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1 Retail Stores in China - Ubuntu
Ubuntu Kylin booms in China with over 1,300,000 downloads in less than ... The Chinese love Ubuntu Kylin, a version of Ubuntu optimised for them. Its popularity ...
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2 In-Store Ubuntu Displays, PCs Come to China
Imagine walking into a PC store and being greeted by a large Ubuntu-branded display with a host of Ubuntu-powered devices for sale.
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3 Kylin: The multiple semi-official Chinese versions of Ubuntu
The Kylin Software Center, the distro's app store, is highly China-centric, with lots of apps that are only available in Hànyǔ.
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4 Dell, Canonical to sell Ubuntu PCs at retail locations in China
Canonical and Dell are teaming up to sell computers with Ubuntu preinstalled at stores in China. The program, which could help improve the mainstream ...
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5 Dell To Expand Ubuntu Retail Presence in China : r/linux - reddit
Why is, wasting my time about China? We want GNU/Linux machines on sale in the UK and we want them now. And I mean proper kit, not some ...
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6 Ubuntu Kylin: The Official Chinese Version of Ubuntu - It's FOSS
In 2013, Canonical (parent company of Ubuntu) reached an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China to ...
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7 Canonical Partners with China for Ubuntu Kylin Linux
Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux operating system ... work with leading OEMs to pre-install and sell Ubuntu in retail markets, ...
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8 Ubuntu Kylin to become reference OS in China - The H Open
GNOME and Kylin become official Ubuntu flavours · Dell to bring Ubuntu laptops to 850 retail stores in India · Canonical, Dell bring Ubuntu ...
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9 China, Canonical to collaborate on Ubuntu-based national OS
A new agreement announced today between Canonical and the China ... Later versions will also be for servers run by shops and hosting firms.
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10 Ubuntu and Dell rekindle their love, in China - Engadget
Initially the Linux-loaded lappies will be available in 220 retail locations across the country with accompanying branding to promote Ubuntu ...
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11 HP to Stock Ubuntu Laptops in 1,500 China Stores - Tech News ...
HP, following Dell, are going to stock Ubuntu laptops in 1500 stores in the world. There are two separate models that have been available since Monday.
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12 Canonical and China Announce Ubuntu Collaboration
Arguably China is the largest desktop market and the announcement has ... of Ubuntu stores and Kiosks in China, selling laptops with Ubuntu ...
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13 Ubuntu - Wikipedia
Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and composed mostly of free and open-source ... GNOME Software, dpkg (APT), Snap – graphical front-end: Snap Store.
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14 Ubuntu will dethrone Windows in China - Desde Linux
China will thus develop a new reference architecture for Ubuntu-based operating systems. Ubuntu Kylin will be released next month alongside the regular ...
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15 How to install VPN on Ubuntu 18.04 in China
Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. ... By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies ...
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16 UbuntuConnect: A dedicated 100-ton weekly air freight ...
This dedicated service — from China to Africa, via Dubai — has been named UbuntuConnect. Named after the Nguni Bantu word, ubuntu (humanity) ...
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17 Ubuntu and Dell go to China - Manx Radio
Canonical says the deal will mean its Ubuntu operating system will be preloaded onto consumer PCs in China through Dell's 220 retail stores ...
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18 Ubuntu Import and Export | Kampala - Facebook
Ubuntu Import and Export, Kampala, Uganda. 2519 likes. Order from China with us. Shopping/Wholesale/Retail We ship Worldwide Pre-Order & We shall...
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19 Canonical and Dell Push Ubuntu PCs Into China | DcData — Linux ...
According to the post: “The stores will feature Ubuntu on a range of Dell computers, and will carry branded marketing collateral in-store, trained staff ...
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20 Meizu debuts Ubuntu phone for developers in China
Meizu debuts Ubuntu phone for developers in China ... It was said that the Ubuntu store now has “over 1300 scopes and apps within just a few ...
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21 Deepin Software Center: An Amazing Ubuntu App Store From ...
Deepin Software Center: An Amazing Ubuntu App Store From China [Linux] ... Try out what may be the best way to install software on Linux - the ...
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22 Will Ubuntu PCs in Retail Succeed Where Mail Order Failed?
While China is an emerging market with increasing numbers of consumers, the ubiquity there of pirated versions of Windows — not to mention the ...
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23 Canonical Announces First Partners to Ship ... - Business Wire
Meizu is one of China's most successful high-end smartphone manufacturers with over 1,000 employees, 600 retail stores and a global presence ...
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24 China's "home-made" operating system isn't ... - Tech in Asia
China's Ubuntu Kylin OS, which just released a new alpha version, isn't really made in China. But that could actually be a good thing.
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25 Ubuntu Linux Now In Dell's Chinese Sales Arsenal
Canonical, developer of the open source operating system Ubuntu, ... the cooperation between Ubuntu and Dell's retail stores in China ...
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26 Ubuntu Kylin booms in China with over 1300000 downloads ...
Ubuntu Kylin booms in China with over 1300000 downloads in less than ... being sold online and across nearly 2,500 retail outlets in China.
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27 China's Ubuntu Kylin Targets Second RISC-V Board
Ubuntu Kylin, China's official fork of Ubuntu, which is named after a mythical part-dragon, part-horse (maybe part-giraffe?) · China is keen on ...
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28 How To Install Your Favorite Software On Ubuntu Linux 18.04 ...
For example, check out the instructions for Discord here. Method 2: Ubuntu Software Center. Windows and macOS have their own built-in stores, ...
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29 Dear Computer Makers: I Want an Ubuntu Notebook!
I could have purchased a Windows notebook and installed Ubuntu, ... -dell-launching-ubuntu-in-china-in-1000-stores/) already sell Ubuntu ...
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30 Ubuntu Reviews & Product Details - G2
Super-fast, easy to use and free, the Ubuntu operating system (OS) powers millions of ... App store - Ubuntu App store will have all the required apps for ...
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31 Amazon CodeDeploy Agent has improved compatibility for ...
Amazon CodeDeploy Agent has improved compatibility for Amazon Linux 2, Windows and Ubuntu in the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, ...
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32 Ubuntu Operating System Support Requires Intel® FPGA ...
... 17.0 and Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Version 17.0 provide support for Ubuntu operating systems: Intel Quartus Prime Pro. ... Retail Partner Solutions.
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33 Ubuntu News: Chinese Tools, Touch Interface and TV OS
China's Kylin Linux OS has combined forces with Ubuntu to produce ... to buy TVs with Ubuntu installed, as they haven't made it into retail ...
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34 Buy Linux Laptops Desktops | Ubuntu Laptop | Linux Computer
Shop Lenovo Ubuntu laptops, computers, desktops & workstations with Linux. Get the best deals on Linux computers & laptops.
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35 Desktop features - Ubuntu
Learn about all the great features and default applications in the Ubuntu desktop ... Find out more about our retail partners. Kylin. Specially for China.
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36 Docker: Accelerated, Containerized Application Development

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37 How Chinese hackers exploited Linux servers undetected for ...
... not the only nasty infection to come out of China in recent years. ... CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux) for espionage and intellectual property ...
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38 Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu
The TeamViewer installation package will open in the Ubuntu Software Center. 3) Click on the Install button. The Authenticate dialogue box will ...
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39 [PDF] Retail Perception Differences in Two Collectivist Cultures
... translates to “afraid to lose out”) in the Singapore study and ubuntu (which roughly translates to “I am because you are”) in the South African study.
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40 Pricing - Ubuntu Advantage Essential VMs | Microsoft Azure
Learn about Microsoft Azure pricing for Ubuntu Advantage Essential virtual machines (VMs). Select a region to get started.
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41 Ubuntu Gifts & Merchandise for Sale - Redbubble
High quality Ubuntu-inspired gifts and merchandise. ... ubuntu linux sticker set Sticker. By yourgeekside ... Don't Store Passwords On Post-its Sticker.
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42 惠普在华的1500家门店开始销售Ubuntu笔记本电脑 - GitHub
惠普是最新一家在华增加Ubuntu笔记本电脑销售门店的硬件供应商。 ... via:
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43 The Best Free VPN for Ubuntu (Tested and Updated in 2022)
Why You Should Use VPN for Ubuntu? Every person stores significant parts of their lives on their phones and PCs in this digital era. Due to that, security ...
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44 Best VPN for Ubuntu in 2022: Privacy for Penguins
Looking for the best Ubuntu VPN? This guide has details of the top five VPNs that work seamlessly with Ubuntu and other Debian distros.
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45 RV34x: Installing and Using AnyConnect on Ubuntu Desktop
... of uninstalling AnyConnect VPN Client v4.9.x on Ubuntu Desktop. ... The Anyconnect App can be downloaded from the Google Play store or ...
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46 Dell's XPS 13 Plus is the first laptop certified for Ubuntu 22.04 ...
Dell XPS 13 Plus running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Image: Dell ... Blizzard's licensing deal with NetEase in China is coming to an end, ...
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47 Canonical's Latest Ubuntu Core Release Focuses on Edge ...
Feb 9, 2021 —
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48 Dell and Canonical Are Delivering Ubuntu PCs in India, Expanding ...
Dell and Canonical Are Delivering Ubuntu PCs in India, Expanding in China ... the companies' plans to bring Ubuntu systems to 850 retail outlets in India.
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49 The Meizu X4 is the first compelling Ubuntu phone - | PCWorld
Meizu's phone is for China (and Europe). Canonical is pitching the Ubuntu MX4 phone at the Chinese market. Meizu is a Chinese smartphone ...
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50 FortiClient Linux Product Downloads Information - Fortinet
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS · Install gpg key · Add the following line in /etc/apt/sources.list · Update package lists · Install FortiClient.
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51 Extremely slow snap downloads - store -
What is the Snap store's bandwith? ... Boot up a clean VM (I have done this Ubuntu 16.04, ... I'm suffering the slow download in China.
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52 How to set DNS nameservers in Ubuntu Server 18.04
With the latest iteration of Ubuntu comes much change. Jack Wallen shows you how DNS nameserver entries are now configured for networking ...
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53 Cannot access Chinese webpages - Super User
Try to use Google's public DNS. If this does not work for you, then I remark that China is known to selectively block incoming requests.
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54 Laptops With Ubuntu Pre-installed Are Also Available In India ...
... to sell laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed in many computer stores from China. Ubuntu's popularity has grown over the last years, ...
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55 Managing Ubuntu Snaps: the stuff no one tells you
What's going on in there? $ ls ~/snap aws-cli brave gnome-calculator slack. As far as I can tell, these directories are meant to store ...
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56 Ubuntu tablets, smartphones coming in 2013 - ZDNET
Dan Han, market development manager at Canonical China, ... retail stores selling Ubuntu-based desktops and laptops to 200 shops in China.
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57 Digital entrepreneurship and indigenous value systems: An ...
The concept of digital Ubuntu brings to light how indigenous values can ... technology giants such as the United States, Europe, and China.
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58 Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition becomes official -
Ubuntu for Mobile Devices has its own content store, called (funnily enough) the "Ubuntu Store"... By default, all content is download via the ...
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59 China developed its own operating system based on Ubuntu
There will be many versions of Kylin, in which the second version is being developed by Canonical to serve the servers of online stores and ...
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60 "Ubuntu grew 160 per cent in India last year” - open source for ...
After China, you chose India for your retail mission. Why? Opportunity and growth! India is one of the countries where Ubuntu is most ...
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61 Stopping supporting for Ubuntu 10.04 images - Tencent Cloud
› document › product
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62 Does Ubuntu have 40 million users? - Skeptics Stack Exchange
TL;DR It is unclear if the estimate of 40 million users is accurate. It is consistent with plausible growth in estimates over the years. Estimations ...
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63 Meizu's MX4 Ubuntu Edition makes European debut
Already launched in China, the MX4 Ubuntu Edition has been developed ... Users can download content from the Ubuntu Store, which already has ...
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64 Canonical, Dell to launch laptops with Ubuntu pre-loaded in ...
Canonical and Dell have joined hands to launch Dell laptops pre-loaded with Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu, at 850 retail outlets across India.
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65 Ubuntu - Wikiwand
Ubuntu uu-BUUN-too)[7] is a Linux distribution based on Debian and ... with Ubuntu in India and China, with 850 and 350 retail outlets respectively.
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66 Ubuntu 14.04 Chinese SunPinyin / Pinyin: Fixes -
Additionally, some stores in China use v instead of ü in the transliteration of their names. The drawback is that there are no tone marks ...
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67 The Africa–China engagement: Contemporary developments ...
), Chinese investments span a broad spectrum, from trading and retail ...
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68 17 Places To Buy A Linux Laptop With Linux Preloaded
Dell sells a high-end Redhat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu Linux-based laptop ... More info: Linux for Personal Systems | Lenovo store (US) ...
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69 Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition now available - PhoneArena
Now, a version of the flagship handset with the Ubuntu Touch OS is ... MX4 Ubuntu Edition allows you to install apps from the Ubuntu Store.
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70 Ubuntu Archives | IBM Research Blog
› blogs › research › tag › ubuntu
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71 Meizu Announces Ubuntu MX4 for Developers - Softpedia News
Meizu Ubuntu MX4 to be available in China, for the time being ... already available from the Ubuntu store including Baidu, Dianping, Weibo, ...
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72 Meizu's Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition will be available for pre-order at ...
You can also add apps and more scopes from the Ubuntu store. ... for Europe and China; Pricing not yet announced; Fifth Ubuntu device in the ...
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73 Ubuntu monitoring and integration with Zabbix
› integrations › ubuntu
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74 Ubuntu Core 18 boosts IoT device security, reduces cost
“Ubuntu Core, snaps, and IoT app stores create a secure, open-source platform that enables our partners to develop and deploy new disruptive ...
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75 AT&T pursues open source with Canonical's Ubuntu
Canonical announced AT&T will use its open source Ubuntu OS in enterprise, ... Ubuntu finally comes to phones, but don't expect major retail sales push for ...
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76 Ubuntu Borat on Twitter: "Jashamesh! In Kazakhastan there is ...
@Ubuntu_Borat. Jashamesh! In Kazakhastan there is no #Ubuntu store but #China and #India get... #NotFair · 8:35 AM · Feb 19, 2013 ·Twitter Web Client.
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77 Dell to Sell Ubuntu Laptops Across India
... with Ubuntu will be sold in 850 retail outlets across India. ... jointly launched to sell Ubuntu computers in about 220 stores in China.
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78 Ubuntu adds OEM mode installation -
Ubuntu Linux patrons will notice a new installation option in the boot menu of the ... and user account creation to the retail purchaser.
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79 Ubuntu Edge: founder says failure isn't the end of the dream
The Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding project has missed its $32m target by nearly ... Mobile users would come through the Edge - but through retail.
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80 Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition launched in China for CNY 1799
Apps for the device can be downloaded from the Ubuntu Store which has over 1300 scopes and apps. Moving to the specs, the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu ...
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81 You need an invite for the latest Ubuntu smartphone
The MX4 “Ubuntu Edition” has been available to developers in China since May, but will be available in Europe too, starting from tomorrow. Meizu ...
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82 Ubuntu Last Hub - Headquarters Locations, Products ...
Ubuntu Last Hub is a tech education chatbot for young peripherals. ... mobile phone value-added services and operate online advertising services in China.
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83 Ubuntu Frame Aims to Power Ubuntu Core-Based Kiosks - InfoQ
Ubuntu Frame aims to power graphical applications for embedded devices like interactive kiosks, smart retail solutions, and so on.
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84 error 0x80004005 when install bash on ubuntu on windows 10
I get the error 0x80004005 when I install bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10.OS insider preview china. How do I fix it? ... That error code is "access denied". It's ...
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85 Amazon EC2 FAQs - Amazon Web Services
When you launch your Amazon EC2 instances you have the ability to store your root ... You can currently use Windows Server, SUSE Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, ...
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86 Canonical releases Ubuntu 20.04.3 ISO with latest fixes
Canonical has released Ubuntu 20.04.3 to the general public. It includes all the latest security updates saving you time after install.
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87 Ubuntu Kylin Software - 优麒麟
Ubuntu Kylin Software Store includes Ubuntu Kylin Software Center, Ubuntu Kylin Developer Platform and Ubuntu Kylin Repository. Its interface is simple but ...
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88 Canonical | Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story
It makes Ubuntu available worldwide through retail channels, ... is available on computers sold at more than 3,000 retailers in China, India, and Mexico.
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89 Yum China Holdings-Overview, Competitors & Contact Info
Get Yum China Holdings's ( location in Texas United States, revenue, ... Yum China Holdings uses these technologies: Canonical Ubuntu, Tableau, ...
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90 Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition goes on sale in China for 1799 Yuan
For Meizu's Ubuntu phone, a number of Chinese scopes is available from the Ubuntu store including Baidu, Dianping, Weibo, Youku, ...
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91 Indigenisation of Corporate Strategies in Africa: Lessons From ...
China-USA Business Review, ISSN 1537-1514 ... Hence, the Ubuntu philosophy is integrated into all aspects of day-to-day life throughout Africa.
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92 Canonical Announces First Partners to Ship ... - TechMoran
Canonical has partnered with Spain mobile device manufacturers bq and China's smartphone marker Meizu to bring Ubuntu smartphones to ...
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