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1 Payback (1999) - IMDb
Payback: Directed by Brian Helgeland. With Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello, David Paymer. After a successful heist, Porter is left for dead.
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2 The 'Passion' Payday - WSJ
Mel Gibson is on track to reap at least $350 million in personal profits from his controversial "The Passion of the Christ" -- one of the ...
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3 'Payday' (1973): A low profile gem, Rip Torn's finest movie ...
Payday, Rip Torn's drama about 36 hours in the life of a lower-tier rat bastard of a country singer, is one of those barely-seen films that ...
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4 Fatman movie review & film summary (2020) | Roger Ebert
... a quick and easy payday. That's about half of this particular tale, which casts Mel Gibson as one Chris Cringle, the Santa of legend, ...
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5 Mel Gibson's paycheck | - Entertainment Weekly
At the recent American Film Institute tribute to Clint Eastwood, Jim Carrey, a member of Hollywood's exclusive $20-million-per-picture club, ...
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6 'Force of Nature' Movie Review: An Action Movie with Mel ...
While removing residents from an apartment building, a band of violent thieves led by actor David Zayas, arrive looking for payday. The cops ...
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7 Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson Filming New Action Movies in Las ...
› bruce-willis-mel-gibson-filming...
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8 Mel Gibson's Top-Grossing Films of All Time - GOBankingRates
Mel Gibson turns 61 on Jan. 3, and his performances in “Braveheart,” “What Women Want” and the “Lethal Weapon” series have earned him ...
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9 Review: 'Dragged Across Concrete,' with Mel Gibson, is both ...
... thriller starring Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, is a B-movie extravaganza ... both in dire need of salvation, or at least a big payday.
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10 No more Mr. Nice Guy. Mel Gibson: Payback . Movie on DVD ...
No more Mr. Nice Guy. Mel Gibson: Payback (payday). Movie on DVD. D19459 · Search in reviews, Q&A... · Product description · Product information ...
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11 Mark Wahlberg: Mel Gibson Inspired Me to Self-Fund Father Stu
The film is way more than just an acting gig for Wahlberg, who recently told Insider that he spent “millions and millions of dollars” of his own ...
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12 Mel Gibson Net Worth: Was Mel Gibson Ever a Billionaire?
Mel received his first payday of one million dollars in 1985 from the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which was the third episode in the ...
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13 Mel Gibson interview ends awkwardly after he's asked about ...
The actor-director was speaking about his new film, Father Stu, when conversation steered the way of the incident that saw Smith slap Chris Rock ...
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14 Brandon May
Favorite: Food: Chicken or hamburger. Game: Baseball. Candy: Payday. Gum: Cinnamon. Color: Blue. Flower: Daisy. Character: Mel Gibson. Movie: Indiana Jones ...
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15 Ransom: a darker thriller than it gets credit for? - Den of Geek
Mel Gibson took on a big movie star role with Ransom. We take a look back at Ron Howard's 1996 thriller... ... If you were a regular cinemagoer ...
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16 Any other movies like payday 2? : r/paydaytheheist - Reddit
Mel Gibson also plays Parker in a late 90's film "Payback" Also a "double crossed by my gang" flick, it is more noir than heist, but one of the better ...
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17 Mel Gibson Goes Back To School
unauthorized video diary tv film mel gibson s video diary 2 lethal weapon 3 tv film 1990 mel gibson won t be testifying in harvey weinstein ...
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18 Bandit vs. the True Story of Gilbert Galvan, The Flying Bandit
We pit the Bandit movie vs. the true story of bank robber Gilbert Galvan, ... Mel Gibson's character is based on Tommy Craig, aka the Fat Man, a well-known ...
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19 The Departed - Final Scene! Payback! - Pinterest
It's payday! ... 0 Dark 30, Badass Movie, Election News, 2012 Election, Hurt Locker, ... Mel Gibson was considered for Capt Miller...seriously!
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20 Mel Gibson to Star in Action Thriller 'Hot Seat' - The Wrap
Gibson will star alongside Chad Michael Murray in the movie about a man attempting to diffuse a bomb.
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21 Thomas Golianopoulos - The Hollywood Reporter
Mel Gibson, Taylor Lautner and the 20-Year Effort to Make a 'Stretch Armstrong' Movie. Disney, Universal, dozens of writers and a $10 million payday for ...
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22 Is Kevin Spacey making a comeback? Celebs who kept ...
Actor Mel Gibson has let down his fans on multiple occasions in the ... a $22 million (£18 million) payday after his ex-wife Amber Heard, ...
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23 Mel Gibson Archives | Cinema Faith
Shane Black is the king of buddy action movies. He sold the screenplay to Lethal Weapon at age 22. In 1996, Black scored a then-record-breaking payday of $4 ...
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24 Mel Gibson is the First Star Cast in 'John Wick' Prequel Series |
Mel Gibson made his directing comeback for the film Hacksaw Ridge, which won two Academy Awards. Now Mel Gibson will join the John Wick film ...
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25 Wacky Facts About Mel Gibson - Factinate
Gibson made $400 for his first film role, the 1977 Australian surfer film “Summer City.” It is also known as “Coast of Terror,” which would be a pretty awful ...
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26 Could a Passion of the Christ Sequel Resurrect Mel Gibson's ...
If this proposed sequel is anywhere near as successful as The Passion of the Christ, Gibson might be able to expect a huge payday—if not the ...
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27 Mel Gibson Movie Trivia
Once the biggest star in Hollywood, with the highest payday in A-list history for "The Patriot", Mel has fallen on tougher times since. But to get so huge, he ...
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28 A D & Jeremy Talk about Movies: Mel Gibson's Hamlet, all ...
A D & Jeremy Talk about Movies: Mel Gibson's Hamlet, all films Kenneth Branagh, ... when Jeremy remembered a Payday he had in his pocket.
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29 This Film is Not Yet Watchable – July 2022
So what better way to honor its non-existent legacy than by remaking it as a cybersecurity film starring disgraced running gag Mel Gibson ...
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30 REVIEW: “Dangerous” (2021) | Keith & the Movies
Eastwood does what he can with a role that more or less demands a cold detached performance. Mel Gibson steals a handful of scenes while Durand ...
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31 Movie Review: Dragged Across Concrete - TV Overmind
With Mel Gibson as the aging and kind of grumpy-looking Ridgeman and Vince Vaughn as the fastidious and morally upright Lurisetti, this movie comes off as a ...
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32 Can You Match The Mel Gibson Picture To The Movie?
This drama mystery did a terrible job at mixing young talent with the already established Hollywood star Mel Gibson. The movie isn't about Mel ...
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33 Inside 30 Years of Batman Films - E! Online
From Mel Gibson as the Caped Crusader to the Bat-Nipples That ... to walk from the franchise, rejecting a reported $15 million payday.
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34 Mel Gibson Books His Second Directing Gig After Scandal
The new project comes after Mel Gibson's success directing Hacksaw Ridge in 2016, which earned him his first Oscar nomination since his domestic ...
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35 Mel Gibson Demands Realistic Pillaging and Old Norse For ...
Actor and Director Mel Gibson is working on a Viking-themed film that is going to star Leonardo DiCaprio, who will have to brush up on his Old Norse.
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36 Review: Mel Gibson's “Fatman” is a Terrible Movie, But the ...
Reviewing Mel Gibson's “Fatman” is easy enough, like shooting fish in a barrel. It's a terrible movie, a piece of junk that shouldn't be ...
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37 Stallone seizes big payday - Tampa Bay Times
The deal sent another shock wave through an industry battered by successive $20-million deals for Stallone, Carrey and Mel Gibson.
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38 `Alien' salary may approach the big boys' - Deseret News
Trade papers are reporting that Bruce Willis has been offered $25 million for another "Die Hard" movie and that Mel Gibson may get $30 ...
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In "Braveheart," Gibson was drawn and quartered. In "Mrs. Soffel," he was shot to death by a posse. And in his new film, "Conspiracy Theory," ...
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40 Dragged Across Concrete (2019) | Movie Reviews
I always get excited when a new Mel Gibson movie comes out. I'm a big fan of his work both in front and behind the camera.
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41 Why We Need Mel Gibson - Movies In Focus
To put it mildly, you could say that in recent years Mel Gibson has caused a lot ... It would however have to be a huge payday for Gibson, ...
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42 'Pirates' payday for Depp - Irish Examiner
'Pirates' payday for Depp ... highest-paid actor, topping the likes of Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks, with the huge pay day.
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43 There Are Only 6 Hollywood Actors Who Can Command $20 ...
... Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Costner joined the elite $20 million club. Today an A-lister is not a guarantee to open a movie and ...
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44 Joe Eszterhas: 'Mel Gibson needs help' - The Guardian
"McKee is the perfect example: he's had one TV movie made, and yet he pontificates on how to write scripts." He also has beef (one that's been ...
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Add to the mix Mel Gibson chewing on his best role in ages, ... As much as he'd like to stay clean, his only hope for a payday is to team up ...
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46 Sylvester Stallone Exits 'The Expendables 4' over Creative Spat
Stallone is said to have turned down a massive payday around $20 ... The third film brought Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson into the mix, ...
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47 Mel Gibson Denies Winona Ryder Story - Dark Horizons
Who typing away in here has actually met Mel Gibson or worked with him? ... There aren't many movies with Mel Gibson I don't like, ...
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48 Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Stephanie Seymour and More
Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are embroiled in a nasty Hollywood break up. ... eye on the potentially hefty payday he could get from his upcoming movie.
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49 Robert Downey Jr. Will Do 'Iron Man 4' If Mel Gibson Directs
... a fourth 'Iron Man' movie... and he wants Mel Gibson to direct. ... offer - another massive payday, but there's more to it than that.
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50 Lethal Weapon Collection - Blu-ray Disc - Film Freak Central
starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo ... around screenwriter Shane Black's phone-number payday for his next script, ...
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51 10 Of The Largest Acting Paychecks In Hollywood History
Even if an actor like Adam Sandler commands $20 million per movie, ... Bonus: Mel Gibson – $400 million from The Passion of the Christ ...
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52 10 Actors Who Turned Down Great Roles - - Blog
Today the movie has been forgotten, unlike Jerry Maguire. ... Not wanting to typecast in this kind of role, Mel Gibson turned down the part.
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53 Payback - Zahltag - Film 1999 -
Payback - Zahltag ist ein Film von Brian Helgeland mit James Coburn, Mel Gibson. Synopsis: Nach einem erfolgreichen Raubüberfall wird Porter (Mel Gibson) ...
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54 20 Best Clint Eastwood Movies of All Time - Ninja Selection
Our protagonist sees the opportunity to make himself a 'fist full of dollars' and plays the two families against each other for a significant payday. It's the ...
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55 Is Kevin Spacey making a comeback ... - Killeen Daily Herald
Actor Mel Gibson has let down his fans on multiple occasions in the past. ... In fact, he appeared in the 2021 films 'Dangerous' and 'Boss ...
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56 WB courting Mel Gibson to direct SUICIDE SQUAD 2
Kyle is a Film Critic for The Beat. His work can also be found at and can be heard on the ScreenRex podcast. He really loves the ...
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57 Russell Crowe Should Not Settle for Being Unhinged - IndieWire
Getting older can be a blessing for a movie star who finds his inner ... While he scored a $20-million payday for his portrayal of Patrick ...
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58 Payday - where to watch movie online? - JustWatch
Damien Gibson. Pack. Vincia Clarke. Latisha. Arlon Griffith. Juice. Dario Bellamy-Audain. Pope. Keisha Chapman. Cindy. Shakira Forde. Marsha. Julian Moseley.
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59 Mel Gibson, Shia LaBeouf to co-star in what's apparently not jail
Get ready for the first film to hit the drunk tank before the theater! Mel Gibson and Shia LeBeouf are set to star in Rothchild, a film that ...
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60 Mark Wahlberg - Page 11 of 41 - JoBlo
Several days ago we told you that Mark Wahlberg was pushing for Mel Gibson to join him in THE SIX… May 2, 2018. Movie News · Mel Gibson being courted for ...
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61 Nine Women Who Directed Films That They Also Starred In
Finding work – and acceptance – is an ongoing struggle for female film ... thanks to costar Mel Gibson's new status as Most Hated Man in Hollywood.
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62 Stars Who Earned Next To Nothing For Successful Movies
The film went on to gross a whopping $821 million and was greenlit for a sequel almost immediately, ... For a while, Mel Gibson owned Hollywood.
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63 Review: Daddy's Home 2 is an indefensible group effort in ...
The cruel Christmas comedy is a film overflowing with terrible ideas. ... From left: Alessandra Ambrosio, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, ...
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64 Apocalypto Blu-Ray Movie Review - Game Zone
Needless to say the $US25 million movie took in $US610 million worldwide. Following that movie Mel Gibson has turned his back to another violent culture, Mayans ...
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65 Mel Gibson Seems To Agree With His Critics As He Admits ...
There's no release date set for “The Wild Bunch” remake, and with Gibson's very busy schedule (he has multiple films in the pipeline), it could ...
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66 xXx - Box Office Prophets
xXx's $10 million payday for Diesel firmly establishes this budding action star as a ... starring Mel Gibson, poses the only credible, albeit weak, threat.
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67 Mel Gibson May Direct Suicide Squad 2 | Movies | Empire
Well... We're sure someone will ask Gibson eventually. And he could probably use the payday from a new big studio movie to help get something ...
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68 Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Richard Donner Returning For ...
The Lethal Weapon franchise comes from Superman director Richard Donner and Iron Man 3's Shane Black. The original 1987 Lethal Weapon film ...
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69 MMA: 25 Hollywood Movie Characters Who Would Make ...
In 1988, jiu-jitsu wasn't exactly on the minds of American cinema fans. So when Mel Gibson's character, Martin Riggs, utilizes a triangle choke to win a fight ...
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70 Mel Gibson—$30 million for “Lethal Weapon 4” - The Delite
In 1998, Mel Gibson became the highest paid actor for a single project at the time with his $30 million paycheck for “Lethal Weapon 4.” Advertisement.
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71 Shane Black | Apple TV (uk)
Browse shows and movies that include Shane Black, such as Iron Man 3, ... partnered with suicidal loose cannon Detective Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) while ...
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72 Macaulay Culkin Net Worth (2021): How Much He ... - Parade
Look, if Joe Blow were cast in a movie and Mel Gibson is suddenly ... His payday for the project isn't publicly known, but we can guess it ...
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73 Payday 1973 U.S. One Sheet Poster - Posteritati
Payday 1973 U.S. One Sheet Poster. Date 1973. Country USA. Size One Sheet (27x41)*. Condition Very Good-Fine (Folded) [?]. Rip Torn cult pic.
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74 Mel Gibson Was Paid Less Than $500 For This Film - TheThings
Some of his earlier films totaled less than what an extra would make today... ... Let's just say Mel Gibson has been around the block and back ...
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75 The Passion gets rejected from the TV - MovieWeb
Mel Gibson's Icon Productions has been shopping the movie to TV. ... would seemingly put The Passion in position for a lucrative payday.
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76 The highest-grossing actors in Hollywood - WTOP News
Average Gross Per Movie: $123.93 million. Although his later career has been embroiled in personal and political turmoil, Mel Gibson ...
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77 2016 Fall Movie Guide - OnMilwaukee
Are you ready for the return of Mel Gibson? ... just long enough for an extra big box office payday when the actual day arrives (this is why ...
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78 Why Hollywood Is Hitting The Pause Button On Upcoming Will ...
Maybe one movie gets made for every ten that you read about online, ... LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 26: Actor Mel Gibson arrives at the ...
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79 Piece Work - Los Angeles Business Journal
The last temptation in the movie business is to stay small. ... of the Christ,” the controversial Mel Gibson epic that generated more than ...
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80 Gibson's passion converts to dollars - The Temple News
Ask Mel Gibson, man of the moment, who reckoned with the deity ... at an inspirational payday but was more at work to make the film a ...
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81 Can Depp's career bounce back with defamation verdict?
... payday for a sixth "Pirates" film due to Heard's claims of abuse. ... Hollywood titans from Marlon Brando to Mel Gibson have enjoyed ...
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82 Last of the Line | Cigar Aficionado
The way Baldwin tells it, his decisions to take on movie roles often ... "Mel Gibson is giving me a Cohiba Robusto on the night that he won two Oscars!
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83 Movie Review ~ Last Looks - The MN Movie Man
Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Morena Baccarin, Rupert Friend, ... car and proposition of an easy payday assignment back in Hollywood, ...
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84 Mel Gibson gossip, latest news, photos, and video.
Lainey Gossip|Mel Gibson updates including latest news, photos, video, opinions, commentary, style, career, roles, movies, awards, relationships.
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85 The 25 best buddy cop movies -
... instant chemistry formed by stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, the movie eventually became a buddy cop action-comedy set in Los Angeles.
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86 Mel Gibson All Web Series - YTS
Mel Gibson All Web Series videos Download Movie download 720p, 480p, mp4, 300mbmovies Mel ... Mel Gibson - All Movies (1977 - 2020) ... PAYDAY THE MOVIE.
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87 What's Next For Johnny Depp's Career After Defamation Verdict
... Hollywood titans from Marlon Brando to Mel Gibson have enjoyed ... payday for a sixth "Pirates" film due to Heard's claims of abuse.
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88 Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster Maverick Photo Agency Studio ...
Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster Maverick Photo Agency Studio 2.25 x 2.25 Transparency, ... Movies. Object Type: Transparency. Original/Reproduction: Original ...
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89 Networks give 'Passion' cool reception - TODAY
Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" may be a hit in theaters, but its graphic violence may prevent it from being shown on TV.
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90 What is Mel Gibson's Net Worth Today and How He Made the ...
Because there were no studio costs involved Gibson only had to pay 50% to the distribution company Newmarket Films, and he took home $300 ...
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91 Superman 5: The movie that never was. - BATMAN-ONLINE
He also turned down the Fletcher Christian role in The Bounty (1984), which, along with the Lethal Weapon lead, went to Mel Gibson.
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92 Scarlett Johansson And 9 Celebs That Sued Studios
Mel Gibson sued Voltage Pictures in 2017 for the movie The ... Gandolfi sued HBO for an increase in payday from $400,000 per episode to $1 ...
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93 25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays - GEEKSPIN
After Lethal Weapon 3 hit theaters in 1992, Mel Gibson said that he would never do another installment of the buddy cop film series.
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94 Now Showing at Home | Tucson Weekly
... this film, while those who'd rather be watching tennis might find themselves mighty bored. Paxton has joined fellow actors George Clooney and Mel Gibson ...
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95 The experience was worth WAY more than the payday for ...
Even though these actors command quite the payday, it was not always that way. ... Mel Gibson – Mad Max – $15,000.
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