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1 Experts Weigh In on Pentagon UFO Report - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our ...
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2 Why is a Harvard astrophysicist working with UFO buffs?
21) describes one critic who “worries that the report will unjustly legitimize UFO research” and notes that some scientists “have a record of enthusiasm for ...
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3 UFO study by NASA-selected study team kicks off | CNN
Officials at NASA selected a team of 16 scientists and experts who will delve into the mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena — ...
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4 To Catch a Flying Star: A Scientific Theory of UFOs ... To Catch a Flying Star: A Scientific Theory of UFOs: 9780912183039: John Ackerman: Books.
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5 Scientific panel concludes some UFO evidence worthy of ...
In the first independent review of UFO phenomena since 1970, a panel of scientists has concluded that some sightings are accompanied by physical evidence that ...
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6 Why science suddenly has a lot to say about UFOs and UAP
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAP, are finally able to be studied using the scientific method. The payoff could be great.
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7 Why God is Still the Best Scientific Theory to Explain Our Life ...
As crazy as it all sounds, scientists have long posited the possibility of aliens on our planet. But no alien being within the universe can ...
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8 To Catch a Flying Star: A Scientific Theory of UFO's - Goodreads
› book › show › 523500.T...
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9 How studying UFOs could lead to new scientific breakthroughs
This month, a Pentagon task force will release a long-awaited report digging into a topic typically relegated to science fiction movies and ...
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10 UFO Theory - Science | HowStuffWorks
UFO theories vary as widely in their credibility as in their imagination. Learn about theories of UFOs, aliens, spaceships, and the government.
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11 Extraterrestrial hypothesis - Wikipedia
The extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) proposes that some unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are best explained as being physical spacecraft occupied by ...
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12 Alien life is out there, but our theories are probably steering us ...
About 5 percent of all UFO sightings cannot be easily explained by weather or human technology. A physicist argues that there's compelling ...
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13 UFO Mania Is Out of Control. Please Stop.
My strong suspicion is that the number of UFO sightings that involve actual alien beings, from deep space, with the tentacles and the antennae ...
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14 Sovereignty and the UFO - SAGE Journals
by A Wendt · 2008 · Cited by 122 —
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15 Science with Sam: Do aliens exist? | New Scientist
Do aliens exist? If there is intelligent alien life out there, why haven't we heard from them yet? Or have we?
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16 Astrophysicist Says Alien UFO Theories Are Stupid - Futurism
Are aliens behind recent sightings of unexplained flying objects? Read why Astrophysicist Adam Frank isn't impressed by recent UFO theories.
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17 NASA brings standards of evidence to the search for UFOs
› newscenter › nasa-brings-st...
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18 The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: In the Debate Over UAP ...
The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: In the Debate Over UAP Origins, Scientists Wrestle With Possibilities… and Biases. As UFO interest reaches ...
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19 How UFO Sightings Went From Conspiracy Theory To ... - NPR
Have alien spacecraft been buzzing across Earth's skies? Turns out it's not just people in tinfoil hats asking that question — it's the U.S. ...
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20 Our universe was made by aliens in a lab, theorises Harvard ...
Theoretical physicist Avi Loeb talks to Dazed about his speculation that human beings were created by an 'advanced technological ...
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21 UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Latest news, theories and science
UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, and extraterrestrials are perennial favorites in science fiction, but to date there have been no confirmed encounters ...
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22 No longer confined to the fringe, UFO theories move into the ...
UFOs are now serious business. So serious, in fact, that they have been given a new name. No longer called UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, ...
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23 9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven't Found ...
Over the years, scientists have come up with some pretty strange ideas for why we haven't yet met aliens, despite the many habitable planets ...
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24 Op-Ed: NASA studying UFOs won't prove alien life exists. They ...
The government has renewed interest in UFOs. Scientists can show what it looks like to investigate the possibility of alien life rationally.
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25 7 times that science explained aliens | PBS NewsHour
You want to believe in aliens, UFOs, crop circles and Roswell, but science says not so fast. Happy Halloween!
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26 CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 - Government Secrecy
With increased Cold War tensions, the Korean war, and continued UFO sightings, USAF Director of Intelligence Maj. Gen. Charles P. Cabell ordered a new UFO ...
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27 Fact Checking 6 Persistent Science Conspiracy Theories
A new national poll finds that many Americans still believe conspiracy theories that can be easily debunked by science.
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28 UFO stigma, alien conspiracy theories are relics of Cold War ...
As senior officials increasingly open up about such encounters, the stigma that long precluded serious discussion of UFOs continues to ...
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29 A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena
by JF Vallee · 2004 · Cited by 11 —
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30 Aliens, science and speculation in the wake of ʻOumuamua
An alien-made artefact or just interstellar debris? What ʻOumuamua says about how science works when data is scarce.
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31 Why God is still the best scientific theory for our existence
As crazy as it all sounds, scientists have long posited the possibility of aliens on our planet. In fact, Francis Crick (who along with ...
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32 UFOs and the Boundaries of Science - Boston Review
This summer, an intelligence report and a new Harvard research project have renewed the public's interest in UFOs.
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33 Wanted: A Science of UFOs | Alexander Wendt | TEDxColumbus
Feb 4, 2020 —
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34 UFOs, anomalistics, and “wild science” - UVM Blogs
Reports of UFOs, or as they're now sometimes called, UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), tend to fall into this same grab-bag. A social ...
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35 A Creepy 'Zoo' Theory May Explain Why We Haven't yet ...
The chilling theory outlines how aliens could be "omnipresently" observing us, like animals in a zoo.
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36 The Search For Extraterrestrial Life, UFOS, And Our Future
Recently scientists discovered an exoplanet ocean world called TOI-1452 b, just 100 light-years from Earth. A paper on the discovery says that ...
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37 Aliens Created Our Universe in a Lab, Scientist Suggests
› ... › Deep Space
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38 Taking Aliens Seriously, with Avi Loeb - UChicago News
For the past few years, he's argued that an alien artifact, called Oumuamua, passed by Earth in 2017. As you can imagine, a Harvard professor ...
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39 'Zoo hypothesis' may explain why we haven't seen any space ...
Some astronomers ascribe to the so-called zoo hypothesis, which holds that space aliens are keeping Earth and its inhabitants in a sort of ...
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40 Michio Kaku's Embarrassing Stance on UFOs
Dr. Michio Kaku has always been a bit out there. The 75-year-old theoretical physicist and futurist at the City College of New York has made ...
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41 A Physicist Has Proposed a Pretty Depressing Explanation ...
› a-physicist-has-propose...
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42 Now Even NASA Wants to Talk About UFOs - The Atlantic
› nasa-ufo-uap-research-team
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43 Pentagon UFO report: No confirmed aliens, but the ...
In 2020, Congress ordered the Pentagon to produce a report on UFOs. The nine-page report doesn't say what the 144 sightings from 2004 to ...
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44 String theorist Michio Kaku: 'Reaching out to aliens is a terrible ...
The physicist on Newton finding inspiration amid the great plague, how the multiverse can unite religions, and why a 'theory of everything' ...
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45 Here's How the Latest U.S. Intelligence Report on UFOs Might ...
› the-sciences › us-i...
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46 'Oumuamua Alien Theories Explained as Scientists Propose ...
› ... › Extraterrestrial life
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47 The UFO community still believes, and science is starting to ...
Across restaurants and meeting rooms in the United States, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) groups still gather every month to discuss cases like ...
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48 G.C. Sloan: Pseudoscience - What is not science?
I'll try and define it below, but let's start with a few of the more notorious examples: astrology, UFOs as alien spacecraft, creationism, ...
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49 Why this astronomer says Pentagon UFO report was ... - Inverse
UFOs have felt off-limits for mainstream science, but the Pentagon report makes the case for more thorough scientific research into these ...
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50 The Navy tracks UFO sightings. Scientists explain what's really ...
› science › ufo-navy-unexpla...
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51 UFO's: It's Time For a Scientific Approach -
Jul 15, 1981 —
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52 Aliens, The Fermi Paradox, And The Dark Forest Theory
› aliens-the-fermi-parad...
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53 Fermi paradox: why haven't we found aliens yet? - Vox
Scientists first began searching for alien signals shortly after the advent of radio technology around the turn of the 20th century, ...
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54 New scientific theory - Cats are an invasive alien species
It was recently announced that according to the Polish Academy of Sciences, cats are an “invasive alien species.” (Wow.
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55 Life, Here and Beyond - NASA Astrobiology
But that extraterrestrial presence on regular display is, of course, a fiction. No life beyond Earth has ever been found; there is no evidence that alien life ...
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56 The Science of UFOs - Macmillan
An Astronomer Examines the Technology of Alien Spacecraft, How They Travel, and the Aliens Who Pilot Them. Author: William R. Alschuler, Ph.D.
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57 Social Intelligence about Anomalies: The Case of UFOs - JSTOR
Author's address: Department of Sociology, Eastern Michigan University,. Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197, USA. 271. Page 2. 272 Social Studies of Science of the ...
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58 How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously
› Magazine › Extraterrestrials
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59 Meet J. Allen Hynek, the Astronomer Who First Classified UFO ...
When the U.S. government tapped the academic to help investigate UFOs, he was initially a skeptic. But not for long.
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60 Government UFO Report Won't Rule Out Visitors from Space
BU Today: Any doubts about the government's reported conclusion that the recent sightings aren't extraterrestrials? Jack Weinstein: I have no expertise in UFOs ...
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61 How studying UFOs could lead to new scientific ... -
This month, a Pentagon task force will release a long-awaited report that dug into a topic typically relegated to science fiction movies and ...
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62 Scientific Study of UFOs
The unidentified flying objects (UFOs) represent one of the most contentious issues in human history, it had generated great debates between three groups of ...
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63 Science Paper: Could Octopuses Be Aliens From Outer Space?
› Natural Intelligence
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64 Scientists searching for alien life aren't very popular in science
Scientists looking for evidence of extraterrestrials can draw media attention but also cynical, even hostile, reactions from their ...
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65 The Scientific Search For Alien Existence | 1A
Some of the latest scientific theories supporting the existence of alien life are collected in an anthology of essays called “Aliens,” ...
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66 SETI Institute
Giving Tuesday is Nov 29, and a gift to the SETI Institute on this day will ensure scientists can keep searching for life beyond Earth through surveys of ...
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67 Pentagon getting more UFO reports now that 'stigma ... - Politico
The Pentagon has compiled hundreds of additional reports of UFOs since last summer, including more “unidentified aerial phenomena” that ...
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68 Jacques Vallée Still Doesn't Know What UFOs Are - WIRED
After six globe-trotting decades spent probing “the phenomenon,” the French information scientist is sure of only one thing: The truth is ...
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69 The Idiocy, Fabrications and Lies of Ancient Aliens | Science
The History Channel presents self-appointed challengers of science who take on the idea that aliens caused the extinction of non-avian ...
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70 Aliens may be more like us than we think | University of Oxford
Hollywood films and science fiction literature fuel the belief that ... how evolutionary theory can be used to support alien predictions and ...
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71 Why do we want to believe in aliens? | BBC Science Focus ...
Whether they're tiny microbes or little green men, aliens never fail to capture our imagination. So why do they have such a hold on our ...
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72 13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are Real - New York Magazine
What's unusual about the alien fantasy is that, unlike religion, nationalism, or conspiracy theory, it doesn't place humans at the center of ...
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73 UFOs, Lab Leaks, Havana Syndrome: Science Mysteries And ...
Secret intelligence reports are offering up answers to three big scientific mysteries — but the speculation doesn't always square up with ...
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74 U.S. Has No Explanation for U.F.O.s, Does Not Rule Out Aliens
› U.S. › Politics
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75 UFOs and Related Subjects - DTIC
by LE Catoe · 1969 · Cited by 23 —
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76 Beliefs and opinions about the existence of life outside the earth
Therefore, UFO experiences describe contacts with UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, covert alien visits and abductions. Although science provides enough ...
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77 Project BLUE BOOK - Unidentified Flying Objects
› military › air-force › ufos
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78 New scientific paper claims octopuses are actually aliens from ...
Octopuses are from space. I know, that sounds like the opening line of a cheesy science fiction movie from the black and white days of ...
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79 Ufo Investigations In Cold War America, 1947-1977
This dissertation explores efforts to design and execute scientific studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the United States in the midst of the ...
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80 Giant stingray and alien doorway — May's best science images
› immersive
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81 Pseudoscience vs. Science - Astronomy Notes
Sagan, if the world would be more interesting if the unexplained UFOs were in fact space aliens, if we could communicate with the dead or space ...
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82 New Scientific Theory For Origin Of Octopuses: They're Aliens
A new, in-depth, research-based study pulls on decades of collected data to support the theory that octopuses descended from space.
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83 A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon
PDF | Could “UFOs” and “Aliens” simply be us from the future? Identified Flying Objects cautiously examines the premise that 'extraterrestrials' are.
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84 Why the military should work with scientists to study the UFO ...
› opinion › 2021/07/15
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85 UFO Sightings Are Real, but Aliens Are Not Responsible
The U.S. Government recently confirmed reports by military pilots of UFO sightings — rebranded as "unidentified aerial phenomena" (UAP).
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86 The Alien as Archetype in the Science Fiction Short Story
In Alien Theory, author Patricia Monk asserts that the creation of the alien in short fiction contributes substantially to humanity's understanding of its ...
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87 Alien spotting: Eight space theories you won't believe other ...
In an age of social media and renewed interest in space exploration, 2014 has been a good year for speculative alien and UFO spotting.
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88 Alien Phenomenology, or What It's Like to Be a Thing
› Book Division › Books
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89 The Dark Forest Hypothesis: An Unsettling Explanation For ...
You have probably heard of the Fermi Paradox, but if you haven't, here it is in a nutshell: Given the high probability that alien life ...
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90 10 reasons why aliens probably exist (but won't be visiting us ...
Brian Cox and Robin Ince ask if UFOs and aliens have visited Earth. 4. The life that's out there may not be intelligent life. Most scientists are positive about ...
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91 Those amazing Navy UFO videos may have down-to-earth ...
› military › story
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92 I Look for Aliens for a Living, and No, I Don't Study UFOs
That caution came about because as a SETI (or search for extraterrestrial intelligence) scientist, I'm a professional skeptic.
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93 Why Extraterrestrial Life May Not Seem Entirely Alien
Mar 18, 2021 —
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94 Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified ...
by KH Knuth · 2019 · Cited by 10 —
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