
Engineered cell lines. Human HAP1 KO and cancer cell models. CRISPR-ready Cas9 & dCas9 stable cells. Horizon ...
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22 Cell Lines | PerkinElmer
Stable, recombinant AequoScreen® cell line expressing aequorin and the Prokineticin recetpor 2 (PKR2), hum... Receptor-expressing cell ...
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23 Cell Lines | Fox Chase Cancer Center - Philadelphia, PA
› about-us › licensing › cellli...
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24 Explainer: What is a Cell Line? | Research Square
Consider what type of cell line(s) the researchers used. ... For example, do the researchers use breast cancer cell lines for a study on ...
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25 Cell Line Authentication Resources
Human cultured cell lines are used in many biomedical research and clinical applications, including cancer research, drug discovery, genetics and biobanking ...
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26 Learn: cell lines - The Human Protein Atlas
› learn › cellines
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27 Evaluating cell lines as tumour models by comparison of ...
The Broad-Novartis Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) contains genomic profiles of around 1,000 cell lines that are used as models for various ...
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28 Cell Lines - HMS LINCS Database
› cells
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29 Cell lines Project - Home Page - COSMIC
Cell Lines Project v96, released 31-MAY-22. COSMIC, the Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer, is the world's largest and most comprehensive resource for ...
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30 Cell lines and lysates - Abcam
Our portfolio of cell lines and lysates includes CRISPR knockouts, iPSC-derived neurons, along with standard cell lysates from a range of species and ...
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31 Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) - Broad Institute
For example, at the time of the discovery of EGFR mutations in lung cancer, EGFR inhibitors had been developed using a single cell line, A549 as the EGFR- ...
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32 The Hidden World of Cell Lines - ICLAC
Key cell line information is available using Cellosaurus [24]; always look up a cell line there before you work with it. Credits. Financial support for the ...
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33 WSU Heme-Onc Cell Lines - BioIVT
Hematological oncology related immortalized cell lines for research use. ... HUMANWSU-0003029Human WSU AML Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line Cryopreserved
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34 Cell Line Choice | Life Science Research | MilliporeSigma,nav
Primary cell lines, being extracted directly from tissue, are often an attractive choice in live cell analysis because they are presumably closer to their ...
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35 Cell Lines - Rockland Immunochemicals
Facilitate your melanoma research using well-characterized cell lines for ... of novel cancer therapeutics with Rockland's preclinical tumor cell lines.
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36 Cell Types - Applied Biological Materials
Can't find the cells you are looking for? Contact us at [email protected]. Have cell lines you would like to license? Contact us at [email protected].
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37 10x WGS of Livestock Cell Lines Mapped to Cattle - USDA ARS
To view DNA sequence data for a cell line: · Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney Cells (MDBK) mapped to ARS-UCD1. · Cells Resistant to Infection with Bovine ...
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38 CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH
Rigorous monitoring, quality control and cell authentications ensure that your cells are what they are supposed to be – free of contaminations and with a ...
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39 Human Cell Line Authentication Services - Eurofins Genomics
Cell Line Authentication - Certified and Accredited Authentication Service · Order your barcodes in advance · Label your samples and benefit from secure sample ...
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40 Fixing problems with cell lines - Science
Some research institutes are urging all their scientists to fingerprint new cell lines as soon as they arrive in the lab and periodically thereafter.
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41 Oncology Cell Lines & Assays - Labcorp Drug Development
› ... › Preclinical
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42 Cell Line Products Company - Elabscience
A cell line is a cell culture developed from a single cell and therefore consisting of cells with a uniform genetic makeup. Cell line allow us to dissect ...
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43 Media for Cancer Cell Lines - PromoCell
Xeno-free media for culturing cancer cell lines as tumorspheres or adherent cultures.
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44 Deposit Cell Lines - WiCell
Shipping and customs paperwork: As the earliest distributor of human pluripotent stem cell lines, WiCell is well versed in the intricacies of efficiently ...
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45 Cell Lines Search our database! - tebu-bio,_Media_%3B_Fractions/Cell_Lines
› ... › Cells, Media & Fractions
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46 Proprietary Cell Lines | INCELL
INCELL has established cell lines that are used for testing and research studies. These cells are obtained through an entity signing a Cell Licensing and ...
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47 Multiple Cell Lines from the Same Individual - Coriell Institute
Typically, fibroblast, melanocyte and/or keratinocyte cell lines are available from each individual foreskin. Cell type identification of each cell line was ...
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48 Available Cell Lines - The Progeria Research Foundation
In our continued efforts to find the cure for Progeria, the Progeria Research Foundation releases documentation on available cell lines.
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49 Find a Cell Line - Charles River Laboratories
ChanTest Cell Lines. Charles River scientists have pioneered ion channel research for nearly 20 years, creating more than 120 functionally validated assays and ...
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50 OncoSpot™ Cancer Biomarker Mutant Cell Lines | Genecopoeia
Don't see the mutant cell line you want? We also offer custom cell line service. Please contact us at [email protected], or call 866-360-9531 or 301-762- ...
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51 Cell Line Distribution - The Rockefeller University
Send all inquires to [email protected] and we will reply within 1 business day indicating if we carry the cell line and how much it will cost. Antibody and ...
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52 Cell Line Engineering - Analytical Biological Services
We can provide you with state-of-the-art cell line engineering and production services. Our teams can disrupt or knock out genes, add or knock in DNA ...
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53 New Human Tumor Cell Lines | SpringerLink
There has been a feeling of frustration among many investigators trying to establish cell lines of human tumor cells. Numerous unsuccessful attempts ...
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54 Cell Lines as Biological Models: Practical Steps for More ...
Cell lines are popular in research laboratories because they are widely available and easy to handle, provided the user has access to ...
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55 Stem-cell line - Wikipedia
Stem cell lines are derived from either animal or human tissues and come from one of three sources: embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, or induced stem ...
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56 Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines - Cell Biolabs, Inc.
Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines ; Human, +++, N.S. ; Mouse, +++, +++ ; Rat, +++, +++ ; Monkey, +++, N.S. ...
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57 3 Cancer Cell lines on 2 sequencers – Bioinformatics
Pipeline. The cell lines were processed through NYGC's Somatic Pipeline, summarized here: ... Cell line, SNV/indel, CNV, SV, SV high confidence.
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58 Choosing the right cell line for breast cancer research
The first human cell line was established in a Baltimore laboratory over 50 years ago by George Gey [ · The first breast cancer cell line to be ...
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59 Cell Line Development, Single Cell Sorting - Molecular Devices
The process of developing stable cell lines often starts with transfecting selected host cells, typically CHO or HEK 293 cells, with desired plasmids. After ...
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60 Cell Lines and Hybridomas - Culture Collections
Cell Lines and Hybridomas ... The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) has a range of cell line collections grouped according to the type of ...
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Cell Line. After the first subculture, the primary culture becomes known as a cell line or subclone. Cell lines derived from primary cultures have a limited ...
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62 Cell Line Services - Stanford Medicine
Other cell line services ; Mouse and Human ES cells expansion, Mouse ES cell/ips cell expansion, from one frozen vial to expand to 20 vials. Mouse: $503.1/vial.
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63 Cell Line and PDX Identification - Childhood Cancer Repository
(1) Select the cell line(s)/PDXs by clicking each check box next to the cell line name. (2) Fill out the institutional or commercial/industry information at the ...
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64 Catch Cross-Contamination Early: Authenticate Your Cell Lines!
Why is cell line authentication important and how can you ensure the cells you are working with are everything they are supposed to be?
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65 Human and Animal Cell Lines - the Leibniz Institute DSMZ
Prior to accessioning in the public cell culture collection, the cell lines are tested and characterized in depth to meet the highest quality standards. Each ...
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66 Stable Cell Line Services - System Biosciences
If you don't see the cell line service you need below, don't hesitate to contact us with your project needs—our scientific team is available to deliver ...
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67 4DN Consortium Recommended Cell Lines | 4D Nucleome
Tier 2 | a large set of cells based on popular usage for specific projects. Cell line's names will access more information from the 4DN Data Portal, including ...
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68 Request iPSC Cell Lines | RBK - ReBuilding A Kidney
Cell lines are stored in the RBK iPSC repository at Washington University's Kidney Translational Research Center (KTRC). The process for requesting a cell line ...
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69 Cell line Definition and Examples - Biology Online Dictionary
(Science: cell culture) a cell line is a permanently established cell culture that will proliferate indefinitely given appropriate fresh ...
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70 Cellosaurus - Expasy
Cellosaurus, a cell line database, cell line catalogue, cell line ontology. ... SKY karyotypes of epithelial cancer cell lines. Download
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71 Cell Line Info — The PRISM Lab
PRISM cell lines largely overlap with and reflect the diversity of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia cell lines. We also have a large number of pediatric ...
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72 Request Cell Lines | Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative
PPMI cell lines may be requested for biomarker discovery work. In addition, investigators interested in conducting research in other neurodegenerative disease ...
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73 GIST Cell Line Experiments | Center for Cancer Research
Pictured on the right is a plate that contains a tumor cell line (Picture 1). The pen is there to help provide a sense of the size of the plate.
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74 Cell Line Catalog - ALLEN CELL EXPLORER
Our cell lines are available through Coriell as the Allen Cell Collection and the plasmids are available from Addgene. For ease of access, links to both of ...
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75 Mammalian Cell Lines - GMP-Creative Biolabs
The most widely used non-human mammalian cell lines include CHO, mouse myeloma cell lines (e.g. NS0, SP2/0), rat myeloma cell line (e.g. YB2/0), BHK, etc. Human ...
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76 ATCC Cell Line Land - Bioinformatics Software and Services
ATCC Cell Line Land is a continually growing database of cell line 'omics data from both common and novel human and mouse cell lines and primary tissues and ...
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77 Cell Cultures - Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation
Developing ACC cell lines that grow robustly and retain key biomarkers over time in culture has been challenging but there have been recent successes.
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78 What is a Stem Cell Line & Its Purpose in Genetic Research?
A stem cell line is essentially a group of stem cells that is cultured for various purposes using in-vitro methods. Stem cell lines are commonly used in genetic ...
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79 Limited Time Offer: Knockout Cell Lines Only - Cyagen
For a limited time, get your knockout cell line for only $5,599. ... Firstly, confirm the optimal electroporation parameters, then transfect the vector into cells ...
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80 Cell Line Catalog - Drosophila Genomics Resource Center
› cells › Catalog
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81 Cancer Cell Lines - Cancerrxgene
› celllines
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82 Cell Lines and Cultures | For Detection and Diagnosis - Quidel
Learn more about our cell line services and culture media: continuous cell lines, primary animal cells, and/or cells on demand for virus detection.
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83 Cell Lines Catalogue - NIBSC
Cell lines catalogue. As a not-for-profit Government-funded institute, the UK Stem Cell Bank holds all UK-derived human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines, ...
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84 Stable Cell Line Services - Creative Biolabs
Creative Biolabs has comprehensive development capability to offer various stable cell line services. With our elegant gene screening and amplification ...
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85 Luciferase, iRFP, eGFP, NIS Cell Lines - Imanis Life Sciences
In addition to ensuring sterility, each cell line undergoes rigorous testing for reporter gene expression, so you get only the best reporter-expressing cell ...
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86 Custom Cell Line Development Services - Eurofins Discovery
Our FlexLab custom services give you the flexibility to choose from CHO, HEK, our proprietary Chem-1 host, rat hematopoietic adherent cell line or provide your ...
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87 Cells - VWR
VWR offers a broad range of cells for research applications. Cells, cell lines, stem cells, and cell lysates are available from a variety of species and in ...
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88 Custom Engineered Cell Lines - Cellecta
Cellecta offers services to make cell lines with targeted gene knockouts or containing specific knock-in sequences. The approach for each project can vary ...
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89 Cell Culture & Lines | Cellular Screening Center
The CSC houses a fully operational tissue culture facility capable of handling a large number of cell lines at any one point in time.
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90 Stable Cell Lines - Abeomics
Stable cell lines are vital laboratory tools that can be utilized for the expression of a target protein. Stable cell lines might be ...
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91 Available Cell Lines - Boyce Thompson Institute
All listed cell lines are the property of BTI. All listed cell lines are available for Research Use Only under MTA and for commercial licensing. Please contact ...
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92 Cell Line Authentication | Arizona Genetics Core
Contamination and misidentification of commercial cell lines can jeopardize your research. Cell line authentication can ensure the quality of your work by ...
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93 General cell lines (RCB) | Cell Engineering Division
The cell lines available from the RIKEN BRC Cell Bank are listed on the website and catalog. Cell Search ...
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94 The costs of using unauthenticated, over-passaged cell lines
Increasing data demonstrate that cellular cross-contamination, misidentified cell lines, and the use of cultures at high-passage levels ...
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95 Cell Lines That Synthego Can Edit
We can edit a variety of human and mouse cell lines. To see if we can supply the cell line and have already optimized it, please search for ...
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