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1 How To Use Lines or Patterns in Photography
Learn how using lines or patterns can help you compose shots with more visual impact, so you achieve photos that are eye-catching and dramatic.
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2 Shapes, Patterns, Textures And Lines
Shapes, patterns, textures and lines are all key components of an image. · Patterns reveal themselves in different ways. · Texture is everywhere ...
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3 Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern
Where can we find shapes, lines, textures, and patterns when we're out taking photos “in the wild”? The short answer is: everywhere! My advice, ...
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4 Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern - Art
Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern. Now that we've covered a number of fundamentals in photography, from composition and light ...
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5 Pattern in Photography
Pattern can be found everywhere and is commonly seen within shapes, colours or textures. Using patterns is a great way to draw a viewer's eye ...
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6 Lines and Patterns Photography Composition Rule
Detecting patterns in behavior and circumstances is subconsciously looked for all the time, as this helps people predict what might happen next.
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7 Patterns in Photography: Showcase of Beautiful Patterns
When photographing patterns you simply need to keep your eyes open for those ... In some cases, you may want to use leading lines or different angles and ...
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8 How pattern in photography composition makes photos ...
If you get enough lines together, you've got a pattern. The angle that you choose to photograph the line pattern from and how to you choose ...
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9 7 Creative Tips for Using Pattern in Photography
What is Pattern in Photography? · 1. Seek the Regular · 2. Embrace the Irregular · 3. Add Interest by Breaking the Pattern · 4. Photograph in Threes · 5. Utilise ...
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10 An Intro to Line, Shape, and Form in Photography
There are many elements of composition that form the building blocks of photography: lines, shape, form, texture, pattern, and the rule of thirds, ...
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11 How to Use Line, Shape and Form in Photography in 2022
The repetition of a shape, line or form creates patterns that can be used for photography composition. Our mind is designed to receive and organize tons of ...
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12 7 Tips For Using Patterns In Your Photos - Photography Pro
Discover how to find and photograph different patterns for maximum visual impact. ... for example, lines, geometric shapes, forms and colors.
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13 Patterns in Photography: How to Use Patterns for Stunning ...
Patterns in photography can easily take your images to the next level. ... in synchronization, patterns of people standing all in a line; ...
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14 Pattern in Photography: Definition and Examples
Pattern in photography is where elements that occur naturally or which you can create with your ... They often consist of lines, shapes and colors.
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15 Pattern, Volume, Lighting, Texture - Giggster
When lines, shapes, and colors within a picture occur in an orderly way (as in wallpaper), they create patterns that often enhance the ...
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16 How You Can Use Rhythm, Texture, and Pattern in ...
How You Can Use Rhythm, Texture, and Pattern in Photographic ... a design made from repeated lines, shapes, or colors on a surface.".
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17 READ/WATCH: Leading Lines, Patterns, and Texture
Eye Candy! The best photographs are images that will catch your eye. When a photographer uses composition techniques such as framing, leading lines, patterns, ...
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18 How to Use Pattern and Repetition in Photography ...
The patterns can keep the eye anchored or move it around an image using line. The centered composition of the image above-left anchors the eye straight away ...
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19 How to Use Repetition & Patterns in Photography
Patterns and repetition in photography, in particular, ... composition techniques such as balance, the rule of thirds, or leading lines.
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20 Photography Cheat Sheet: Composing Using Lines and ...
Experts recommend it all the time, but what does it mean to use lines and patterns in compositions? This photography cheat sheet by Canon ...
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21 Repetition in Photography Composition (Pattern & Rhythm)
Repetition refers to repeating elements within a single frame. For instance, a line of trees stretching across the frame will repeat the same shape, over and ...
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22 Lines Pattern Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash
Download the perfect lines pattern pictures. Find over 100+ of the best free lines pattern images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ...
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23 Pattern - Photography with Miss Wilson
Lines, circles and spirals generally look good - Look directly DOWN when taking the photo - Take 20+ photos of different patterns. Picture.
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24 Effectively Using Repeating Patterns in Your Photographs
Repeating Shapes, Colors and Lines. By repeating patterns, you make your composition more powerful. There are basically three 'things' that can be repeated ...
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25 Photography Lesson: Rhythm & Pattern
These repeated photographic elements will create a type of unity and structure to your photography. By finding a pattern in lines, shapes or colors you can ...
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26 Landscape Photography Photo Ideas Using Patterns
Using lines, shapes and colors in your composition adds interest. Finding patterns that repeat those elements takes the concept to the next level. Thank you to ...
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27 A Very Important Photography Composition Rules
Above photograph is example of lines and patterns. In this blogpost we will look at different photographs and observe how lines, shapes, patterns make ...
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28 Essential Composition: Visual Patterns | Richard Bernabe
Here is why you should incorporate visual patterns into your photographic ... Shapes, lines, and areas of contrast have powerful visual impact when arranged ...
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29 Patterns in Photography | Photzy
Patterns always make an interesting photograph. ... like the patterns on a piece of fabric, to the very large, like the lines of architecture on a building.
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30 Patterns & Repetition For Spectacular Photography ...
Photo by me. The grid lines represent the Rule of Thirds. The grid overlay is available in Photoshop when you crop an image. Click to enlarge.
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31 Seven Elements of Visual Art: Lines, Patterns & Tones (Part II)
Lines, Patterns & Tones in Photography. The beauty of this image is darker s-curves leading the viewer's gaze to the reflection of trees on ...
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32 Composition - line, shape, patterns, form and, texture
The graphic elements are line, shape, patterns, form, texture, tone and colour. ... They are effective for moving your attention within the picture space.
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33 Pattern in Photography — Creative Brand Photographer
'Pattern photography utilizes elements that are repeated. The repetition of lines, shapes, tones, or colours can create interesting images.
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34 How to Use Repeating Patterns in Photography - Pixinfocus
Repeating patterns are a compositional element of photography that every ... For example, you can find patterns within shapes, lines, and colors.
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35 Patterns and textures - photography guide - ePHOTOzine
The way the pattern falls determines how the eye scans the picture; vertical lines draw the eye upwards and horizontal across the picture.
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36 Assignment - Lines Texture Patterns - Digital-Photography
Turn in a slide show of at least 5 photographs that explore line, texture and pattern in the world around you. Use both wide angle and macro ...
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37 Geometric photography | How-to guide and expert tips
Geometric patterns are everywhere. Learn photography techniques to highlight the beautiful geometric shapes and lines that surround us.
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38 Geometric and Organic Patterns
I'd like to suggest that all patterns in a photograph fall into two basic categories: ... Geometric patterns show us straight lines, circles, triangles, ...
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39 28 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos
A photo of Maynooth University with a line down the middle ... This composition also makes use of patterns and 'frames within a frame'.
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40 Moiré pattern - Wikipedia
The fine lines that make up the sky in this image create moiré patterns when shown at some resolutions for the same reason that photographs of televisions ...
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41 10 Tips for Photographing Patterns and Textures in Nature
In this macro photography tutorial are tips, ideas and inspiration for ... The repetition of shapes, lines, and textures will often form the basis of your ...
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42 10 Top Photography Composition Rules
When we look at a photo our eye is naturally drawn along lines. ... We are surrounded by symmetry and patterns, both natural and man-made.
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43 Chapter 4 -
Lines, Shapes, and Patterns Make Up the Visual Path that Leads. Your Eye Through the Frame to the Point of Interest. Poring Over the Picture.
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44 Rule of Thirds, Balance, Leading Lines, Symmetry ... - Medium
Rule of Thirds, Balance, Leading Lines, Symmetry and Patterns, ...
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45 The Top Patterns of Nature Perfect for Taking Photographs
When you look for patterns of nature to photograph, you also look for and study elements like color, lines, texture and repetition of form.
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46 What is Moiré and How it Can Ruin Your Photos
When taking pictures, you might have come across strange, rainbow patterns in photographs that contain a lot of fine detail.
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47 Architectural Lines, Patterns & Textures
THOMAS FITZGERALD PHOTOGRAPHY · Architectural Lines, Patterns & Textures.
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48 Between the Lines - Abstract Vertical Patterns in Photography
I began these studies by photographing architectural lines, and groups of trees in a Japanese forest. More recently, I photograph piles of books, magazines, or ...
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49 What Are The Seven Elements Of Photography?
Line, texture, shape, form, pattern, colour, and space are the seven aspects of photography that break down everything a serious artist needs to consider.
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50 10 Fantastic Smartphone Photos That Use Lines, Shape ...
A showcase 10 fantastic mobile photographs that use line, shape and patterns in their compositions. Check out this breathtaking collection ...
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51 Basic Photography Composition Techniques - Adorama
Horizontal or Vertical? Rule of Thirds; Framing; Color; Contrast; Leading Lines and Shapes; Symmetrical Balance; Asymmetrical Balance ...
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52 Capturing Patterns Make Beautiful Photos
Patterns occur when any of the elements of design–line, shape, form or texture–are repeated. Photographing Patterns will improve your ...
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53 Emphasize Patterns in Composition - Photopoly
Graphic elements such as shapes, lines, colors and forms, appear more powerful when they are repeated and become patterns. In photography ...
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54 Geometric lines, shapes, patterns and symmetry - Dodho
Geometric lines, shapes, patterns and symmetry; Cityscape photography of Jon Deboer. I am a photographer and graphic designer based in Detroit, MI.
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55 Understanding the 7 formal elements of photography - Focus
The 7 formal elements are: - Line - Shape & Form - Pattern ... Many of the world's most successful photographers base their images around the formal ...
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56 Why our eyes look for patterns in architecture - 500px Blog
For photographers, cities are perpetual playgrounds, always shifting and ... A pattern is a design formed from repeating elements, such as lines and shapes.
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57 Narrow Your Focus: How to Use Lines, Patterns, Colors ...
Nature Photography How To. Narrow Your Focus: How to Use Lines, Patterns, Colors & Textures to Create Eye-Catching Images. Jeff Howe | ...
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58 Line patterns square photos - Shutterstock
133,374 line patterns square stock photos and photography are available royalty-free. ... blue and white line pattern for background Stock Photo.
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59 Photography Tip—Patterns
Ferns fascinate me, I love the curves, the repeating lines and patterns, ... When you repeat a shape, color or line, you can add strength to an image and ...
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60 10 Tips On Photography Composition Using Patterns
... of lines, curves and textures; they naturally draw the human eye. Patterns are integral element of capturing interesting photographs.
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61 What are the cross patterns in this image?
... the pattern is caused by an obstructing diamond-mesh fence in the lower part of the photo. The 'brownish diagonal line' across the ...
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62 Rhythms and patterns | catherinefinniganphotography
This next photograph illustrates a regular pattern, a side view of a basket I have at home. Numerous horizontal and vertical lines have been ...
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63 Compelling Photographs: The Principles of Design
Pattern in photography is created by repetition of an Element such as line, shape, color, etc. Repetition is just repeating an element multiple times in a ...
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64 22192 Lines Patterns Stock Photos, Images & Pictures
Download Lines Patterns stock photos. Free or royalty-free photos and images. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual & worldwide rights.
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65 Patterns, Shapes and Lines in Nature
Below are some photos of various plants, flowers and trees that caught my eye. The first photo is titled Music in the Garden, because the blades ...
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66 Back to Basics: 10 Composition Rules in Photography
To enrich images and make them more visually appealing, photographers utilize a variety of compositional elements. Patterns, textures, lines, shapes, forms, ...
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Patterns can be any strong type of graphic, such as shapes, colors or lines that repeat themselves. Step One: Find Patterns. Finding patterns ...
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68 Lines Light Color And Patterns Wedding Photography ...
Photographer Shashank Shekhar Loves To Capture Lines, Light, Color, And Patterns In Wedding Photography. Comments Off ...
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69 Patterns | iPhone Photography School
I had to leave many great photos out, but here's my final selection of winning abstract images that display wonderful patterns, shapes, lines, textures and ...
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70 How Patterns Can Have an Awesome Impact in Your ...
It is not always easy to compose with patterns in photography, ... shapes, and lines that repeat in a precise, exacting fashion.
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71 Five Compositional Patterns Worth Finding in Nature
This pattern is characterized by a multitude of strong lines or forms all ... Erin Babnik is known internationally as a leading photographic ...
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72 The science of shapes: Learn the psychology behind basic ...
The lines in the photo above form a triangle, converging towards the tree, ... The circle has many uses in photography: When arranged in a pattern or other ...
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73 Elements of a Photograph: Shape | B&H eXplora
There are seven basic elements to photographic art: line, shape, ... Differences in color, texture, and pattern surrounding an area are ...
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74 Why the World's Best Architectural Photographers Embrace ...
Architecture is the ideal subject matter to explore the engaging photographic potential of playing with pattern and repetition.
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75 Shapes and Patterns in Landscapes — Compelling Imaging
A horizontal line creates structure and layers in the image, but it can also cut the photo in half if placed in a harsh location (like a horizon ...
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76 The Elements of Art (Education at the Getty)
For example, in this photograph the diagonal lines lead the eye into the space to the ... kinds of lines across the composition to create various patterns.
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77 Photographing the Patterns of Nature - Wildlife Photo of the Day
However, a classic technique is to break the scene into smaller components. This is an extreme example of this, and I'm just using the lines of ...
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78 Photographing the Patterns of Nature: Braasch, Gary
Photographing the Patterns of Nature [Braasch, Gary] on ... The creative use of basic shapes and lines, common patterns, colour, ...
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79 Using Patterns in Photography Composition
Pattern means the repetition of an element in a photograph. ... when strong graphic elements like colors, tones, shapes, forms or lines repeat themselves.
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80 Free Line Patterns Stock Photo - Pexels
Download Line Patterns free stock photo in high resolution from Pexels! This is just one of many great free stock photos about abstract, art & artistic.
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81 Aerial photography reveals geometric patterns of farmlands
However, this series is also predominantly geometric with all the lines and shapes that come together to create interesting patterns.
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82 What Are The Elements and Principles of Photography? - Pixobo
Line; Shape; Form; Texture; Pattern; Color; Space; Composition; Light; Depth of Field; Vantage Point or Perspective. There are lots ...
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83 Architectural Lines, Patterns& Textures
I love images of patterns and textures, which I guess comes from ... Architectural Lines, Patterns& Textures ... A Photography Blog RSS ...
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84 What Is Pattern Photography? - The H Hub
Examples of Pattern Photography. Patterns in your photographic images can be found in every day life through architecture, portrait, and nature.
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85 Breaking Structured Patterns - Better Photography
The distinct shape of the bird makes for a wonderful break in the sharp repeating lines formed by the reeds and stalks of grass. Photograph/ ...
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86 Improving Your Pattern Photography – Tips and Tricks
How many times have you caught yourself brooding and just staring at those lines and shapes? That's how patterns work.
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87 Lines and Patterns Photograph by Levin Rodriguez
Lines and Patterns is a photograph by Levin Rodriguez which was uploaded on May 15th, 2009. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, ...
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88 Tuesday Nov. 15th: Patterns, Texture & Leading Lines
Today we are learning about noticing patterns and leading lines and using ... photography-powerpoint-3-728 photography-composition-tips-04 ...
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89 Leading Lines - Everything You Need to Know - NFI
Photographers often use leading lines to frame their photos in the best manner possible. ... including sand patterns, fallen logs, bouquets of flowers, ...
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90 Study Of Patterns And Lines by Roland Shainidze Photogaphy
Study Of Patterns And Lines. Artist. Roland Shainidze Photogaphy. Medium. Photograph - Photography. Description.
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91 Composition - Protips | Rick Battle Photography
I'm only going to briefly go over the few that I pay the most attention to: the rule of thirds, patterns, leading lines, implied motion, and subject ...
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92 Urban patterns by Paul Brouns | Paul Brouns | Photographic Art
Geometric patterns, rhythm and lines are driving forces in my art. What fascinates me in photography is the interplay between 'realistic' registration and ...
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93 Photo of the Day: Hong Kong's Lines and Patterns - Asia Society
› blog › photo-day-hong-kongs-l...
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94 7 Ways to Use Geometry in Photography To Spice It Up
Photographer Marco de Groot explains how the geometry of shapes, line, pattern, and perspective can help you spice up your photography.
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95 17 Tips for Using Repetition in Photography in 2022
Experiment with different lighting conditions and you will find many patterns, textures, lines, and shapes for your abstract-oriented project. abstract in ...
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