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1 Should I kill Darko Brevic in GTA 4? - Reddit
Niko killed a lot of people to gain the power to choose how it ends for Darko. Niko will feel better if he spares him but the opportunity to ...
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2 GTA IV - That Special Someone - iGrandTheftAuto
You'll find out that Darko killed Niko's friends for just one thousand dollars. Niko is furious but Roman tells him that it looks like Darko's live is ...
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3 should I kill Darko or let him alive? - GTA IV - GTAForums
Don't kill him - Roman persuades Niko that Darko has suffered enough and wants to die and decides that him living is a fate worser than ...
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4 Darko and Niko related in some way? - Grand Theft Auto IV
Darko betrayed Niko for a small amount of money only to blow it all on drugs. In order to close that chapter on his life completely Niko had to hunt down Darko ...
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5 5 times GTA 4 players had to think carefully about their choices
GTA 4 players have a choice - kill or spare Darko. If Niko decides to kill him, Darko will be shot 12 times (one bullet for each fallen ...
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6 GTA IV: Killing Darko Brevic - YouTube
Your browser can't play this video. ... GTA IV: Killing Darko Brevic ... Unknown Soldier. Roman: "Ok Niko it's over now let's go Bowling.".
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7 When it comes time to That Special Someone mission in ...
Darko Brevic even looks like Niko in many. ... is Niko's insistence that he does not want to kill, that he wants to escape from the shadow ...
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8 That Special Someone | GTA IV Mission Guide & Walkthrough
If Niko chooses to kill Darko, he will claim he feels "empty" for it. However, if Darko is spared, Niko will feel better, knowing that nothing would have ...
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9 GTA 4: The Hardest Decisions In The Game, Ranked
Niko now has to go to the Majestic Hotel to kill the Jewish gangsters. You do, however, have the option to spare one of his associates who has ...
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10 What Would Niko Do? :: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition ...
I ask because to me it makes no sense to spare Darko and then kill Dimitri out of revenge. At that point it seems like he's tried his best to put that sort of ...
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11 What are some theories of what happened to Niko Bellic after ...
Once he was done with the last mission of killing Pegorino, Roman still wanted his cousin to be part of his family. Mallorie was expecting a baby, and that ...
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12 To kill or not to kill Darko Brevic in GTA IV? [ENG-ESP] - Ecency
Niko calls him a drug addict, so Darko gets on his knees and asks Niko to kill him, while calling him a hypocrite (you start to see the point). Roman asks Niko ...
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13 GTA 4 missions with choice. Killing or pardoning Darko ...
You will have a choice - to kill Darko or give him life. This choice is especially important after Niko learns the ridiculous price of the death ...
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14 Darko Brevic - Grand Theft Wiki, the GTA wiki
Darko was a fellow soldier alongside Niko Bellic and Florian Cravic during the Yugoslav wars, and eventually sold out his squad (to enemy forces) ...
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15 Niko Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV (2008 Video Game) - IMDb
Niko Bellic : So this is what the dream feels like? ... Do you always get sentimental after you kill people? Niko Bellic ... But I want Florian and Darko.
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16 Game Walkthrough - 4th Part - GTA 4 / Grand Theft Auto IV
Darko then begs Niko to kill him as a favor for him, but Roman tells Niko to leave him be so Niko doesn't become like Darko. Now you have a choice: kill Darko ...
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17 Tear Jerker / Grand Theft Auto IV - TV Tropes
Paper contact, has finally tracked down Darko Brevic, the man who betrayed Niko's squad during the Yugoslav Wars and got his friends killed, all for a paltry ...
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18 Niko Bellic - Wikipedia
Niko Bellic is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of Rockstar North's 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV, the sixth main instalment in ...
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19 Grand Theft Auto: 10 Quotes That Prove Niko Is The Best ...
After finally finding Darko Brevic, the man who betrayed and killed Niko's squad, Niko helps Darko remember their past. This line is incredible.
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20 Kill Darko? - Grand Theft Auto IV Forum - Neoseeker
nothing happens whatever you do is just for the fun niko talks to roman how he feels after. but its up to you i like watching darko get shot ...
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21 In gta 4 should you kill darko or let him live? - Answers
If Niko does kill Darko, he executes him in quite spectacular style, in memory of all his betrayed ... You can take them on dates and kill them if you want ...
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22 GTA 4: Did You Kill Darko? - Digital Spy Forum
The man Niko was searching for all along, eventually brought into the country, ... I killed him, as I didn't like the cut of his gib.
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23 #darko brevic on Tumblr
Based off that mission where Niko meets Darko again ... Darko: How much do you charge to kill someone? ... He doesn't look like he enjoys life too much.
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24 Fanfic: Life is complicated Ch 1, Grand Theft Auto | FanFiction
He wanted nothing more than to put twelve bullets in him for the twelve lives he cost, but he stopped. He did not choose to kill him. Darko was ...
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25 Grand Theft Auto IV: 10 things you didn't know about Niko Bellic
By killing Playboy X and taking his penthouse, players can find a familiar outfit in the closet. The outfit looks like the same black leather ...
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26 GRAND THEFT AUTO IV - Mission Walkthroughs -
Darko invites Niko to kill him, because in his opinion it would be "doing him a favour." Roman advises him not to - he believes Darko should be left to ...
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27 Figure 1 Niko Bellic, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV
Although Niko Bellic can be apprehended by the Liberty City Police Department ... Choosing to kill Darko or spare his life is one of the morality choices in ...
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28 Did You Ever Notice: Roman's First Appearance in GTA IV?
This suspense of not knowing whether Roman will show at all not only relates to the physical darkness of the night, but the empty void Niko ...
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29 Does taking revenge instead of the deal in GTA IV affect the ...
Niko hunts down Rascalov. A chase ensues, and eventually, Rascalov gets what was coming to him and is killed. In addition, after the mission, ...
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30 Ending of GTA IV (big, thumping spoilers) | IGN Boards
I choose Kill Darko, Kill Dimitri, Roman dies because I thought it was most in ... Niko would have to believe that if he had just done the deal like his ...
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31 GTA IV's Story Is Better Than GTA V's - Kotaku Australia
In each mission, there are people who want to exploit Niko, mocking him for being ... “I would live through killing Darko as well, but then, ...
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32 That Special Someone - WikiGTA - WikiGTA
He will tell you they have you man, Darko Brevic. ... When you kill him, Niko will tell it has not filled the emptiness in his life, ...
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33 Should I kill darko or let him live - Grand Theft Auto 4 Questions
there is no differance between killing him and not killing him, all that changes are niko feelings. if you kill him he goes on about how he ...
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34 Canon GTA IV ending - Resident Evil Forums
There's a man/woman trying to kill you, and the people close to you. ... Niko spare's Darko, seeing that Darko is nothing but a shell and ...
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35 Untitled
Kill Francis McReary or Derrick McReary? Kill or spare Darko Brevic? Take the deal or get revenge? I know what I'd do but I wanna know what [Niko] would do.
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Killed Darko (Thought that Nico would definitely want to as well as the gay guy) Got revenge, I mean Roman was complaining about money when ...
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37 Before GTA V: 20 Greatest Achievements In Grand Theft Auto IV
Both Darko and Roman make it clear that killing him would put him out ... The intense moment when Niko shakes Darko, in a desperate attempt ...
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38 Should I kill Vlad GTA 4? -
If Darko is killed, Niko later claims he feels “empty” for killing ... then it becomes possible to call Francis to clear your wanted level.
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39 Grand Theft Auto IV: Perhaps this time things will be different
Whatever goodness remained in this flawed person was worth salvaging. To kill Darko would not change Niko's past, instead his present and future ...
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40 Bad Endings: Grand Theft Auto 4 - Disaster Year: 20XX
Niko's platoon was betrayed by one of their number and all but wiped out. ... In killing Darko I grasped at what I felt Niko wanted, ...
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41 Most Favorite GTA IV character: Niko Bellic - Medium
The only three people that survived was Darko, Florian Cravich (BernieCrane), ... If Niko wants to drink however, he does it responsibly.
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42 Ivan the Not So Terrible - GTA 4 Wiki Guide - IGN
He will drag Niko to a quiet booth where the two can talk business. Niko is ultimately coerced to execute a hit at Vlad's request, ...
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43 Messages from Liberty City (part 4) - A+E Interactive
2. Family Matters (Why does Niko Bellic like the McRearies so much?) ... Niko can’t kill Darko because that would make him a hypocrite.
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44 #Darko Brevic | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumpik
Based off that mission where Niko meets Darko again ... Darko: How much do you charge to kill someone? ... He doesn't look like he enjoys life too much.
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45 M0nesy height. Miguel Herrán. Natus Vincere Junior ...
Sal Mineo Net Worth & Salary, Are you interested to know that How Rich is Sal . ... 29122 难得一穿二 UP:丨IYukinoI丨 650 (m0NESY视角)jks niko组排 2022-8-24 ...
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46 Grim Anarchy: Mayhem of Magic - Google Books Result
Niko stands in his cell beside Darko's, but the wall between their cells has been demolished. Niko killed Darko. Darko's soul mocks me, degrades me, ...
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47 Herson nakon povlačenja ruske vojske -
Rusi odlaze, a niko ne zna šta sledi. ... This is what "Russian world" looks like: came, robbed, celebrated, killed "witnesses", ...
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48 The Grand Theft Auto 6 - Pacifist Niko Challenge - Google Books Result
If you decide to kill Darko, do it execution style so it doesn't count against you. ... You can answer Jimmy if you want to, it won't trigger a mission ...
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49 Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values through Play: ...
Also, for anyone who killed Darko instead, what dialogue is different, ... it almost seemed like Niko regrets doing all the stuff he has done in the name of ...
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50 Grim Unrest: Mayhem of Magic - Google Books Result
“Darko, what are you playing at?” Niko grumbles, turning to stare at the wall. “Why do you dislike the harpies?” Adriana asks softly, crossing over to stand ...
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U subotu je došlo do stravičnog masakra kada je naoružani napadač otvorio vatru na gej klub u Kolorado Springsu. Tom prilikom ubijeno je pet ...
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52 Untitled
My Beloved Milf Do Blowjob And Gets Cum In Mouth incredible evening feet ... b shim playing out will 13 sborrata backshots niko on can't simone share the.
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53 Sara Kern - Moja Vesna by Filmarija - Anchor
Darko Štante, 2018); Dar Fur - Vojna za vodo (r. ... Tokrat smo pred mikrofon povabili igralko Niko Rozman, ki je z nami spregovorila o ...
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54 Is it better to kill or spare Darko? - Gaming Section
Spare or kill Darko Brevic. Reward: Nothing. If Darko is killed, Niko later claims he feels « empty » for killing Darko. If Darko is spared, however, ...
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