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1 Filing for a Protection Order: Frequently Asked Questions
› self-help › faq
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2 What you Need to Know About Protective Orders
Otherwise, you should go to the general district court. How do I get a Preliminary Protective Order? You must fill out court forms. If this matter will be in ...
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3 Protective Orders - Utah Courts
Introduction. This page is about cohabitant, dating violence and sexual violence protective orders. It explains what a protective order is, the ...
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4 CT Judicial Branch Statistics - Protective Restraining Orders
Protective / Restraining Order Glossary. Family Violence Protective Order (section 46b-38c of the Connecticut General Statutes) is an order that is issued ...
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5 How long does a permanent (final) protective order last?
the same petitioner (you or your child) had two or more protective orders issued against the abuser in the past and in each of those prior cases ...
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6 Protective Orders in Virginia– A Guide for Victims
What is a Protective Order? It is a legal order issued by a magistrate or judge to protect the health and safety of an abused person and his/her family or ...
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7 Orders of Protection | Office for the Prevention of Domestic ...
An order of protection is a court order requiring one person to do, or not do, certain things if a crime is committed. What “types” of orders of protections ...
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8 Keeping Yourself Safe with Protection Orders | mpdc
You may wish to apply for a Civil Protection Order (CPO). If the judge agrees with your petition, a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) will be immediately issued.
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9 Guide to Protection Orders - Columbus City Attorney
Municipal (Criminal) court may issue a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order (DVTPO) or a Criminal Protection Order (CRPO) depending on the type of ...
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10 Protective Orders | The Maryland People's Law Library
Topics on this page · Protective Order Generally · Step #1: Interim Protective Order - Obtaining immediate protection when the courts are closed.
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11 Get a Protective Order |
Victims of violence can petition a judge for a protective order. If you are a victim of violence, you can file a petition for a temporary protective order. A ...
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12 In Arizona, how long is the order of protection in effect once ...
If it is not served, it will expire 1 year from the date the judge issued it. How long is an Injunction Against Harassment in effect? An ...
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13 Domestic Violence - Protective Orders - Maryland Courts
It's one or more abusive acts between family or household members, or victims of sexual assault. Get help. What is a protective order? It's a court order ...
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14 Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders
What to Expect When Filing or Responding to a Petition for an Order of Protection from Domestic Violence or Stalking. Circuit Court Judge Susan Carbon provides ...
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15 chapter 85. issuance of protective order - Texas Statutes
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16 Municipal Court Protective Orders - City of Phoenix
What Are Protective Orders? The purpose of a Protective Order is to restrain a person from committing an act of harassment or domestic violence against ...
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17 How long do domestic violence protective orders last?
The domestic violence statute provides that “upon application of the aggrieved party, a judge may renew the original or any succeeding order for up to one year.
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18 Get a Protection Order | District of Columbia Courts
Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Cases (DVM); Criminal Contempt Cases (CCC). A Civil Protection Order (CPO) is a court order in which a judge can require a person ...
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19 How to Get a Protection Order | North Carolina Judicial Branch
About · What is domestic violence? · I am a victim of domestic violence. · What is a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO)? · What do “plaintiff” and “defendant ...
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20 Orders of Protection – Adult. Information for Both Parties
› file
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21 Statute 28-311.09 - Nebraska Legislature
28-311.09. Harassment protection order; violation; penalty; procedure; costs; enforcement. (1) Any victim who has been harassed as defined by section 28 ...
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22 Protection Orders -
Indiana has an online system to petition for protection orders, which means that you can seek assistance in the security and privacy of an advocate's office ...
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23 Protection Orders - King County
No in-person intakes are currently being accepted. If you would like to petition for a Civil Protection Order, please review the following ...
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24 Protection Orders | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website
If you or your children are the victims of physical or sexual abuse, or threatened abuse, you can be protected under the Domestic Violence Protection Order ...
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25 How Long Does A Protection Order Last?
What is the timeframe of completion for protective orders in UT? Read or call family law attorney Kelly Peterson for an Initial ...
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26 County Court Restraining Orders - Colorado Judicial Branch
A victim of domestic violence, or any victim of violence or one who is in fear of personal harm, may go to civil court to get a restraining order, which is ...
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27 How Long Domestic Violence Protective Orders Last in NC
If you're the victim of domestic abuse, you can obtain a restraining order to stop the abuse. Learn how long a temporary and final order will protect you.
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28 How long does a protective order ... - Law Office of Bryan Fagan
If you are concerned with your safety or that of your children, then you may be interested in obtaining a protective order. The purpose of a protective ...
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29 Protection Orders in Ohio | Ohio Legal Help
Learn how to get a protection order for domestic violence or stalking in Ohio, and how they are different from restraining orders.
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30 Domestic Violence - dv_abuse_selfhelp - California Courts
› selfhelp-domesticviolence
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31 How to Get a Restraining Order - PCADV
What is a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order? In Pennsylvania, a PFA order from a court gives protective “relief” for a victim (and sometimes their children) for ...
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32 Oklahoma Restraining Order & Protective Orders Laws
Under Oklahoma law, victims of specified crimes are offered protection from an alleged abuser or offender through a protective order (PO) or victim ...
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33 Emergency Protective Order (EPO)
An Emergency Protective Order may be issued on the request of California law enforcement officer anytime of the day or night in a domestic violence case if ...
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34 How Long Does a Protective Order Last in Texas?
Are you the victim of domestic violence or believe you are in danger, you might want a protective order. Contact Vonda today!
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35 What should I know about Civil Protection Orders (CPOs)?
› what-should-i-know-about-civil-pr...
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36 Protective Order: Fact Sheet | Texas Law Help
There are different kinds of PO's for victims of domestic abuse, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking. A PO orders an ...
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37 Orders of Protection - Superior Court - Maricopa County
A civil court order issued to prevent continuing acts of family violence. Family violence is defined as any act by one member of a family or ...
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38 Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, CALL 911. During hours that the Court is closed, a law enforcement officer can obtain an Emergency Protective Order for you ...
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39 Protective Order Process | The Kentucky Coalition Against ...
A protective order is a court order signed by a judge designed to prevent further acts of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. The ...
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40 Protective Orders in Oklahoma - Tulsa County District Court
What is a Protective Order? • A Protective Order is an order of the court on behalf of a victim of domestic violence. It may order the abuser to.
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41 Things You Should Know about Protective Orders
If you are experiencing Domestic Violence, you have a legal right to seek relief from the courts by getting a protective order. In the State of Arizona, ...
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42 FAQs About Protective Orders - What is a ... - Emden Law
If you need to file a protective order or you have had a protective order filed against you, you may have questions about the process. Learn more here.
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43 How to Get a "Permanent Protective Order" in Colorado
If an individual violates a protective order (also referred to as a “restraining order” or a “protection order”), that person can be arrested and taken to jail.
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44 Overview Of Protection Orders - Civil Law Self-Help Center
Overview · A person who believes they need protection because they have been the victim of a crime involving stalking or harassment or sexual assault. · A parent ...
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45 Protection Orders in Fargo, North Dakota | Gjesdahl Law, P.C.
Domestic violence and harassment is a sad reality for many families. If you or your children need protection in North Dakota, Gjesdahl Law is here to help.
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46 Washington Protective Orders Laws - FindLaw
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders. This is the most commonly requested order. It is a civil order from the court telling the family or household member who ...
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47 Order of Protection lawyer - Sherwood Boutique Litigation
The victim petitions the court, and the court will grant an Ex Parte Order if good cause is shown. An immediate and present danger of abuse to the Petitioner ...
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48 How Long Does A Restraining Order, Or Protective Order ...
Generally, if a judge issues an emergency protective order at the time of arrest, those emergency protective orders generally last for 30, 60 or 90 days. After ...
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49 Protection Orders and No Contact Orders in Indiana
If you are in need of a restraining order lawyer, look no further than the attorneys at GDS Law Group. Call today for a free consultation. (765) 313-7092.
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50 Order of Protection in New York - LawNY
Criminal Court and Family Court can issue Orders of Protection. The person requesting the Order of Protection can go to either or both courts ...
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51 Overview of Personal Protection Orders | Michigan Legal Help
A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a court order to stop threats or violence against you. A PPO can help protect you from someone who is threatening, ...
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52 3 types of Orders of Protection | Illinois Legal Aid Online
This is known as an 'ex parte' hearing. Because of this, an Emergency Order only lasts for 14 to 21 days. When the court issues an EOP, it sets a hearing date ...
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53 Protection Orders Frequently Asked Questions
These orders prohibit the perpetrator from contacting or going near the victim/survivor. What is a No Contact Order? In criminal cases the Prosecutor can ask ...
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54 Protection Orders | Learn
Protection orders are rules for the person hurting or threatening the victim. Filing a protection order, also known as a protection from abuse order or PFA, ...
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55 Protective Order – 50B | Enough NC
It is different from a general restraining order because it allows a judge to order more specific forms of protection for a victim and law enforcement also has ...
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56 Protective Orders | Welcome to Legal Aid Services of ...
A protective order is issued by a Court to help protect you and/or your children from harassment or abuse.
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57 Protective Orders in Virginia | Restraining Orders
If a protective order has been issued in your domestic violence case, consult with a defense attorney in Virginia to begin building a defense immediately.
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58 Protective Orders - Tarrant County
A protective order is a civil court order issued by a court to prevent continuing acts of family violence, dating violence, ...
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59 Restraining and protective orders - OCADSV
In the state of Oregon, there are four types of court-issued protective orders that ... Family Abuse Protection Act (FAPA) Orders - Domestic Violence.
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60 13-3602 - Order of protection; procedure; contents; arrest for ...
› ars
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61 Mandatory Protection Order (Restraining Order)
A Mandatory Protection Order happens in a criminal case and is also sometimes called a restraining order or “MPO.” When a defendant has been charged with a ...
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62 Criminal Protective Order - Superior Court of California
What types of Criminal Protective Orders are issued? When will a judge issue a Criminal Protective Order? How will a defendant know there is a Criminal ...
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63 Protection Orders - State Bar of South Dakota
South Dakota Protection from Domestic Abuse Act, SDCL 25-10, gives you a way to seek protection from an individual, who has physically abused you, ...
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64 Peace and Protective Orders - Maryland Courts
Peace Order or Protective Order . . . which one? Peace and Protective Orders are civil orders issued by a judge that order one person to refrain from committing ...
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65 General Information About Orders of Protection
Can the judge issue an order of protection against me too? Can I get an Order of Protection against my spouse if I have not filed for a divorce?
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66 Emergency Protective Orders | Texas Advocacy Project
Space to catch your breath and think An Emergency Protective Order (EPO) is a 31-91 day "stay-away" order that provides victims with time to make further ...
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› manuals › domViol
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68 Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence - Oregon State Bar
If you have been a victim of physical abuse or threatened abuse, you may be able to get a restraining order under the Oregon Family Abuse Prevention Act. This ...
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69 Michigan Legislature - Section 600.2950
600.2950 Personal protection order; restraining or enjoining spouse, former spouse, individual with child in common, individual in dating relationship, ...
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70 Domestic Violence (Family Offense) | NYCOURTS.GOV
Am I Entitled to an Attorney? What If the Respondent Violates the Order of Protection? Who Can File a Petition in Family Court? You can file a petition ...
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71 Orders of Protection - Montana Department of Justice
If you are being hurt or threatened with harm, your partner is breaking the law. An Order of Protection is a court order. It's signed by a judge and says the ...
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72 California Restraining Order Law
Below are answers to fifteen frequently asked questions about restraining orders under California law, a discussion of Penal Code Section 273.6 (Violation Of A ...
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73 Restraining Orders / Civil Protection Orders
A complete explanation of protection orders, from the grounds for issuance, how to obtain one (with links to forms), the legal effects of the order.
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74 Modifying Connecticut Restraining & Protective Orders
In order to modify or change a protective order in Connecticut, seek the assistance of an experienced CT protective order attorney.
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75 Restraining Orders
Restraining orders can be issued when there has been physical or sexual abuse, threats of violence, or stalking. Restraining Order FAQ's. Learn more by reading ...
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76 Length Of A Restraining Order | Wallin & Klarich Family Law
Types of Restraining Orders. – Civil Harassment Restraining Order: a civil order that prevents future harassment will be in effect until a court hearing can be ...
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77 How to File a Restraining Order in North Carolina - Explained
Raleigh domestic violence attorney Charles Ullman reviews the Six Step Process for filing a restraining order in N.C.. Call us today at 919-829-1006.
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78 Step-By-Step DV Protective Orders Flow Chart, SHC-3200
requested a Long Term. Protective Order, a hearing will be set within. 20 days; Police will serve. Respondent with the Ex. Parte Protective Order.
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79 § 13-14-103. Emergency protection orders :: 2016 Colorado ...
(1) (a) Any county or district court shall have the authority to enter an emergency protection order pursuant to the provisions of this subsection (1).
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80 Temporary Protective Order in Georgia
Temporary Protective Orders. Domestic violence is a serious problem across our society. One of the remedies available to victims of stalkers, ...
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81 Protection Orders | City of Mesa
Petitions for protection orders will be presumptively held remotely via Microsoft Teams. To have your petition heard by a judge at the Mesa Municipal Court, ...
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82 Violation of a Protective Order: Texas Laws and Penalties
A restraining order or protective order violation is a serious criminal charge in Texas. Get top legal defense advice to defend yourself.
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83 Protective Orders | Bexar County, TX - Official Website
What does a Protective Order do? If granted by a District Court Judge, a Protective Order: Orders the person you filed against not to commit any violence ...
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84 Protection Orders - PA Crime Victims - PA.GOV
› available-services › Protection...
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85 Get a Restraining Order or Protective Order in Connecticut
If someone has been arrested for hurting, threatening, or stalking you, the criminal court may give you a protective order to keep that person away from you ...
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86 Protection Order Resources - Washington State
Types of Protection Orders · Civil Orders · Domestic Violence Protection Order · Stalking Protection Order · Anti-harrassment Protection Order · Sexual Assault ...
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87 Protection from Abuse in Maine: First Steps & Frequently ...
Who can I get a PFA against? What if I am being harassed by someone else, or in other ways? What if my child is being abused? Where do I go to ask for an order?
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88 A SAFE Client's Guide to Civil Protection Orders in D.C.
Before the Civil Protection Order Hearing. Definition of Protection Order. Civil Court System. Criminal Court System. How to Get a CPO. TPO Hearing. Service.
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89 The Three Main Types of Restraining Orders in California
› the-three...
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90 Protective Orders in Virginia - Livesay & Myers, P.C.
Our family lawyers represent both parties in protective order cases, including court hearings on preliminary protective orders and full protective orders.
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91 Three Types of Protective Orders in Maryland
› domestic-violence-cases
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92 Protective Orders in Connecticut | CT Criminal Defense Law
Protective orders may be entered against you if you have been involved in a domestic violence incident. Learn about how to handle protective ...
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93 Who Can File a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?
The person you want protection from is called the restrained person. If there is a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case on file with the Superior Court ...
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94 Restraining Orders and Protective Orders in Georgia
If you have been accused of violating a restraining or protective order, our Georgia Restraining Order Attorneys are here to help. We have extensive experience ...
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95 Protection from Abuse, Stalking, Sexual Assault, or Human ...
Protection from Abuse, Stalking, Sexual Assault, or Human Trafficking. PFA/PFSSAHT Process. Filing a petition for protection is now easily accessible from your ...
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96 Virginia Protective Orders l Preliminary Court Requirements
If you need help understanding the court requirements for Virginia protective orders, an experienced domestic violence can assist you.
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(2) Who can apply for a Protection Order? If you reasonably believe that you are the victim of a crime involving stalking and/or harassment, or sexual assault, ...
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98 How Long Does a Protective Order Last in CT?
The two orders are similar when it comes to protecting you from domestic violence, but a temporary restraining order is a paper from the family ...
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