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1 New York City Small Claims Court>
Small Claims Court is a special part of the court where you can sue for money without a lawyer. You cannot sue to make someone do something or ...
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2 Overview Of Small Claims - Civil Law Self-Help Center
In small claims court, claims must be less than $10,000. Small claims judges can only award money judgments. That means the judge can only order the other side ...
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3 What Happens In Small Claims Court? - Upsolve
Small claims courts are usually only allowed to hear civil cases for money damages. In some states, the small claims courts may be able to hear ...
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4 All About Small Claims Court - LiveAbout
The judge will issue a judgment in your favor if you win. Now you have to collect that money from someone who will probably not be willing to ...
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5 Small Claims Court - California Department of Consumer Affairs
Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. In small claims court, the rules are simplified and the hearing is ...
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6 What Happens When You Go To Small Claims Court
The Small Claims Court has simpler rules than the regular civil court with forms and procedures designed to be more easily understood by people.
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7 Small Claims Court Procedures - Virginia's Judicial System
In trials before the small claims court, the judge conducts the trial in an ... come to court (which happens frequently), the case will be continued until ...
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8 Learn what to expect at a small claims trial -
Arrive at the Court House at least an hour before your case is heard. · The Clerk will hear each side of the case. · After the presentations, the Plaintiff and ...
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9 Small Claims & Commercial - New York State Attorney General
If this happens the Court will enter a default judgment against the defendant. Defendants in default judgment cases can ask the Small Claims Court Clerk how ...
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10 Small Claims Court - Oregon State Bar
Cases can be decided quickly and economically in small claims court where hearings are informal and you do not need a lawyer. In fact, you must have special ...
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11 Small Claims: State of Maine Judicial Branch
Small claims court is a simple, speedy and informal court process in which the plaintiff (the person suing) is seeking a money judgment of $6,000 or less.
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12 Missouri Small Claims Court Handbook
The $5,000.00 limit does not include court costs and interest on the $5,000.00 which the judge may award you. You may still file a claim if the amount exceeds ...
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13 Small Claims | Superior Court of California
Small Claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. The rules are simple and informal. The person who initiates the ...
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14 Small Claims Court - NJ Courts
If a settlement cannot be reached, your case likely will be heard by the judge This might happen on your court date, or on a later date.. Settling your case ...
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15 Small Claims Court - Washington State Courts
low-cost way of settling legal disputes up to $10,000 (when brought by a person). Find out everything you need to know about small claims suits with this handy ...
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16 Small Claims Court - Illinois Attorney General
Go to the courthouse. · List your name as the plaintiff. · The party you are suing is called the defendant. · List the amount of money you request as damages.
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17 Small Claims - Utah Courts
The defendant must pay the filing fee that the plaintiff would have paid for a small claims case. The plaintiff does not get a refund of the ...
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18 Small Claims Manual -
The removal of a claim from the court prior to a trial. Eviction. The legal process of removing someone from real property. Page 8 ...
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19 Small Claims - The North Carolina Judicial Branch
Small claims court may be held either in a courtroom or in the magistrate's office. The plaintiff presents his or her case first and may testify, call witnesses ...
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20 What To Do When You Have Been Sued in Small Claims Court
If you have just been served with (given a copy of) a Summons and a Complaint to appear in Small Claims Court, you are now the defendant in ...
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21 Small Claims | Iowa Judicial Branch
A small claims case is a civil action for a money judgment in which the amount of damages is $6,500 or less. An action for forcible entry and detainer arising ...
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22 Guide to Small Claims Court - Arkansas Attorney General
Small Claims Court claims cover a wide variety of disputes. These include recovery for damages to personal property, for money owed or for delivery of personal ...
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23 A Guide to Alabama Small Claims Courts
Check with the. Small Claims Court Clerk in the county where the person or business that is to be sued lives or has an office before filing a claim to verify ...
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24 Small Claims | Fulton County Magistrate Court, GA
At the discretion of the courts, mediation may take place prior to court to have the opportunity to speak to see if the matter can be resolved without a ...
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25 How to Sue in Small Claims Court - Los Angeles County
Small Claims Court is a simple court where you can try and resolve disputes cheaply and quickly. Small claims rules and procedures are simpler than other courts ...
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26 Small Claims | Nebraska Judicial Branch
Small claims court provides a prompt and inexpensive way to resolve minor disputes. Legal procedures are held to a minimum and lawyers may not participate.
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27 General Information - Small Claims Cases
Justice courts provide a more informal setting than the district or county courts, so parties will often represent themselves rather than hiring ...
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28 Small Claims : Going to Court - Oregon Judicial Department
Claims for more than $750 and up to $10,000 can be filed in either Small Claims or Civil court. Lawyers can represent you in Civil court. Claims for $750 or ...
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29 Small Claims - Florida Courts Help
A small claims case is a legal action filed in county court to settle minor legal disputes where the dollar amount involved is $8,000 or less. This amount does ...
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30 Should You Go to Small Claims Court?
Q: What is “small claims”? A: An action for recovery of money based on breach of contract, for injuries or to recover personal property may be brought in ...
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31 How do I file a case asking for $10000 or less? - DC Courts
You can file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court if the amount of money you are suing for is $10,000 or less and you are only suing for money. · Cases must be filed ...
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32 Filing a Lawsuit in Small Claims Court - ILS
After you file, the court will notify the defendant (the person you sued) about the case. If the defendant thinks he or she has a claim against ...
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33 Self Help - Small Claims Cases - Colorado Judicial Branch
These standard instructions are for informational purposes only and do not ... FORMS for Small Claims Cases ... How do I sue someone in small claims court?
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34 Small Claims Court | Consumer Protection Bureau
If the small claim exceeds $1500, the person or business being sued has a right to a jury trial. The defendant must file a written request for a jury trial ...
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35 Frequently Asked Questions about Small Claims Cases
Q. If I am sued in Small Claims Court, what should I do? Q. How do I ask for a jury trial? Q. What happens in court? Q. When should I file a lawsuit?
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36 Small Claims Court - Montana Department of Justice
Small claims court is a quick, inexpensive and informal way to resolve disputes over small amounts of personal property or money. Juries and lawyers are not ...
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37 Small Claims Court - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
Fill out the Defendant's Claim Forms that should accompany the summons and return it as soon as possible to the court where the hearing is to take place. If you ...
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38 Small Claims Questions and Answers - Hawaii State Judiciary
Claims for the award of money damages are heard in Small Claims Court, including loan repayment claims, car repair claims, car accident damage claims, and ...
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39 Other Options for Resolving Your Dispute | Georgia Consumer ...
Magistrate court, also called small claims court, is an informal court that handles money claims of less than $15,000. This court offers a quick and ...
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40 Small claims court - Wisconsin Court System - Court services
Small claims court is limited to claims of $10,000 or less. However, third-party complaints, personal injury claims, and actions based in ...
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41 Superior Court of the County of Santa Barbara - Small Claims
Small Claims is a court where you can exercise your rights to resolve a dispute. Attorneys are not permitted to represent either plaintiffs or defendants ...
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42 Small Claims Handbook - Kentucky Court of Justice
small claims cases in an informal legal forum. The Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts is pleased to join the Kentucky Office of Attorney General ...
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43 How Do I File a Small Claim Case?
If a small claims dispute goes to trial, the court will schedule a trial date and the parties must appear at the trial with all witnesses and documentation. At ...
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44 Small Claims | Maryland Courts
Should I file in my case as a Small Claim or a regular Civil case? Here are some things to consider: ; Trial is normally set within 60 days of when the complaint ...
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45 Small Claims Information -
Small claims are civil suits that do not seek an award of more than $3,500. They are designed for people to be able to represent themselves in ...
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46 When a Small Claims Case Has Been Filed Against You
come to justice court and file a lawsuit called a small claims ... For information about discovery that may happen after the judgment in the case, ...
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47 Small Claims Court - Grays Harbor County
WHAT HAPPENS AT TRIAL? Each person is given a chance to tell his or her side of the story. You should bring any papers which relate to the case (such as ...
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48 What Happens in Small Claims Court - Arizona Judicial Branch
What Happens in Small Claims Court · When the defendant files an answer, the clerk will set the case for a hearing within 60 days. · Any party who does not appear ...
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49 Small Claims Court - NCDOJ
Small claims court handles disputes involving less than $10,000 in cash or property. You don't need to hire an attorney and your case will usually be heard ...
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50 Being Sued in Small Claims Court in Alabama
This means the Court can make an Order saying you must pay the amount of the plaintiff's claim without giving you a chance to tell your side of what happened.
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51 How do I sue in Small Claims Court? -
In Small Claims Court, you can sue for up to $10000. This is meant to be a quick, cheap way to resolve a dispute you could not otherwise settle.
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52 Small Claims | Civil - Oakland County, Michigan
The Small Claims court is designed to quickly decide disputes involving amounts of $6,500.00 or less. In small claims you give up your right to a jury trial ...
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53 How to File a Small Claims Case -
If you want to file a lawsuit and your damages are less than $8,000, you may file a case in small claims court. You must file in the township:.
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54 Information about Small Claims - King County
You cannot assign a small claim to someone to file in the court. In general, the claim must be filed in the district court of the county in ...
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55 Small Claims | Office of the Illinois Courts
Small claims court is a civil court where a plaintiff (person filing the case) can sue someone (a defendant) for $10,000 or less. It has simplified rules and ...
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56 Small Claims - Brevard County, Florida - Clerk of the Court
A Small Claims case is a legal action filed in county court to settle minor legal disputes among parties where the dollar amount involved is $8,000 or less, ...
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57 What Can I Sue for in Small Claims Court? - FindLaw
The plaintiff pays a filing fee to present the case · Both sides present evidence and make arguments; The judge issues a verdict ; Breach of ...
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58 Enforcing a Judgment - Small Claims Court | For the Public
The Court cannot collect the money for you, and there is no guarantee that you will have your judgment paid voluntarily. If the Defendant is unwilling to pay ...
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59 Small Claims FAQ | Princeton, IL
The purpose of the Small Claims Court is to allow individuals to collect from a debtor, by presenting their own case in Court, which in most instances, ...
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60 Small Claims - Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts
The costs for filing a small claims action include the filing fee based on the amount of your claim as well as a service fee for summoning each party to court.
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61 What You Need to Know About Small Claims Court
A plaintiff can only sue for money in Small Claims Court—in other words, the judge in Small Claims Court cannot order someone to do ...
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62 Small Claims - Duval County Clerk of Courts
First, let's define exactly what a Small Claims case is: It's a legal action filed in county court to settle minor legal disputes among ...
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63 Small Claims Court -
I am being sued in small claims court. What should I do? · Can I offer to settle the lawsuit? Either side can offer to settle at any time. · What could happen if ...
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64 Small Claims - Santa Clara County Superior Court
The small claims court is a special court in which disputes are resolved inexpensively and quickly. The rules are simple. The hearing is informal. Attorneys are ...
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65 Small Claims - SD Judicial System
Small claims court is an informal court which allows people to sue for small losses of money or property. The procedures are simple enough that an ...
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66 Small Claims Court for Disputes Up to $10,000 · NYC311
Small Claims Court helps individuals or corporations resolve disputes when the amount of the claim is $10,000 or less. All defendants must have an address in ...
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67 Responding to a case filed against me in small claims court
Small claims court is a civil court designed to be a user-friendly, low-cost way of settling legal disputes of up to $10,000. This court has simplified ...
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68 Small Claims Court |
What happens at the trial? ... You should bring any witnesses and any papers that help prove your case. ... You have the right to have an attorney represent you in ...
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69 KS Courts - Small Claims Court - Kansas Judicial Branch
Small claims court provides a simple, informal procedure for people to settle certain legal problems cheaply and quickly. In small claims court, ...
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A judgment entered in small claims court is certified as a District Court civil judgment. The Small Claims Court does not collect the judgment for you. Upon ...
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71 Conciliation Court - Minnesota Attorney General
Conciliation Court: A User's Guide to Small Claims Court is written and published by the Minnesota Attorney ... What Happens at the Hearing?
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72 Small Claims Court | Welcome to Legal Aid Services of ...
Small Claims Court can be less expensive than other courts, and the steps you have to take are less complicated. The law limits the types of cases you can file ...
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73 Small Claims – Superior Court of CA – County of San Joaquin
Small Claims Court handles Civil cases asking for $10,000.00 or less. It is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. Rules are ...
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74 small-claims-pamphlet.pdf - The Philadelphia Courts
FOR SMALL CLAIMS COURT. PHILADELPHIA MUNICIPAL COURT. All parties must appear on time in the assigned courtroom on the day of the trial. All parties should ...
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75 Magistrates Small Claims Court - South Carolina Bar
The magistrate court in many instances functions as a Small Claims Court. In order for this court to have jurisdiction, your claim cannot exceed $7,500, ...
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76 Small Claims Court - Dutchess County Government
How Do I Start a Small Claims Case? ... You should be prepared to give a brief statement of the facts that form the basis of your claim. Check any documents ...
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77 Small Claims - District Court -
If you file a small claims case, you can only receive a judgment for money. The court cannot order a person to do something or to stop a person from doing ...
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tion concerning how to sue in small claims court. ... What Happens At the Trial? ... The purpose of small claims court is to provide an.
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79 How to File a Claim for Small Claims Court - Fulton County, OH
Any defendant has the right to file a motion to have the case taken out of Small Claims and transferred to the regular civil docket. If this happens to your ...
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Where to file your case? ▫ Where did the incident happen? - You can sue here. ▫ Where does the defendant ...
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81 Small Claims - Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center
Small Claims Court is a way for people to recover money they think other people owe them. Small Claims Court provides easy access for people with disputes ...
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82 Taking a Small Claims Case to Court - Michigan Legal Help
Attend the hearing and be prepared to present your case to the judge or magistrate. Bring all your evidence to court with you. The hearing will take place at ...
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83 Small Claims Court Actions - North Dakota Supreme Court
Small Claims Court is a division of district court. Small Claims Court is a less formal court process than district court. However, there is no right to a ...
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If not, the judge will normally use the remainder of the preliminary hearing as a "pretrial conference." WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND HOW TO PROCEED AT THE TRIAL. You ...
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85 Small Claims – Levy County Clerk of Courts & Comptroller
Small Claims Court has been established to provide expeditious and relatively inexpensive adjudication of small debts. Small Claims Court may hear disputes that ...
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86 Small Claims - Dane County Clerk of Courts
Abbreviated Guide to Small Claims Court · You are not required to have a lawyer. · For other kinds of cases · COURT STAFF CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. · The Summons ...
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87 County Civil / Small Claims
A Small Claims Case is a legal action filed in county Court to settle minor legal disputes among parties where the dollar amount involved is greater than $0 ...
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88 Small Claims Court - Basic Information | Kansas Legal Services
Go to the Clerk of the District Court office in the County where the defendant resides. · Have with you the name and address of the person being sued. · The Clerk ...
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WHEN TO USE THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT PROCESS . ... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT . ... and no settlement has been reached, a hearing will take place and the.
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90 File a claim in small claims court
A Magistrate (a lawyer appointed by the court) hears small claim cases. By filing a small claim action, you waive your right to trial by judge or jury. You may ...
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91 File a Small Claims Case | Pierce County, WA - Official Website
You will be provided information on how/where to pay the filing fee and a hearing will be set. Once the filing fee has been paid, the court will mail you a ...
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92 Small Claims - General Information
Small Claims Court is a special type of civil proceeding which is commonly referred to as the "People's Court" because attorneys are not allowed to represent ...
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93 Small Claims - Self-Help - Orange County Superior Court
You can use the Small Claims court if you have a dispute with a person, company or government agency involving money. An individual (including a sole ...
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94 Small Claims | Bexar County, TX - Official Website
A small claims case is a lawsuit brought for the recovery of money damages, civil penalties, personal property, or other relief allowed by law.
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95 Small Claims Court - Skagit County
First, you need to prepare a Notice of Small Claim form that is provided by the district court clerk. The Notice requires: (1) your name and address; (2) a ...
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96 Guide to Small Claims Court
What Happens at Trial? 15. If I Disagree With the Judge's Decision, Can I Appeal? 16. If I Win – How Do I Get My Money? 17. Court Rules on Small Claims ...
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