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1 1685 - Wikipedia
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2 What Happened In History Year 1685 - EventsHistory
Historical Events for the Year 1685 · 6th February » James II of England and VII of Scotland becomes British monarchy e.g King upon the death of his brother ...
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James II of England and VII of Scotland becomes King upon the death of his brother Charles II. (6. February 1685) René-Robert Cavelier establishes Fort St.
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4 What Happened In 1685 - Hisdates.Com
Wednesday, 23 November 2022 ... Jan 06 Malachias Siebenhaar, composer, dies at 68 in the year 1685. ... Feb 02 Charles II, King of England/Scotland/Ireland (1660-85) ...
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5 Key Events 1685-1688 Flashcards - Quizlet
February 1685. Death of Charles II, James II becomes monarch · June 1685. The Monmouth Rebellion was defeated · 1685. James used a personal dispensation to allow ...
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6 The Battle of Sedgemoor, 1685 - Historic UK
The Monmouth Rebellion of the summer of 1685 was an attempt to seize the crown of England by James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, from his uncle the Catholic King ...
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7 James II (r.1685-1688) - The Royal Family
Fear of Catholicism was widespread (in 1685, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes which gave protection to French Protestants), and the possibility of a ...
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8 American History Timeline 1675-1700 - ThoughtCo
1685. February: Charles II dies and his brother the Duke of York becomes King James II. March: Increase Mather is named Acting ...
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9 Charles II | Biography, Accomplishments, & Facts | Britannica
As a result of these actions, Charles, who died in February 1685 at ... by some historians to be the most important of his redeeming features, although, ...
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10 Historical/Cultural Timeline - 1700s - University of Houston
› timeline
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11 Major Events in the World During 1650-1800 - plaza
1663--Eight proprietors are granted Carolina in the New World by Charles II 1670--Secret treaty between Charles II and Louis XIV (Treaty of Dover)
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12 The Texas History Timeline – 50 Events that Shaped Texas
February 18, 1685 – Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle established Fort St. Louis at Matagorda Bay, and formed the basis for France's claim to ...
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13 King James II ( 1685 - 1688 ) - British Royal Family History
1685, Rebellion of the Earl of Argyll in Scotland designed to place the Duke of Monmouth, Charles II's illegitimate son, on the throne is crushed and Argyll is ...
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14 APUSH Timeline of Important Events
APUSH Timeline of Important Events ... 1685. New York = colony. -Pennsylvania William Penn Quaker ... -address actions to grievances such as boycotts.
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15 17th century: c. 1600 - 1700 - Oxford Reference
Year, Event. c. 1600 ... Colonists establish the first lasting British settlement in the new world, at Jamestown. Go to Jamestown in World Encyclopedia (1 ...
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16 Historical Chronology: Key Events in 17th Century (1603-1688)
King Charles II (1660-1685): Officially Anglican but tolerant of Catholics; had a Catholic wife and converted to Catholicism on his deathbed. House of Commons: ...
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17 History of the World - By Date (1500 to 1700) - Luke Mastin
› history › by_date_4
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18 Key Dates | Palace of Versailles
Key Dates · The reign of Louis XIII · The reign of Louis XIV · The reign of Louis XV · The reign of Louis XVI · The 19th century · The 20th century.
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19 History - James II - BBC
This, together with James's attempts to give civic equality to Roman Catholic and Protestant dissenters, led to conflict with parliament. In 1685, James ...
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20 Explore Dates - The Portal to Texas History
Historic newspapers digitized from across the Red River. UNT Digital Library. UNT's history and scholarship, library special collections, ...
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21 Historical Outline of Restoration & 18th-C British Literature
Historical Outline of Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature * * * Alok Yadav * * · 1642-49: Civil Wars · Interregnum (1649-60) · 1660-1685: Restoration ...
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22 Public Dining in the Reign of Charles II (1630-1685)
Dining in public was an important aspect of royal display and a way of offering access to the sovereign. Important members of the court were given the ...
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23 A timeline of 17th-century Britain
The 17th-century was a tumultuous century in British history. Here, we highlight the key dates, from the Gunpowder Plot to the Great Fire of London, via the ...
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24 The Making of a Revolution? - JSTOR
of James II (1685- 1688) from the throne. Scholars have pointed to ... most important twentieth-century statement in The English Revo-.
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25 An Overview of the Historical Events During the Baroque Period
History is fascinating. The idea of so many events to have taken place over the years can be very intriguing. One of the most significant eras in history was ...
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26 October, 1685: Louis XIV Revokes the Edict of Nantes and ...
The Huguenot Church in Charleston was built in 1844, but the congregation dates to 1680. From the Collections of the South Carolina Historical ...
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27 Colonial New York Under British Rule
Important Figures. New York Attorneys General, 1684-1776. Thomas Rudyard. 1684-1685.
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28 The Glorious Revolution | National Army Museum
James, Duke of Monmouth was the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II, and a Protestant. In June 1685, he landed in Dorset and proclaimed himself king in ...
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29 The Reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715): An Overview - History
Huguenot exiles driven out of France after 1685 waged an effective propaganda campaign against Louis XIV. The war of the League of Augsburg lasted until 1697.
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30 An Introduction to Stuart England | English Heritage
His army easily defeated the rebellion (1685) of Charles's illegitimate ... but the most significant political event during her time on the throne was the ...
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31 Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - Classic FM
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was music's most sublime creative genius. ... A musical genius has combined famous classical composers in one mash-up.
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32 The Code Noir (The Black Code)
The Code noir initially took shape in Louis XIV's edict of 1685. ... master's houses or elsewhere, and especially not in major roads or isolated locations.
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33 American Revolution: Early Colonial Era - The History Place
1685 - Protestants in France lose their guarantee of religious freedom as King Louis XIV revokes the Edict of Nantes, spurring many to leave for America. 1686 - ...
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34 Definition & French Huguenots - HISTORY
› topics › france › huguenots
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35 King Charles II | The public and personal life of a British ...
Improving navigation at sea was a major challenge for 17th century ... he finally converted to Catholicism and on 6 February 1685 he passed away peacefully.
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1685: Charles II dies. James II becomes king of England. 1686: King James appoints Sir Edmund Andros as Governor of the Dominion of New England. The new ...
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37 The Glorious Revolution | Western Civilization - Lumen Learning
James II ascended the throne upon the death of his brother, Charles II, in 1685. During his short reign, he became directly involved in the political battles ...
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38 Religion, Politics, and the Glorious Revolution of 1688
Under the short rule of King James II from 6 February 1685 to 11 December 1688 ... James II only son was a major catalyst to push the events of the Glorious ...
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39 Timeline 1661-1699
› ...
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40 1660-1688 - UK Parliament
› keydates › keydates1660-88
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41 Charles II - Heritage History
Key events during the life of Charles II of England: ; 1649. Death of Charles I. Scotland declares for Charles II. ; 1651. Flees Scotland after the Royalists are ...
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42 Charles II (1630–1685), king of England, Scotland, and Ireland
In England events moved rapidly towards the trial of the king and his ... hiding from the army's search in, among other places, the famous oak tree at ...
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43 Major Events of Louis XIV's reign by Sara j - Prezi
In 1685, he canceled the Edict of Nantes. ... In response, thousands of Huguenot artisans and business people fled the country. In 1700, the king of Spain Charles ...
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44 Charles II of England - World History Encyclopedia
1660-1685) was the king of Scotland (1649-1685) before the Restoration in ... All of these actions cemented Britain's control of the eastern ...
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45 "Code Noir" (1685) - Wsu
Aradas, and it was important for me to know what happened among them, I had one of them ... extraordinary event frightened the officers and crew, who, ...
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46 Major Events in England During the Reign of King James I ...
› timelines › major-events-in...
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47 Upcoming Events with Road Closures | City of Morgan Hill, CA
Upcoming events causing road closures in Morgan Hill. ... are no road closures for this event, however, MHPD will be assisting with traffic control at major ...
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48 Handel - Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Chorale
The year 1685 was an auspicious one for baroque music, because it also saw the ... His next major undertaking would be among his very greatest: Messiah.
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49 Maryland Historical Chronology, 1600-1699
Council of deputy governors ruled Maryland in the name of child Benedict Leonard Calvert. 1685, Aug. 31. Printing press of William Nuthead (1654-1695) used at ...
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50 1640 to 1699 | Thomas Jefferson Papers, 1606-1827
› collections › articles-and-essays
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51 James II (1633–1701) - Encyclopedia Virginia
James II (1633–1701). SUMMARY. James II was king of England, Ireland, and—as James VII—Scotland from 1685 to 1688. He was the ...
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52 What important American events happened between 1685-1750 ...
1685 is the year of birth of a famous organist, Johann Sebastian Bach and the year 1750 was the year of his death.
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53 Siege Timeline | Siege Heroes Museum
An event of such importance that its outcome has shaped and continues to shape the history of both ... James II succeeds to the throne peacefully in 1685.
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54 17th Century 1600 - 1699 - Intriguing History
The 17th Century is the one that delivers Shakespeare to the world and one that a ... 1666, City of London destroyed by The Great Fire, Major Events London.
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55 Music in the Renaissance | Essay - Metropolitan Museum of Art
The rich interchange of ideas in Europe, as well as political, economic, and religious events in the period 1400–1600 led to major changes in styles of ...
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56 Timeline of Reformation History (1517-1685) - Protestantism
Jan 11, 2016 —
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57 A Timeline of 17th Century England - Local Histories
1655-1657 Rule of the Major-Generals in England. 1658 Oliver Cromwell dies. ... 1685. Charles II dies. James II (a Roman Catholic) becomes king.
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58 The Class of 1685: Bach, Handel and Scarlatti - NPR
In 1685, within a period of eight months, three master composers were born: Scarlatti, Handel and Bach. Although each was extremely ...
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59 Battle of the Boyne, 1690 -
In 1685 King James II, a Catholic, became the King of England following the death of his brother Charles II. The English wanted a Protestant king and were ...
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60 History of Mount Joy
Our story begins, once upon a time, in 1685, when Catholic James II became ... and the Scot-Irish settlers commemorated important events and individuals in ...
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61 History by Year - History of 17th century to 20th century
In this post, you can get information about important events that happened between 17th century to 2020 century and can also prepare for the upcoming ...
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62 Chronology | European Timeline - The Galileo Project
This timeline presents a chronology of religious, political, and military events in Europe. ... 1520-22, First circumnavigation of the world.
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63 The Life and Legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is one of the most influential musicians ... New York Times named him the most important composer in the history of music.
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64 Glorious Revolution Essay -
James II was king between 1685-1688 until he was dethroned by his ... The glorious revolution is a very important event in history for multiple reasons.
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65 Jacobite timeline - The National Archives
Timeline of key events during the Jacobite rebellions. MPF 1/1. Page 2. Year Month. Event. 1685 February. King Charles II died and was succeeded by his ...
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66 Music at the British Court, 1685-1715 - OpenEdition Journals
In September 1685, he instituted Catholic masses and preaching in the chapel. ... There was a multiplication of events at which music played a key role, ...
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67 Useful dates in British history - John Owen Smith
British Local History and Genealogy - useful dates timechart. ... the diocesan centre: Edict of Nantes gives Huguenots toleration in France (but see 1685) ...
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68 Life and Character of James II
His childhood was, like that of his brother, marred by the events of the English Civil ... presenting England with a modest, but important, naval victory.
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69 Johann Sebastian Bach - Facts, Children & Compositions
Born in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, on March 31, 1685 (N.S.) / March ... services and special events as well as giving music instruction.
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70 French Immigrants Who Helped Shape America - AmericansAll
When King Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685, many Protestants, especially those who were well-education and skilled, left for North America. Another ...
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71 Second Anglo-Dutch War - March 4, 1665 - CalendarZ
Events on March 4 in history. Second Anglo-Dutch War. Event. 1665Mar, 4 ... Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685) was King of Scotland from 1649 until ...
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72 Annals of North America, Being a Concise Account of the ...
1685. A ROYAL custom - house was established at Charleston , Carolina . - The proprietaries sent strict orders for the enforcement of the acts of trade ...
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73 1600-1754: Colonial Americans: Chronology
1600-1754: Colonial Americans: Chronology IMPORTANT EVENTS OF 1600-1754 Source for ... By 1685 many of these people, who had originally lived in Barbados, ...
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74 Lei Day - Honolulu.Gov
Along with Hawaiian entertainment, demonstrations, and exhibits, the celebration event will feature a lei contest exhibit showcasing some of ...
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75 the historic tun tavern and the marine corps history
The Tun Tavern in Atlantic City, NJ pays homage to The Original Tun Tavern, a brew house built by Samuel Carpenter in 1685. It was located on Philadelphia's ...
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76 Baroque (1600-1750) Timeline - Preceden
Events · Beginning of the Thirty Years' War · Pilgrims landed at Plymouth · Boston founded · First public opera house opened in Venice · Publication of the "Bay ...
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77 Glorious Revolution of 1688 | History, Timeline & Significance
What were the key events of the Glorious Revolution? ... Once James II inherited the English crown in 1685, he implemented policies that favored ...
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78 The Glorious Revolution of 1688 -
The event brought a permanent realignment of power within the English ... during the reigns of Charles II (1660-1685) and his brother James II (1685-88).
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79 Important Events in Church History: Christian History Timeline
› issues › issue-28
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80 1600–1699 (A.D.) World History - Infoplease
1600–1699 (A.D.) World History · 1600: Giordano Bruno burned as a heretic. · 1603: Ieyasu rules Japan, moves capital to Edo (Tokyo). · 1605: Cervantes's Don ...
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81 Important Events: A Book of Dates, Historical, Biographical, ...
A Book of Dates, Historical, Biographical, Political, Religious, Literary, Scientific, and Industrial ... 1666 1667 1689 1685 Monmouth beheaded , July 15 .
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82 Timeline of Line of Kings | Tower of London
Historic Royal Palaces ... to the present day, highlighting major historical events and their impact on the Line of Kings. ... In 1685 James II became King.
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83 AQA GCSE History: Restoration England, 1660-1685
You will have studied not only your nominated site but also the important events and people connected with it during the Restoration period.
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84 Johann Sebastian Bach: a detailed informative biography
He was also initiated into the art of organ playing by his famous uncle, ... Bach's arrival was clearly a major event in the musical and social world, ...
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85 Texas State History for Kids - Ducksters
1685 - The French establish Fort St. Louis and lay claim to Texas. 1718 - San Antonio is established as a Spanish mission. 1821 - Mexico gains independence from ...
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86 Using the Records of the East and West Jersey Proprietors
Important Events in New Jersey's Proprietary History ... 1685 – Court jurisdiction is established in Cape May in West Jersey. April 1685 – Fourteen local ...
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87 THE JACOBITE REBELLION OF 1745 - British Heritage Travel
The efforts of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Highlanders mark one of the most important—and ultimately tragic—moments in Scottish history.
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88 About the Baroque Period
Who were the major Baroque composers, and where were they from? What is the philosophy of Baroque ... For exclusive offers and events. © 2019 Music of the ...
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89 King Charles II - TheSchoolRun
Known amongst his people as the 'Merry Monarch', Charles II was the third Stuart King of England and reigned until his death on 6 February 1685.
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90 King Charles II - Tudors & Stuarts
King Charles II (1630-1685) was King of Britain following the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 ... Charles II is most famous for keeping many mistresses.
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91 Timeline of the Life of William Penn -
He is held at Newgate Prison two weeks before the famous trial. In this trial the jury acquitted Penn ... 1685. The king declares himself a Roman Catholic.
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92 Explanation of Events for the Timeline of the Witch Hunts
But magic and sorcery could cause impotence and destroy a marriage. Balthasar Bekker, The Enchanted World (1691): First published in Holland, ...
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93 Important Events in Church History: A selective chronological ...
Important Events in Church History: A selective chronological listing. THE FOLLOWING LIST is based on extensive ... 1598: Edict of Nantes (revoked 1685).
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94 Six Flags Over Texas - San Jacinto Museum of History
In 1685, France, which already claimed Louisiana, attempted to gain westward control. Under the direction of French explorer Robert de La Salle, France founded ...
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95 A Brief History of Industrial Psychology - Inquiries Journal
Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management and Elton Mayo's Human Relations as two historical approaches that fundamentally altered the field of industrial ...
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96 John Sassamon — Natick Historical Society
... murdered—in January 1675 was a key event leading up to the outbreak of King Philip's War. ... Natick Historical Society Collection, 1685, 2nd edition.
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97 Exclusion Crisis - The Stuart Successions Project
The Exclusion Crisis was a political episode that ran from 1679 through 1681, in the reign of Charles II (1630-1685). Charles's brother and heir apparent, ...
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